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Click on  any of the above thumbnails to see the original animated GIF image.Pictures of Jesus are all good and nice.
But I feel that when the pictures are moving or changing on their own, then those pictures will be more attractive to the ones seeing it. But unfortunately such images of Christ are very less and not easily available.Jesus animated images you see here are always nice to look at, rather than any boring text.

For this we have the GIF format files, in which the pictures have  transition in them so we call them as animated images of Jesus Christ.
Is there any way that you can provide me with the file or direct me to a website where i may download the file my self. You are a such an inspiration and I can see how the Lord works through you through the thoughts and prayers which you have made available here.

Now you have the picture and the tool to animate it.Go ahead and try out your imagination, by editing the pics with animation in powerpoint.

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