Text a girl right after a date movie,working at home legitimate jobs,get money team' reflects '21st century version of shoplifting' - Good Point

Rapper Meek Mill and his MMG “bawse” Rick Ross have been very news worthy these last few weeks. I get what he is attempting to say, but honey, you are not Beyonce or nor have sold Beyonce’ or RiRi as many units as them.
No one should charge for pictures ever and while I somewhat do agree with Meek Mill about rap lyrics, I do think the lyrics Ross used are eyebrow raising. My homies be in the crowd and if my homie trying to make some money and you trying to get backstage, he might charge you.

Biggie said ‘rape your kid, throw over the bridge,’ back then and it was nothing, it was just hip-hop. I don’t even see nothing wrong, Beyonce and Rihanna, they charge $500 for a meet and greet. Now you got all these weirdo’s on these social sites voicing their opinions about something anybody say. Like, I never been that type, if me and you speak and we alright, me to try and get your girl.

Raps always been talking about killing, drugs, all types of stuff, you know what I’m saying?

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