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Once you learn to craft texts that spark specific emotions in a girl, you will be able to get (and keep) her attention, and you will feel like you have the power to take a conversation to the next level and make things happen with her. Because the main purpose of texting is this: to get the girl out with you face-to-face so that you can make a move on her and KISS HER. Plain and simple: If you want to create attraction over text, then you MUST know how to flirt with a girl over text. The best way to sell something to someone is to first DEMONSTRATE the benefits they will get before they buy.
With this text, you reference something funny, weird, or interesting you two experienced together.

The result of these two extremes is that they either become wussies, or they and they never steer the conversation to the next level for fear of sounding like wussy.
Specifically, the texts on page 4 of the report are very effective in getting a girl to text you back. These two guy friends are in such a deep bromance that they recite lovey dovey song lyrics to each other.
Maybe if this guy learned ANY other word and could form a complete sentence, he would have gotten a response!
You are in a a relaxed and creative state of mind with the girl and you ideally escalate the text interaction into a meeting of you two face to face.

If it was something that made her laugh, or that made her connect with you… then you’re in! Now think of something interesting or funny that you did or something that happened to you. Keep your day planner open for tomorrow” This text (credit Rob Judge) is a perfect example of a text that is funny, cocky, and compliments her looks.

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