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About Us Advertising Partnerships Press Team Careers Contact Us DMCA REMOVAL Privacy Terms Want to use LittleThings’ editorial content? The people you’re about to meet were brave enough to come forward with their stories. Tammy Lynn Talford, 57, of Knoxville, pleaded guilty in Knox County Criminal Court to voluntary manslaughter, USA Today reports.
Telford was sentenced to 15 years in prison for fatally shooting her husband, Lawrence 'Leon' Talford, 52. According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, Talford shot her husband at their home in April 2015 during an argument over a text message he sent to another woman. Many of Leon Talford's family members have reportedly disputed claims that he was texting another woman at all.
During the argument, Tammy retrieved a .38-caliber handgun from a nightstand and shot her husband in his chest.

Before there was EDM, before there was trap, there was Kill The Noise - Jake Stanczak was peddling his own unique brand of heavy electronica long before fluorescent t-shirts and bucket hats were the cool thing to do. Listen: Elizabeth Rose - Shoulda Coulda WouldaElizabeth Rose impresses with her new, M-Phazes produced single. The jury in the trial of a mother accused of murdering her two young daughters has heard evidence about text messages she sent and received on the day they died.
Samira Lupidi stabbed the girls to death but denies murder and admits manslaughter with diminished responsibility. Bradford Crown Court heard today that Lupidi sent messages to her mother in Italy saying 'I will lose them. Lupidi told police that she was afraid the father of Evelyn aged three and 17 month old Jasmine was planning to take the children off her and had been violent towards her. They know firsthand the tragedies that can occur within just a few seemingly innocent seconds.

Talford was originally charged with second-degree murder, but pleaded guilty to a reduced charge. As part of the plea, she agreed to turn over the proceeds from Leon's life insurance policy to his family. And staying true to the sounds that made him, combined with an ability to evolve without losing the essence of Kill The Noise, that have seen him succeed all the way up to the release of his latest album, Occult Classic, just last week. When she looked up, she had slid into the median and was ejected through the driver’s side door. And the release is testament to Stanczak's talent as a producer, his ability to work with other artists and willingness to grow with dance music without sacrificing what his fans have come to love him for over the years that make it a powerful 10 track release.

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