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While vacationing in Hong Kong with her family, Xiaoyu stowed away on a yacht bearing the name, Mishima Financial Empire. Upon his arrival, Heihachi found his men beaten and strewn around the ship as if it was hit by a hurricane. Ending Description, "Dreamland?": Heihachi Mishima keeps his promise, and builds Xiaoyu a theme park. However, one day, she received an anonymous e-mail that warned her of Heihachi’s evil intentions and the danger to her life. Xiaoyu's intuition told her that Jin Kazama, who had been missing since the last Tournament, could have sent the message. Upon hearing the announcement of the next Tournament, Xiaoyu made the decision to enter — hoping to be reunited with Jin and to unveil the truth behind Heihachi and the Mishima Zaibatsu. Ending Description: Victory for Xiaoyu in the Tournament is not only a victory that few believed possible but also one that reveals the Mishima Zaibatsu's evil deeds for all to see.
Wanting to help her friend, Xiaoyu offers her a job with the Mishima Zaibatsu, stating that from now on, she is going to make her own dreams come true. Later, Xiaoyu happens to meet a brilliant scientist who claims that he can make a time machine as long as he gets the funding for development. After defeating Jin, Xiaoyu apologizes and says that after she wins the tournament they can go back to good times. Ending Description: After winning the tournament, Ling Xiaoyu is the first to use her time machine. Xiaoyu is one of the characters who has gone appearance and costume changes in Tekken 7 FR. In this game, like Tekken 3, she continues to seek her dream of a world renowned amusement park and is still slightly concerned for her classmate, Jin Kazama. Xiaoyu is featured as a playable character in the tactical role-playing game Project X Zone, with Jin Kazama as her partner. Xiaoyu meets Jin somewhere in Tekken universe and asks him to wait, to which he tells her not to follow him and its his problem to handle.
Out of nowhere, something else appears, to what Xiaoyu refers as "silver skin freak", which is in fact Dural form the Virtua Fighter universe.
After a while, they meet Juri from Street Fighter universe who also came looking for Dural. After Alisa is badly damaged, Xiaoyu cries and Jin, now enraged transforms into his devil form and eventually defeats Kazuya.
Xiaoyu is featured as a playable character in the tactical role-playing game Project X Zone 2, with Chun-Li as her partner. Also noteworthy is that the game developers have stated that Lili players are a tough match-up for her, as Lili basically feeds off of Xiaoyu's plentiful cards to activate her own card abilities. Miharu Hirano - One of her best friends at Mishima High School and mutual friends with Jin Kazama as classmates. Emilie De Rochefort - Interrupted her battle with Asuka Kazama in Tekken 6 and later fellow classmate in the non-canonical Tekken the Pachislot 2nd.
Asuka Kazama - Interrupted her battle with Lili in Tekken 6 and later fellow classmate in the non-canonical Tekken the Pachislot 2nd and Tekken the Pachislot 3rd. Heihachi Mishima - Her tutor after she attacked and knocked out the entire security personnel of a Mishima Zaibatsu boat.
Alisa Bosconovitch - Her best friend in Tekken: Blood Vengeance, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Project X Zone (non-canon). Anna Williams - Her employer-turned--enemy later in Tekken: Blood Vengeance and rival in Tekken Card Challenge (non-canon). Lee Chaolan - Her school math teacher in Kyoto International High School in Tekken: Blood Vengeance (non-canon). Jinpachi Mishima - She entered the fifth King of Iron Fist Tournament for his "prize money". Lei Wulong - Her rival in Tekken Card Challenge and acquaintance in Blood Vengeance (non-canon). Miharu, Alisa and Jin call Xiaoyu "Xiao", which is a shorter version of her name (which shows they're friends). Despite being 18 in Tekken 4, Tekken 5 and Tekken 6, Xiaoyu is still portrayed as a high school student when by this age, she should have finished high school already; however, at this point she could be in her last year and close to finishing. She is the only Chinese character who is called by the given name as Lei Wulong, Feng Wei, Wang Jinrei and Lee Chaolan are referred to as Lei, Feng, Wang and Lee respectively.
Xiaoyu and Miharu's friendship does share a few similarities with May and April from Guilty Gear series. Marshall Law (???????? Masharu Rou) was introduced in the original Tekken, and he returned for all subsequent games, except Tekken 3 and the non-canonical Tekken Tag Tournament, where he was both replaced by his son, Forest Law, using the same fighting style. His fighting style is Jeet Kune Do, a "style" created by Bruce Lee, the martial artist whom Marshall Law is based on. Law's Player One outfit was changed from a yellow jumpsuit in the arcade version to a black and yellow tracksuit in the Playstation version. Marshall's yellow and black tracksuit is partially inspired by Bruce Lee's own worn in Game of Death.
