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Carnival may not have gone out of there way to accommodate us, but we felt that they crewed and staffed the ship just for us. Although Mom and I have cruised several times, on Carnival, RCI, and NCI this was her first. We've found that early and often communication, with allowing as much flexibility as we could makes the situation easier to arrange. I know there is a group called Bob and Ruth's that organizes Gluten Free trips, including cruises.
I would familiarize with your ship ahead of time by looking at photos on Cruise Critic and also looking on the Celebrity Web Site.
I was told that this cruise had some special restrictions, among them that it was not available to US or Canadian customers. Apparently it's a chartered cruise which is only available to book through some agents in the UK. I didn't think there was a great selection of books in the library and was very glad I had my Kindle though everyones taste is different.
I didn't realise there were some special cruises like this, how would I go about finding out about them? I just wanted to mention that the burgers, hot dogs and fries from the pool grill are also included.
I am looking for a nice (not outrageously priced) hotel in Fort Lauderdale for a night before cruise departure stay. Although I personally have not been on a cruise in March, my sister has and said never again. If you want to stay by the port, Embassy Suites and Renaissance are Cruise Critic member favorites. Hopefully that works for you but even without any traffic delays it's about a 30 minute drive from LAX to the Port of LA in San Pedro.
When we fly out of Sacramento to LAX on the same day, we try and get either the first or second flight out in the morning. That should be much more relaxing for you but still arriving the day of a cruise has it's risks but that's up to you and not me. We landed at LAX at about 5pm and by the time we got our luggage, found the shuttle and got to our hotel near the port it was 7pm. So had the OP kept their 1:15 arrival from YYZ Princess would have rejected the entry of their flight information into the cruise personalizer, and would not monitor that flight's arrival time nor hold the gangway for them even if they were only a few minutes away from San Pedro. Well, you got to love these complaints, the sea too loud, why isn't there a window in my inside cabin? My personal favorite is the couple who got left behind even though they had written a note to the captain saying they needed more time in port. We will be going on the Coral to Panama and would like to take our tablet does anyone know if it can be used on the ship.
They can be used on the ship or in your cabin but you will need to purchase an internet package. As stated above, (in addition to using free wifi while ashore) you can purchase an internet package granting you a specified number of minutes (you can also always buy more) and you will have wifi access throughout the ship.
I do note that many people -- my Hubby included -- have said that they seem to experience extremely slow connections with their iPads.

Finally in this regard, it IS important to remember to log off when you're done with a session so you don't inadvertently burn up the minutes you've paid dearly for, however you can also be somewhat reassured in that the system will automatically log you off once your connection is idle for more than 3 minutes.
One other thing to note is that the WiFi connection on board ship is NOT a secure connection, it is an open WiFi connection. We sailed on the Allure of the Seas on August 14, 2011 (the week before hurricane Irene, luckily). Our college son was recently diagnosed with a fairly serious Gluten Intolerance (not Celiacs). Each night they brought him 4 slices of gluten free bread (a type of corn bread) which my son loved. There is a place on the RCCL website with your reservations-if you want kosher, veggie, low-salt, gluten-free. I also need to eat gluten free and just got off this morning on the FOS and must say that I received perfect service to advising me which foods were best for me to eat that did not contain gluten. If you book through a Travel Agent, do they have to note the reservation or is it possible for me to do it online. Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.
A passport, as I'm sure you know, is a document that one shows to government officials whenever one reaches a border between countries, so the officials can learn who you are, where you were born, and how you look when photographed unflatteringly. The BWI airport Hotels are about 15-20 minutes away, while the Baltimore Inner Harbor Hotels are about a 10 min cab ride from the port.
There are several places to eat that are walking distance from the hotel plus a free hot breakfast in the morning.
We also used the light rail line that runs in front of the place to take us into center city and went to the Inner Harbor.
Not sure if you are driving or flying, but if you stay out by the airport, it's a very quick 15 minute or so drive to the port. Also there are two Sleep Inns, one on Fallsway (Inner Harbor) and one on Belle Grove (Airport).
As a Maryland native and Baltimore resident for 2 years up until July (right in Locust Point) where the terminal is, I will say that the easiest thing to do if you just want a night to sleep (ie arriving late the night before) is to stay at a hotel near BWI airport. The MDR and the buffet are both open for breakfast for everyone, and I personally think the food is excellent for breakfast. If you are in a suite, (penthouse and above), there will be a letter in your cabin telling you the hours for each day of your cruise.
But as others have said, Cagney's is only available for suite passengers for breakfast and lunch. If that is the case for you, let us know and I'm sure you'll get several responses about what is available because we all love the food in Cagney's! Also, will fairly well behaved children (6 and 4) be comfortable in Cagney's or will other "suite dwellers" wish we had gone elsewhere? There have always been children in Cagneys for B&L our last 4 cruises, the staff doted on them! I don't have the menus to post, but they are pretty good and besides ordering off the menu there is a buffet also, ( for breakfast) my favorite was the smoked trout.
You can ask for anything offered ship wide for breakfast or lunch and in our expereince we got it.

The Fruits de Mer in Brioche is my favorite Cagney's breakfast item, although the eggs benedict is a close second. As well as the breakfast items listed on the menu there is a small buffet set up with cereals, oatmeal (and all the items you could ever want to add to your cereal or oatmeal) orange juice, several kinds of fresh fruit, smoked trout, prosciutto and other meats, pastries, including chocolate croissants, and on and on.
The gluten free options sound good on paper, but are hardly ever easy (or fully understood by ship staff) in practice.
We are well cruised with RCI, Carnival and Princess but this is our first time with Celebrity.
It was a fab price so we just booked it as its during the school holidays which I need for work. Room service items are free unless there's a price on the menu (steak and eggs on the breakfast menu, for example).
Airport and pier transportation would be neccessary .I've looked at trip advisor but any suggestions you all mght have would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
Embassy Suites fits your definitions, has MANY recommendations and has packages with shuttle. Nor would even independent travel insurance reimburse the expense of catching up to the ship at the next port.
I have looked at the Celebrity website and it does look fantastic as we are just wanting a short relaxing trip. My DD is 17 so glad she will be able to come in the solarium with us (when she's not studying that is).
If not, as mentioned, taxi would be less tha $15 airport to hotel, and about $10 to the port. If you feel like spending a day sightseeing in Baltimore, stay in the inner harbor and it's only about a 5 minute cab ride to the terminal (and 15-20 mins from the airport).
Landjm, can you tell me where is free to eat and do they offer free water, lemonade, fruit punch in the buffet like RCI do? You could get coffee, tea or milk in the morning through room service - they are always included. However, if you want a Bloody Mary or an espresso drink you'll either have to pay or go fetch them yourself from a bar or Cafe al Bacio.
Even our table waiters were dialed in, as they asked the first night, if there was anything else GF that DD needed. Qsine is $40 but we have been offered $30 many times onboard, though we have not tried it (The MDR food is very good IMO). With that said, once you book sometimes it take a day ot two before you hear back that your reservation is good. The balcony dividers can be folded apart from the higher deco cabins that have a steel support angled on to the balcony.
After that is done I always, not matter what site I book on, call the hotel and confirm my reservation.
My daughter will still have a few Alevel exams to sit on our return so she is hoping for some places to study as well as our balcony.

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