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The most effective way to reach customers across the world is SMS Text Messaging and a standard mode to send messages that comprise multimedia content to and from mobile phones is MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). A customer engagement & mobile marketing solutions company, TextServ has provided this service. Registered users can start sending free message of 700 characters and up to 5 people at a time globally through Text4FreeOnline. For assurance that Text Reminders get delivered, sending vital messages & Text Blasts and for inviting friends when you are not familiar with their carrier network, use premium messages. One of the core goals of Text4FreeOnline is to make their Free SMS & Group SMS service readily accessible to as many users as possible.

These wonderful looking Apps let individuals and small businesses to leverage all the authority of the Group Messaging and Bulk SMS features of the online version through their handsets with complete support for real-time Text Chat, Text Blasts and Text Reminders. Text with your family, friends, co-workers and customers right from your computer as well as view their responses as they text you back. Many other options are available on the site including Text wall, Text reminder, Text blast, etc.
Also send and receive pictures but you have to usually send a picture prior to receiving one, though this differs by network. One can even block their number by filling up form given on the site if they want to stop receiving text via Text4FreeOnline.

If you wish to send unlimited messages then go for any plan you like the most: Our family plan, Basic plan or Our pro plan.

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