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The M1XEP must be configured with settings for the mail server through which the emails will be sent. Elk normally recommends customers use their ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) email services where possible. ELK is a leading designer and manufacturer of customized security, automation, energy management and convenience solutions. Instantly and automatically receive email and text message notifications from your users and forms. In our first Back to Basics post, we showed you how and why you’d want to limit the number of entries your form received. WARNING: As usual (our lawyers make us do this^) these posts are aimed at the newer Wufoo users who want to take full advantage of all the features of their Wufoo accounts. Okay, simple email notifications are cool and all, but mobile’s all the rage these days, amirite?
Within the same Notifications Settings screen, you’ll notice a particularly striking module labeled, “to My Mobile Device”. Some notes: Since text messages are restricted by character length, Wufoo will truncate your form title, and we’ll only send entry data for the first two fields on your form.

And that’s that for this edition of Back to Basics on how to setup email and text message notifications for your Wufoo forms.
If you’re one of those seasoned Wufoo vets and have ideas for the next post in this series, suggest them below. How to Stop Facebook Text Message Notifications - WordImpress You are using an outdated browser. We stand behind the products we sell with industry leading customer service, technical support and product warranties. Your Wufoo forms are all setup and you’re already gathering tons of entries and data from your users and customers.
Whenever a user completes your form, Wufoo will send you an email notification that includes a copy of the entry. On the form which you’d like to setup email notifications, click the Notifications option which will bring you to the Notifications Settings screen for your form. So make sure you put the most important fields up top on your form if you’re using text message notifications!
And if I missed something spectacular you can do with email and text notifications, make sure to share with your fellow Wufoo friends below.

You’ll get an instant heads-up of when a new form submission comes in so you won’t need to worry about missing a request, sales lead, or any other entry for that matter. This way, you’ll not only know when someone has filled out your form, but also the data that they’ve filled out. In the field labeled, “Your Email Address”, type in the email address you’d like Wufoo to send your email notifications to. You can setup text message notifications so that you’ll get a text whenever someone fills our your form. Enter in your mobile phone number (no dashes or spaces, please!), select your carrier from the drop-down menu (if your carrier is listed more than once, choose the first option), click Save and you’re off to the races! And in the event that your mobile carrier isn’t listed in the drop-down, you can follow this handy-dandy help guide that’ll take you to the end of the rainbow.

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