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SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search is delivered as a software that contains several components on one operating system, but appears to the outside world as a single application.
Equally, the Application Server ABAP provides the administration tools and the user interface.
The Java component is required only for performing administrative life-cycle management tasks, such as for live update functions.
Search and Classification (TREX) makes available the search engine and the cruiser component to activate the files search on file servers and Web servers.
The SCS component groups together various services necessary to run AS ABAP and AS Java, such as SAP Message Server, SAP Gateway, SAP Web Dispatcher, and SAProuter.

The use of the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search hardware is restricted to this software only. You can run SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search as a single-server system on a single host or run a larger system, for which the TREX instances and application server instances are distributed among several blade servers, depending on your requirements. On the master blade, the SAP central services are installed and the required network components are configured. A second blade, on which the dual-stack instance with ABAP and Java and the MaxDB database are installed.
In the shared storage for the blades, the database volumes, TREX indexes, and SAP binaries are stored.

With regard to runtime, performance, and scaling for SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search, only the Application Server ABAP is important. Mobile" application to send cartoon messages to your friends and loved ones at the touch of a button or two! Finding the perfect cartoon from your collection is easy and fun, just follow the steps below!

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