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Spook is a progressive culture magazine, publishing innovative content in the realms of fashion, music, art, film and politics. Words made up of letters are so oldskool: for the first time ever an ideograph is the word of the year. The heart graphic in various forms appears billions of times a day around the world across all different languages and cultures – a short faith in humanity-restoring sentiment before we go back to reading the news.

Global Language Monitor is a Texas-based media company that analyses and records the frequency and usage of English words across the Internet, including social media, as well as the top 250,000 print and electronic publications.
As previously mentioned, this year was the first that a graphic held the top position, however, last year wasn’t exactly made up of letters either. Play It Safe is a film exploring the struggles of budding musicians, with a soundtrack as good as the film itself.

Fourteen of the Top 100 were heart-based, but coming in at second was the laughing emoji, which is also a pretty cute symbol of human interaction, I guess.

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