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Most of us think the idea of machine-learning as so futuristic, that there could not be any possibility of it affecting our day-to-day lives…but, we would be wrong!!
The thought of a machine being so sophisticated that it can teach itself, is frankly quite scary and exciting in equal measures.
Google has recently splashed the cash for DeepMind Technologies, a London based start-up company, whose boss Demis Hassabis, happens to be the creator of Evil Genius. And, if you think these sound far-fetched, then let’s consider the AI in our lives that we take for granted.
Well, for so long, it seemed that computers were only able to handle the 1s and 0s of binary code. On the plus side, research by Stanford University, applied machine-learning methods to identify possible cancerous cells in human tissue.
Machine-learning, as helped us to make big advancements into the world of ‘big data’, through the ability to identify patterns in enormous data sets, with possibilities being absolutely endless! Eleanor was very kind and professional even though my English skill was not good enough for a phone call. Should Marketing Cloud job seeker CVs be creative?As marketing automation specialist recruiters, we are noticing that more and more marketing cloud jobs seekers and professionals are getting more creative with their CVs. The FriXion pen uses ink which transforms into a colorless, transparent state with the application of frictional heat using the rubber.
Japan is a world leader in the sphere of "manufacturing" of such products as cars and electrical appliances.
The Jet Stream ballpoint pen having the special characteristic of a writing performance similar to that of a water-based pen.
The wish of one manufacturer to create an oil-based ballpoint pen, such as those widespread in offices, with as smooth a writing performance as water-based pens, materialized into the "Jet Stream". On a slightly different note, the assumption that letters written with a ballpoint pen cannot be erased, has been overturned by the "FriXion" series. Mechanical pencils are convenient for everyday use but their tendency to produce variations in letter thickness as the lead wears down slantingly, and the ease with which the lead breaks can cause dissatisfaction. The "Kuru Toga pencil" , with a reputation of being easy to write with and difficult to break.

Even in the field of fountain pens where European products hold "supremacy", there is a Japanese product which continues to receive worldwide appraisal. The nib of an "Elabo", with superior resilient properties and the ability to adapt to any writing pressure. A standard learning tool commonly used in Japan to aid in memorizing important parts of a text is the "Concealing Memorization Sheet". Simply highlight the sections of text you wish to remember using a dedicated "AnkiSnap" marker pen, take a photograph using a dedicated application, and import it into your smartphone.
Learning marker pens "AnkiSnap" used in combination with a smartphone to highlight words you wish to memorize.
Areas highlighted with "AnkiSnap" turn black when imported using a dedicated smartphone application. For example, have you ever wondered why Netflix or Amazon are great at suggesting products or films that you like, or why when you log in to Facebook or other networking sites, there mysteriously seems to be a list of suggested people you might happen to know? Such as, the ability to identify terrorist, or possible attacks on the general population. So, why is it that so many of us, struggle to get our head around the idea of machine-learning? And, whilst a few of us feared that one day computers would eradicate us and take over the world, we felt safe with their inability to understand the human language or identify individuals, which we considered to be in the realms of science-fiction. This solid technological capability has been thoroughly incorporated even into stationery which we casually pick up every day. A feeling of gliding across the paper has been made a reality and the product has been highly appraised worldwide. Its distinctive characteristic is its ability to a€?hidea€? letters by rubbing them with the dedicated rubber attached to the end of the pen opposite the tip, just like letters written in pencil are erased with an eraser. Due to the similarity between its shape and a falcon's face, it was sold abroad under the name of "Falcon" until three years ago. By tapping on the screen displayed on the smartphone, the highlighted areas can be revealed or hidden. These are just basic examples of artificial intelligence (AI), more commonly know as machine learning. However, this may not be the case for much longer, as IBM announce their intention to invest heavily into Watson, which can analyse natural language and questions.

Writing instruments made in Japan are attractive, and ita€™s easy to buy too many, but their merit does not end with their excellent design. Female users who use a light writing pressure tended to shy away from oil-based ballpoint pens, with their general sticky consistency, but the frictional resistance of the ink contained in the Jet Stream is about half that of conventional products.
The secret of these "erasable" pens is the effect of the unique ink which is transformed into a colorless state by the frictional heat generated by rubbing.
It has a mechanism in which three gears installed within the pen, engage and shift the lead by 9 degrees every time the tip of the lead is pressed and released. Parts of a text are highlighted with the special marker and when the semi-transparent sheet is placed over the text, the highlighted parts become invisible.
And, let’s not forget the announcement that Google neural network scanned a database of 10 million images and taught itself to recognise cats.
To prevent the low-viscosity ink leaking from the tip of the pen, a system has been introduced to hold down the ball at the tip of the pen to an appropriate degree, by means of a built-in spring known as a "spring chip". As long as the temperature remains within the range of minus 10a„? to 65a„?, the mistake, once it is made colorless, will remain colorless, giving you peace of mind. Because the tip of the lead is conical at all times, it is able to withstand even strong pen pressure. The shape gently slopes upward from midway, giving rise to a resilience and moderate flexibility which can withstand strong pen pressure.
The a€?AnkiSnapa€? system has been developed by Japanese stationery manufacturers so that students can easily study with their smart phones using this method.
As such, rote learning can be performed easily and anywhere without carrying bulky texts around.
This high quality pen enables the writer to vary the width of letters with only a light touch and to express subtle nuances, and has continued to attract fountain pen fans over the 30 years from its launch.

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