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Let your girlfriend know how much you miss and love her with these love text messages for her. Here are some I love you messages that can help you express you eternal love to your someone special.
You can make a loved one feel extra special on his or her birthday through birthday wishes that come from the heart. If you have a knack for baking a homemade cake with birthday wishes on it, the birthday celebrant will appreciate it.
There are tons of ready-made birthday cards for sale at bookstores, thus it is easy to find one that suits with the message you wish to convey to the birthday person. Here are some I Love you messages for her that you can use to express your feelings to that special lady of yours.

Feel free to comment and put these messages of love to your facebook status and tweet it on your twitter account.
You can do this by uttering romantic love messages to her ears and remind her the wonderful thing you love on her. These love messages and romantic messages can sweep them of their feet upon reading or receiving. We chose the best sets of romantic love messages for her to express your heartiest feelings towards your special someone. You can send these I love you messages in different forms such as love sms messages, love text messages, love facebook status or love card messages. You can design your own scrapbook, or just buy one to save time, and then add the pictures you have gathered.

It can also add to the effect if you will pair it with a box of gift that contains anything that you know the person would like to have. Ready-made birthday gifts can have the same effect when you choose them with the birthday person’s likes and preferences in mind.
No matter how simple or grand your birthday wishes are, for as long as they come from the heart, they will surely be treasured.

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