This is the only game where Marshall Law's reason for entering the tournament is not for a financial reason. Marshall Law was a successful businessman-- he managed a newly established dojo and even owned a nationwide Chinese fast food chain called Marshall China. In his ending, a punk customer complains to Marshall about a dish at his restaurant, Marshall China, being too spicy. In Marshall's ending, the music that plays in the short round between Paul and himself is the City at Sunset theme. During the middle of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, it was discovered that Marshall Law was working illegally in Japan, and, as a result, he was immediately deported to his home country of the United States of America. In a distant house, Marshall was seen celebrating with Paul Phoenix and Steve Fox over their win in the tournament, which is obvious due to the many large money cases in the background. Unnoticed, Marshall sneaks out of the house, carrying all the money cases on his back, saying "Sorry, guys.
For the first time since Tekken 2, Marshall is cleanly shaved which lead many people to assume that he was Forest Law in early screenshots of the game.
Marshall's item move is wielding nunchaku, which unlike other item moves, can be used infinitely with no delay.
Marshall Law was previously known as the "Legendary Dragon" and now holds the title of "Fighting Chef." After his Chinese restaurant on the first floor of his dojo gained popularity, he opened a nationwide chain, only to file for bankruptcy a year later. He has special tag throw with Paul when he will perform Dragon's Fire, but he and Paul perform a double Phoenix Smasher. Marshall Law has been confirmed as a playable character in the crossover game Street Fighter X Tekken. Down and out, and lacking funds, Paul and Law watched a street broadcast about the mysterious box that crashed in the Antarctic. Law is featured in the free-to-play online game Tekken Revolution as one of the starting eight characters.

His character appearance, along with his son's, is based on legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee.
Every game has Marshall wearing, at least, one outfit based on various iconic outfits worn by Bruce Lee.
In the game Pacman World 2, Pacman uses an attack similar to Marshall Law's many somersault flip kicks. He has appeared in all but one canonical Tekken game, a feat shared with Anna, Kazuya, Lee and Lei. I don't care what you are exactly, but bringing weapons to a good-old-fashioned fight is not good! You may laugh when you challenge other dojos to a fight, but those who you beat are crying!
What does a man who's been fighting with his own son for the past decade know about my hardships!?
Take it from me kid, get too excited during a fight and you're bound to make a fatal mistake. Father of Forest Law, whose medical bills are currently his reasons for entering the fifth and sixth tournament. Friend of Paul Phoenix, whom he trained with along Lee Chaolan before the events of the original Tekken. Asuka's father • Baek's father • Bonner • Bryce Adams • Doctor Abel • Eddy's Master • Edgar Grant • Emma Kliesen • Enrique Ortega • Feng's Master • J Robots • Jackhammers • Jack-4 • Jane • Jeff Slater • John Doe • Kara • Lana Lei • Leo's father • Lukas Hayes • Miguel's sister • Mokujin Monster • Monstrous Ogre • Mr. Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike unless otherwise noted. Entering the Tournament is her first step in having the perfect amusement park built in China.
Heihachi was not on board but Mishima's men discovered her soon after the ship left port and Heihachi was informed immediately. Xiaoyu replied to the e-mail, but she did not receive any further messages from the anonymous individual.
Soon after, Miharu Hirano is shown visiting an executive's office, and the chair behind the desk swivels around to reveal Xiaoyu, who has taken over the Mishima Zaibatsu. She tells Miharu that she saw Jin after the tournament and that he told her if she has a dream that she wants to come true, she should make it happen herself.
In the previous tournament, Xiaoyu was saved from the evil plans of Heihachi by Yoshimitsu, who taught her the history of the Ling Xiaoyu in Tekken 5 Mishima family. Xiaoyu gets confused and after a while she frustratedly says "What do you mean "thank you"?
She travels back to the time when Heihachi Mishima was about to throw Kazuya off of a cliff, intending to avert this event that will rip the family apart. When the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 is announced, Ling Xiaoyu enters in the hope that she can save Jin’s soul from evil.
