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These days, with social media all the rage, it’s easy to overlook email marketing for your small business. While social media is hot right now, email is still a tried-and-true marketing channel that shouldn’t be overlooked. Lori Mattern is Content Manager at bMighty2, where she writes for our blog, helps manage our Facebook page, and develops content for clients.
About Lori MatternLori Mattern is Content Manager at bMighty2, where she writes for our blog, helps manage our Facebook page, and develops content for clients. Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. It definitely works – too many people think that because email is old school that it must be ineffective. Compared to other forms of advertising, SMS marketing provides the lowest cost and highest return – which makes it such an attractive proposition in today’s shrinking economy and budgets.
SMS marketing scales with your campaign and sales growth making the ROI higher the larger you grow. Text SMS Marketing is perfect for retailers seeking to promote products or services, provide incentives, and increase customer loyalty and retention.
Using Premium SMS (PSMS), a business can create a new revenue source by offering paid services to its customers.  Common services range from custom ring tones and phone wallpapers, to specialized information, such as stock price alerts. Send out reminders – to parents about a school trip, patients for a dental appointment – without having to call people individually.
New campaigns and messages can be set up in minutes and blasted to targeted customers so they are read within minutes of delivery. SMS has proved a great way to get closer to customers, particularly those in the youth market who are difficult to reach with other media.
Display Ads show up on other people’s websites and target the content of that web page. AdWords Display Ads are a very effective way to deliver a message to a very targeted audience. These ads are also pay-per-click, which means that it cost nothing for the ad to appear on another website.
Display Ads can be small text ads, like the ones seen on the Google Search Results Page, or image ads. Step 1: We will pull a graphic element or two from your website (like your logo) and write a line or two of copy to go with it.
Step 2: We then send you a link to view the different ad sizes and approve the content of the ads.
Step 4: We launch the ads and begin to monitor and optimize the placement of the ads for maximum quality traffic.
Targeting Geography: Like Search Ads, we can target all your ads to only show in specific zip codes, cities or states. Targeting Demographics: Google has developed a way to identify the approximate age, gender and parental status of a Google User based on a combination of their online activities and some external data.

Targeting Content: We can target your Display Ads to only appear on web pages that contain certain keywords. Combining Targeting Options: If you really want to get laser focused, we can combine any of the above targeting options to focus your ads on a very select group of people, looking at very specific content.
If you want to spend your time running your business and not worrying about internet advertising - call them !!
Over 65% of all new jobs in America are created by small businesses (according to the SBA).
While at Best Buy over the weekend I happened to spot a very creative QR Code on a Harry Potter DVD display in the store. It works – According to a 2012 survey conducted by Exact target, 66% of online American have bought something as a result of receiving a marketing message via email. It’s cost-effective – in 2011, email marketing brought in $40.56 for every $1 spent, according to the Direct Marketing Association. It strengthens relationships, loyalty, & trust – With email marketing, you are effectively building one-on-one relationships with current and potential customers.
It increases brand awareness – Each email you send builds awareness of your business and brand, and keeps you top-of-mind with customers and prospects. It’s easy – Most email marketing services offer nice-looking templates that are easy to fill in with your own content. If you’re in the process of developing your digital marketing strategy, you might just want to make email marketing a significant part of it. She lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, and received her bachelor's degree at Purdue University and her master's degree at Ohio State University. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.
Because your recipient has opted in to receive information from you, he or she is more likely to buy from your SMS messages than from conventional forms of advertising. Retailers can send Text SMS messages to their opt-in subscribers with coupons code inserted directly into the message.
We use a library of hundreds of animated templates to created branded ads for your business.
The image and copy are entered into a pre-formatted template with a color pallet that matches your website. If you only want to advertise to Females with Children between the ages of 25 and 45, we can do that. The idea is to advertise your business while someone is actively researching or reading content related to your business. To learn more about Affinity Audiences and see the list of categories, click on this link: AdWords Display Ads and Affinity Audiences. If you want to advertise on a group of websites focused on particular topics of interest, then click on this link for a list of Topics: AdWords Display Ads and Topics. But small business owners don't have the time to fully understand the complicated, ever-changing online marketing systems that connect the modern consumer with your business.

By making digital marketing strategies accessible, affordable and easy to understand, we help small business owners grow their business so they can hire more Americans. The QR Code was creative because it featured an image inside the middle of it as well as the black and white squares having points and curves to all of the edges. Turns out a lot of people do, so when developing your digital marketing strategy, you’d be wise to consider adding email to the mix. Though that number is expected to fall a bit in 2012,email marketing still offers a large return on your investment. Well-written, engaging e-newsletters and emails that show your personality help readers learn to know you, like you, and trust you. The next time they need your products or services, they’re that much more likely to purchase from you than from someone they barely know.
When she's not hunched over her computer keyboard typing furiously away, she enjoys reading, working out (yes, really), and boning up on her mad WordPress skillz. We'll help you get the most out of your marketing dollar and bring out the marketing superhero in you! Customers can come into the stores and present their coupons right on their cell phones for redemption. With this sort of flexibility, you can also use mobile marketing for ad-hoc purposes, such as driving traffic to your store on slow nights or clearing out overstock items before end of month. AdWords Display Ads typically get hundreds of impressions for each click, so they can help build brand awareness for your business while delivering quality traffic to your website. Third Marble can use Google’s Image Ad Templates to create display ads for you, or you can supply the images.
To see a list of the available In-Market Audiences, click this link: AdWords Display Ads and In-Market Audiences.
I heard about TMM from a member of ours Liz Graf, who works for them and who is super sharp. Even better than a pre-made template, though, is one custom-designed just for your business.
We could create a Custom Affinity Audience for people that visit websites like NASA and other astronomy related sites regularly.
We've done both Google PPC campaigns and Display Ad campaigns through TMM, and each time we have had a tremendous surge in visits to our website and inquiries about our service.
Whichever way you go, email marketing is a quick and easy way to reach your current and potential customers right in their inbox.

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