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Under your Factory side skirt you will find 7 screws (circled in above pic) remove them with a phillips head screw driver.
Pic of the under side of the side skirt pointing out where to line up the tip of the screw with. Once one screw is in, continue down the line of screws and repeat the above steps until all screws are in. LinkedIn emplea cookies para mejorar la funcionalidad y el rendimiento de nuestro sitio web, asi como para ofrecer publicidad relevante. Praga es como estar en un cuento de hadas, con calles que parecen hechas para el simple disfrute del turista, tiendas decoradas con el mayor mimo que podriamos imaginar, y todo marcado por un ambiente medieval que te hace retroceder a otra epoca. La mayor concentracion de motos de agua tendra lugar en Marina de Denia del 17 al 20 de abril en el Alkkemist Jet Ski Festival. Espectaculos nauticos, beach club, hospitality y muchisimos regalos. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Be careful not to lose the screws as they are needed in the next few steps of the installation.
Start at one end, by placing one of the screws removed through a pre-drilled hole and place it up against the underside of the factory side skirt and line the screw tip up with the hole you removed the screw from. Hold the rear bar extension up against the bottom of the rear bar and mark out the 5 hole with a marker, Then pre-drill each of those markings or you can just firmly start screwing the screws supplied into the markings as they will bite into the plastic once they break the surface.
And yes i will be posting a Thread for the Kansai intake airbox's Just need to time it right as i already have afew on order and would like to build up stock as im sure they will sell quick.
Por su belleza y patrimonio historico la convierten en una de las veinte ciudades mas visitadas del mundo. And these holes line up with the screws from the underside of your factory side skirt.No need to play around trying to get these to fit, as they have small caps which guide them into place.
Great price and really makes the car look wider.As Josh said, the holes line up with the underside of the car, which should have screws in them already.

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I recommend using double sided tape as well as the screws.Josh: Any plans for doing a special on the intake boxes for the CT9As? CheersI also agree on using double sided tape as well as screwing them on, as once or twice I've found that the screws have gone loose or missing. Just to make it as easy as possible.Ill have the pics up tonight, just need to crop them and type out some instructions for each picture.

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