She catches up to Jin whom is in solitude and his school bag over his shoulder, as he continues and she is walking backwards having a conversation with him briefly. Anna Williams recruits her to spy on Shin Kamiya and she befriends Alisa, who, unknown to Xiaoyu, has been dispatched by the Mishima Zaibatsu. While Heihachi fights Devil Jin, Alisa sacrifices herself to distract Heihachi and Jin defeats him. Her official tag partner is Jin Kazama, with both serving as the mid-boss team for the Street Fighter characters. Her cards focus on frequent draw-power at the price of having overall weak stats, making her akin to a lightning bruiser or fragile speedster .
She receives an anonymous email warning her about the danger she is in, which was possibly be written by Jin. In recognition of her extraordinary power and courage (and also amused by her attitudes), Heihachi took her to Japan, where she started studying in the Mishima High School. She seems jealous of Nina for being sticked with Jin, thinking that Jin may have choose her instead of Xiaoyu in misunderstanding, as seen in non-canonical Online Tekken Comic. Jun intended to stop Kazuya from evil in Tekken 2 and Xiaoyu entered Tekken 6 tournament to stop Jin. We just have to skin you alive, then you tote a kid's toy lightsaber around, screaming inwardly. He works in a Chinatown restaurant in San Francisco while dreaming of opening his own martial arts school. Unfortunately, his students were attacked and severely injured by a villain who is participating in the next tournament.
Unfortunately, he lost a franchise war against a competitor and had to declare bankruptcy a year later.
In Tekken 6, when Asuka Kazama encounters Marshall during Scenario Campaign, she tells him that she wants to try this spicy dish, and he insists that it is not spicy at all. Marshall entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 to get back on his feet again, however, his restaurant failed and he also failed to win the tournament. Marshall walks out of it, lowers his head, sighs, and says, "Broke again." Someone on a bicycle is approaching Marshall.
With the deadline to pay for the damages of his son’s accident fast approaching, hopes of getting the money needed were slim. Unfortunately for both Paul and Steve, Marshall was holding a small bottle that had "Strong Laxatives" labeled on the front. When his son, Forest, got into a motorcycle accident, the medical bills and compensation forced him into debt, alongside Paul Phoenix[1].
Forest volunteers to have a go with the weapon but ends up accidentally tossing it out of the window. Later in the console version he was listed as "Marshall Law" due to the fact that his son, Forest, would also be present in the game's console version.
They believed if they were to go get their hands on that box, there would be companies lining up for the chance to bid on the contents. As with the rest of the cast, his appearance and moveset are carried over directly from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. From what is known he was the people's choice in the previous tournament and it is known in that tournament he knocked Paul out in 28 seconds. Her main goal throughout most of the series is to, through fighting in the tournaments, win so she can earn enough money to build her own amusement or theme park. Having learned that the Mishima Estate is rich and powerful she seeks out Heihachi (president and CEO) to make her dream a reality. Roaring with laughter, he promises to build the amusement park of her dreams if she wins the tournament.
However, when her daydream ends, Heihachi unveils the real theme park, which is a gloomy place he calls "Heihachi Land".
Miharu wonders what Xiaoyu is doing in the office, and when she replies that she's working, Miharu replies that she looks like she sits there and does nothing. Miharu lightly teases her, but recognizes a change in Xiaoyu, who used to depend on everybody else.

One day, Xiaoyu met a self-proclaimed genius who boasted he could invent a time machine if only he had the money. Hearing this, Xiaoyu began to believe that the root of all misfortune surrounding the Mishima's started with Heihachi's cruel upbringing of Kazuya.
Xiaoyu argues that if certain things didn't happen in past Heihachi wouldn't have died like this and she's going to turn time back, to which Jin says that things can't be reversed and Heihachi is dead. Unfortunately, Xiaoyu had lost control of the time machine and it barreled into Heihachi and Kazuya, sending Kazuya falling off of the cliff, while Heihachi is nearly sent over himself. Xiaoyu was going to try and stop Jin herself, but the Zaibatsu pushed towards militarization, making it difficult to approach Jin. She then continues on her way saluting Jin goodbye, but looks forward in a slightly worried state. Later, Akira and Pai from the Virtua Fighter universe appear and ask if Xiaoyu and Jin are okay. Xiaoyu and Alisa found out that Shin has the M-cell and they both along with Jin and Kazuya follow him to Kyoto Castle. Xiaoyu then explains how Jin was going to Shibuya and he said he was going to kill someone (referring to Kazuya), and then he disappeared.
