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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If you wanted to have an on the go phone that is easy to use and has a great speakerphone, then the Samsung SGH-A107 phone is the one for you. This is a perfect phone for someone who doesn't need all the bells and whistles of a Smartphone. I needed a simple phone to give away to my relatives and this was the phone that I got and I like it.The phone is simple,easy to use and compact. Disclosure:  I received compensation in exchange for sharing this information and my honest opinion.
My oldest is nearing 8 years old and while I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was 17 or 18, kids nowadays are asking for them much sooner. Full-slide out QWERTY keyboard – which makes it easy for little fingers to quickly type out a message to you or write a social media post, and my son actually thought it was cool that he had a keyboard slide out. Handsfree option and one-touch Say-A-Command button – my son loved being handsfree when he was chatting with his friend while they were both playing a game on their tablets. It is a perfect starter phone for kids where they can do a few things they want to do but not too much. I would want a phone to have tracking so that a parent can track a child’s location or if their phone is lost or stolen. I like the quick camera button on the side – always a great feature when you are trying to quickly snap a pic of something. I enjoy the easy access qwerty board as sometimes these digital touch phones are hard for children to use.

My son who is ready for a phone would love the games and camera, a good way to teach them responsibility.
Sending a text message gives you the ability to pass along a message much quicker, whether it’s to inform someone that you are running late, that you can’t make it, even just to say I love you while you are away or having a very busy day.
I know that I don’t feel like talking on the phone some times and sending messages is the only thing I can do during such times.
Text messaging is the quickest way to communicate if you ask me and sometimes phone battery dies, bad signals, or can’t really use the phone to send the message. I have found myself at times not being able to touch my phone and all I have in front of me is my computer.
I hope you have enjoyed this little tutorial on how to send text messages from computer using either your email or Google Voice.
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Also check new Lenovo E156 Dual Sim GPRS Internet Phone Without Camera Features, Specifications, Images, Photos, Comments, Review & Price in India. Its an easy non expensive cell phone that not to flashy but just right for most peoples needs. My contract phone started having problems with charging and I cannot get a new phone for 9 months. He just needs a reliable phone and no need to be in a long term contract with such a phone.

It is really light, with thin plastic, and feels like one of those candy phones you get a kid at the store.
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Key features include IM, voice memo, hearing aid compatibility, speakerphone, mini-browser, and downloadable ringtones and graphics. If you need a quick cheap replacement phone, this one is alright, especially for the price.
With an extended warranty you can rest assured knowing that your product is guaranteed to function as intended for years to come. He says the buttons are a little small for him with regards to the numbers written on the buttons, but otherwise it's a very solid phone for him. I used to have another samsung phone and they are of good quality although it is not expensive.

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