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Reading comprehension strategies—Acquiring strategies to understand, remember and communicate what is read. According to researches, today over 380 million people are speaking Spanish native in the world.
It’s a common consent that listening news on Spanish is the best way to learn Spanish for free. Watching Spanish movies with Spanish subtitles is also a good way to learn Spanish free but Spanish movies like to use people with funny Spanish accents so you can learn some words’ accent wrong or not complete. On the exchange sites, you can find penpals from other countries who speak or are practicing Spanish, and on Skype you can sign up then search for people from Spain who want to talk.
This number is making Spanish the second most spoken language speaking by native speakers of it.

They were not capable in 2000s but today it’s possible to find millions of people using these forums to learn Spanish for free. It’s true that Spanish is some hard to learn by listening only because Spanish speakers like to use language faster than other languages. They are not based on teaching Spanish but it’s possible to find lots of blogs about various topics and it won’t be hard to find the blog on your interests. It’s important to find videos including some entertainment text or funny messages because watching lesson videos are very hard to concentrate.
It’s true that all of e-books are not preparing by professionals and most of the e-book creators are amateur. Spanish student blogs are controlling by teachers so it’s very rare to find grammar mistakes on these blogs.

Also there are some web sites dedicated to business Spanish, health based Spanish and more.
It’s a problem that sometimes they can pronounce the phrases wrong and first listening of a word is the main pronounce you will use. It’s not possible to hear how the words are spoken and forums won’t help you to speak Spanish.

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