After they've found it, Miharu brings up how they are becoming adults and will need to make difficult choices. She also lacks many parries, and although she can boost her damage output with certain cards, these cards are somewhat more tricky to activate. He even trained a security guard (Panda) to protect her in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3. Law decides to enter the tournament to avenge his students and to restore the reputation of his gym. Unable to cope with failure, Marshall fell into depression and spent his days at home in a drunken haze. A punk customer says, "Man, the food here sucks!" Another punk, who is at the same table, says, "We hafta pay for this?" Marshall hears them and walks over to them. Marshall did not have enough money to return to America and stayed in Japan as a dishwasher, a month later he had a call from his wife.
If the player wins, Paul gasps to be number 1 but Marshall offers him dim sum after he wins the tournament. Just then, his best friend Paul Phoenix approached him with the idea of forming a team—securing a high-ranking prize alone would certainly be difficult, but if he was part of a team, the probability of winning would be much higher. However, in subsequent games of the series, Xiaoyu more focused on Mishima family's issues, in particular on Jin Kazama. Xiaoyu casually asks her friend how she did in her college entrance exams, and Miharu confesses that she has flunked all of them.
Xiaoyu is wretched because of her failure, and the old scientist comes to her, laughing, and tells her that nobody can really change the past, remarking "The best you can hope for are minor improvements." This ending is also animated. Xiaoyu asks Jin who those guys are and Jin says they're the ones who get involved in things too easily, just like him. He tells Xiaoyu that he would be waiting for the day where she grew strong enough to defeat him and Xiaoyu happily watches him leave. She is not recommended for beginners, as balancing her decks can be tricky, but when mastered, she can be a very annoying adversary. Xiaoyu also warned by Jin about Heihachi's evil intentions via an anonymous e-mail she received in Tekken 4, and warned her about Heihachi and Mishima Zaibatsu in interlude with him in Tekken 5. This is witnessed in the English dub of Tekken: Blood Vengeance, where Ganryu pronounced her name as "Xiaoyu Ling" also in Chinese culture the family name is given first and the given name is given second. He is taking part in this tournament to open his own school with the prize money and at the same time to make himself world famous.
Marshall asks, "What did you just say?" The first punk replies, "You heard me, I said this food sucks! Marshall accepted Paul’s invite, but thinking a three-man team was better than a two-man team, the renowned boxer Steve Fox caught his attention. Xiaoyu points out the window and responds, "Help me build that." The camera reveals a massive theme park being built with Mishima Zaibatsu funding and resources. Xiaoyu gets terrified and asks Jin what those are, to which Jin says that they're demons that came after Jin.
When he finishes, Paul tries to perform a somersault kick, but he fails and lands on his stomach. You expect us to eat this stuff?!" Marshall asks, "What do you mean it sucks?!" The man answers, "This pepper beef is too damn spicy!!" Marshall uppercuts the punk into the air. With his son' accident and the money he needs to head home, Marshall decides to win and enter the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.
After Panda pushes off Xiaoyu, she wakes up, but is still half-asleep, asking, "Where am I?", not realizing right away that it was just a dream.
Xiaoyu realizes she came at the wrong time and Chun-Li says she shouldn't worry, she will protect her. Although both girls know that Miharu is referring to Jin Kazama, Xiaoyu tries to feign ignorance.
Paul and Steve eat the pizza, and they sat there telling Marshall how good it was, Until their faces turned pale blue. This is good!" The other punk (the one that said, "We hafta pay for this?") smashes a glass bottle on Marshall's head. By the time seeing Kazuya and Jin work together after joining the heroes like herself, Xiaoyu is amongst of other heroes who are worried that both Kazuya and Jin might ended up killing each other, and reminded the them, including Heihachi to get over their conflicts between each other to save the humanity from Ouma.
Unfortunately for Paul, Steve arrived first, leaving Paul shouting at him and holding it in.
The girls follow and jump in the air with Xiaoyu saying that no matter what happens, the future is what one makes it.
A newspaper with "The New York Flash" has "Marshall China Goes Out of Business" as a headline. Other things that can be read on the newspaper are, "Marshall China Loses in Court" and "The Factor of a Lost Case." A black and white photo of someone holding Marshall back is also on the newspaper. Then, the screen changes to make it appear as if the two are about to fight (there are health bars and a timer above them, they are in their fighting stances, and an announcer says, "Round 1.
Put more anger into it!" Marshall shouts loud and throws an uppercut as an example of what he wants the other men to do. Marshall performs an uppercut that knocks Paul into the air and completely depletes Paul's health bar.

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