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I am not advertising a puppy, I was advertising my open wait list spots for a future litter due in 28 days or so. I would not accept a text message as confirmation of a sale, I want to talk to people personally and then IF I approve they sign a contract with me.
I didn't reply to this last text, I reported this number as SPAM on my smartphone and blocked it.
I have gotten MANY MANY text scams like this over the last month since I have advertised my wait list for one of my litters, and it's getting ridiculous. Thanks for getting back to me,I will like to inform you that am purchasing the puppy as a birthday present for my son,I will be very much happy if you consider the puppy* sold to me. The reason I am sending you this email is to make final reconfirmation of puppy *which is ok by me,and also to let you know that payment will be by certified cashier's check or money order. I also want to alert you on the fact that you will be receiving an overdraft check, which will cover the money for the pickup (pickup and shipping to the final destination) as well as the money to be paid to the company that will take care of the pickup and the documentation with you. The Material contained herein may not be reproduced without the prior written approval of the author.
This is an important tool for helping identify and track down missing children, but the alerts don’t always include all the information users need to be of help to officials. If you receive an iPhone Amber Alert, there will be a small amount of information such as a child’s description or the description of a car and a license plate, but not much else.
Users will see an Amber Alert on the iPhone based on their location, which means if an Amber Alert is issued in New York City while you are traveling there, you will see an alert, even if your billing zip code is in Ohio.

There is also a free Amber Alert iPhone app that offers more information about missing children. If you did not get an Amber Alert on the iPhone, but a coworker did, you should make sure that Government Alerts are set to on. If this doesn’t solve the problem it is possible your carrier does not support the built-in iPhone Amber Alerts yet.
I suspect the use of technology here might very well be extremely useful but after searching and reading 4 or 5 different pages on AMBER alerts (I just got one, first time) I’m still not entirely certain of either (a) what this cryptic information is supposed to suggest – is this car sought by police? I can of course make some pretty reasonable assumptions regarding the answers to these questions, but shouldn’t an effort as important and as widespread as this one have some solid, detailed, easily-discoverable information about it?
3) Notwithstanding 2) above, at the very least allow a click on the Amber Alert to open up a webpage with specific information on that alert. 4) Since Amber Alerts are by definition emergencies, allow the Amber Alert to temporarily (but only partially) bypass the phone’s password protection so that the idea suggested in 3) above could be automatically implemented.
Lately I've been getting many text messages from random numbers all over the US, and even Canada. In view of this I need you to email me any information that may be required to send the payment as I do not want to send the check or money order to a wrong location lest they get into the wrong hands.
Our records indicate that someone from this household recently had an interaction with the Card Services department at Bank of America on September 3rd. The Amber Alert on iPhone is limited to a certain number of characters like a text message.

These may have more detail on the Amber alerts and will also send alerts on other things like chemical spills, fires, street closings, etc.
Hopefully in the future they’ll be able to put more information into the alert or have it take you directly to a web page for more info. Fix the technical limitation on the number of alert characters allowed or stop the stupid system altogether because the short cryptic alert has little value to those of us who would want to help, if we could.
ALWAYS ask to speak with someone directly on the phone, not just an email but a real live person. Please have the person who recently had an interaction with Bank of America call 1-800-490-5065 and answer a few questions regarding the interaction.
My car broke down last week in a really dangerous place So I called the police for help, They never showed, So you think I’m going to help you? I was at dmv 5 days ago getting my car registerd I actually used my expired lisence for ID.

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