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For the iPod Touch there is an app called: Textfree and if you get the voice version then you can not only text free and unlimited but you can also call free with minutes.
Hey, I write pubs about beauty, electronics, virtual worlds, music, songs, artists, animals, etc. EmEditor Text Editor Free is a free text editor for Windows that fully supports Unicode, enabling you to edit multiple languages.
EmEditor is a text editor for Windows that fully supports Unicode, enabling you to edit multiple languages. Professional Notepad is a powerful editor that allows you to view and edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Delphi, C++ and other languages source code. Hex Editor II is a hexadecimal editor that helps an average PC user edit large files, containing non-textual data, safely and easily. Currently the project is in the alpha development, but I have tried it and found that it works really well. Web-based HTML Editor, WYSIWYG editor, or rich text editor, is a web component that let users enter rich text input within the browser.
The Rich Text Editor is part of the Yahoo YUI library and users can easily extend the features via creating plugin for it.
Openwysiwyg is yet another powerful open source cross browser WYSIWYG editor that contains a lot of features.
Free Rich Text Editor is an extremely easy to use FREE javascript based HTML WYSIWYG editor for your website. WMD is a simple and lightweight HTML editor which can be used in blog comment section or forum posts.
Actually the article was really very good and well explored, but did it really mean HTML Editors or text editors because most of them were meant to be text editors. I am not sure whether markItUp will generates proper valid XHTML or not, since i never use it before.
I find that I get the best results when the text boxes and toolbars look similar to the Microsoft Office suite, as people are used to that and pick up very easily how to use the text editor. In combination with the Google Chrome OS, us web developers can be up and working online within seconds. Nice list, I personally prefer TinyMCE due its license flexibility, I mean FCKEditor is commercial, you should pay to redistribute, TinyMCe you can donate according your budget. CKeditor looks wonderful but unless you are a PHP and AJAX expert, don’t waste your time. Although I have set up hundreds of websites and administer racks of Linux servers, I gave up after a couple of hours of wasted effort. Good list and although I’ve been using TinyMCE for a few years I ha d a look at Mozilla Bespin and its pretty cool and well worth checking out.
Web design is one of my favorite hobbies — However, I needed a way to make my sites look more appealing. Out of all the HTML editors included in the list, here are the top three for me: FCKeditor, Openwysiwyg, and the Free Rich Text Editor.
CKEditor looks wonderful, but unless you are an expert in PHP and AJAX, do not waste your time. I would like recommendations for one of these or others, as a best editor for reddit posts? SynWrite Text-Editor is a free text editing tool that helps you to edit programs source codes easily with attractive features.

There are plenty of other free text editors for editing programs source codes but most of them don’t offer attractive features like Zen coding support and sync-edit feature like this one does. This free source code editor supports Unicode complete so you won’t face problems when trying to open file encodings.
Sending an average of 40 messages a day per user, the WhosHere community has now sent over two billion free text messages. WhosHere clearly resonates with our users and they love the instantaneous delivery that occurs with our messages. In addition to free text messages, WhosHere users can send free, unlimited pictures and VOIP calls to each other.
Stephen Smith, co-founder & COO said, “WhosHere clearly resonates with our users and they love the instantaneous delivery that occurs with our messages. WhosHere is the first mobile social networking app for the iPhone to let users meet new people and interact based on proximity. The most common uses of WhosHere include dating, making new friends, chatting with like minded people, looking for jobs, selling stuff, looking for clients, promoting bands, practicing foreign language skills with native speakers and virtual tourism. WhosHere was a Social Networking finalist in Mashable’s 2009 Open Web Awards and was a 2010 Hot Ticket nominee for Best Bootstrap by the Northern Virginia Technology Council.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Although there are many carriers have included unlimited text messaging in the data plans or you may pay certain amount of fee on top of your data plan to send unlimited SMS text messages. For those who are Android phone user, please check out our Top 8 of Best Android Apps to Send Free SMS Text Messages. Textfree with Voice by Pinger allows you to send and receive free unlimited texts and pics, plus earn free calling minutes.
If you go to the App Store and type in: Textfree and install it then you will get these features. Here's a handy text editor with all the convenient features that Microsoft left out of their Windows Notepad utility.
Editra is a full features text editor, this software can do anything that other paid and free text editor can do. Most of the time, these html editors are used within content management systems where administrators or authors can easily create posts and contents from the backend system. Like other wysiwyg html editors, it is able to convert textarea or other html elements to editor instances. It is built by the open source community, and everyone are welcome to contribute to the project.
It enhances table creation and you can easily create tables and customize them with built-in properties. Its spell checking feature is powered by SpellerPages, which can easily being implemented by adding parameter to the editor. WYMeditor has been created to generate perfectly structured XHTML strict code, to conform to the W3C XHTML specifications and to facilitate further processing by modern applications.
For example, user can easily resize the editor, select special characters, and pick color using the color picker tool. It outputs some of the cleanest, strictest XHTML anywhere, encourages accessibility, and has an awesome free version.
The documentation leaves out key pieces of information (and is very hard to navigate) so that you end up having to purchase support to get it running.

The documentation leaves out key pieces of information (and it is very difficult to navigate) to end up having to hire the support to get it going. If you want a simple, free text editor that offers all the features that you expect to see in a paid tool, SynWrite Text-Editor is exactly what you are looking for. You can edit programs source codes easily using this free programs source code editor with attractive features like code folding, syntax highlighting and code templates. As there is a rich library called “lexers” to help you highlighting, you will be able to manage syntax highlighting easily. But, do you think that it’s worth to pay extra to those carriers if there are some apps available allowing us to send text messages for free? First of all when you first get this app they will ask you for your area code so that they can give you a number in your area, and it will be easier to call people in your area. Other attractive features of this free programming tool are the nicely organized code in syntax tree, color-based view of changes option and different text selection mode. If you have any question or comment, feel free to share your thoughts on the article in the comments section! I used to have a lot of fun with them when I was in my early teens, some of these tools helped me to assert my computer supremacy over my friends and family by the cool graphics they created. You can text any number in the USA and maybe also Canada as much as you want without having to pay.
You can even define your favorite keyboard shortcuts, which adds extra user friendly feature. There are also Code templates and auto completion feature that will be loved by the programmers. There are two available versions – a Textfree Lite version which is free to install but it comes with a daily limit on the number of messages you can send and it is supported by ads.
If you are a Total Commander user, you will be happy to know that this free text editor also works as plugin for this famous file manager. Alternatively there is the Textfree Unlimited which has no ads and no limits but costs $5.99. However, there is somewhat of a catch – your friend sending the text messages also has to be using Textfree or else they will be charged for sending and receiving a text message. But when your minutes end, if you still want to call someone then you need to either earn more free minutes or buy free minutes for $1.99 but I recommend earning them instead. You can create flash banners and animated web names for signatures or blog titles.Web eStoolsThe site offers lots of tools, most of them are great. Textfree also supports emoticons, which is something that the iPhone’s native SMS app sorely lacks.
Currently, I have 600 minutes from earning and buying free minutes on this helpful application.
So when you first start out you also get to choose your own number from a list of numbers they give you to choose. If you give your number to other people you can have them call you and if the other person calls you then it won’t take up any minutes.

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