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The Ramnit worm was discovered in 2010, but in 2011 researchers spotted a new strain that had incorporated source code from the notorious Zeus banking trojan. Cyber criminals are stepping up their use of social engineering techniques to bypass increasingly security-aware users of online banking and e-commerce sites.
The malware reportedly avoids detection by going into an idle sleep mode until its intended victim logs into their online bank account, at which point it activates and presents them with a fraudulent phishing message.

Ramnit circumvented the OTP feature at the target bank using a ‘Man in the Browser’ attack to inject bogus HTML pages into a customer’s online banking session. Malware variants present the victim with new input fields, security warnings and customized text during login, account navigation and transactions.
Some malware variants go as far as creating custom, localized pages that are generated based on the victim’s language preference.

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