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New Delhi: A girl and her male friend were allegedly assaulted by a group of men who hit the duo with beer bottles in Delhi’s Greater Kailash area on Monday night. Here is cute looking Taapsee in a best sensuous pose ever, looking like a village-belle with damn cute sex-appeal.
Taking eyes out of that slim waist thread around Taapsee‘s slender waist seems like an impossible thing to do.
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Hi aunty aur girl agar koi bhi mujhse chat karna chahti hai to mera facebook id virendra kumar hai. The girl said that after her friend dropped her home, she went after him to take her mobile phone, which she had forgotten in his car. And what grabs our immediate attention is not that shapely back in simple costumes, but something else. More than her cutely angered face and a pleasant view of her sloppy back, what fascinates one and all is that thread hugging around the sensuous area. They may have also like or have thought on this News and that will help us to improve our selves!. We don't like to send unsolicited email, and we know you don't like to receive unsolicited email. However, if you encounter any discrepancy in the information about this news, do write to us.
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CNN and the CNN logo are registered marks of Cable News Network, LP LLLP, displayed with permission. Please don't judge based on news articles, movie reviews etc provided in this site please let us know if you find any news is wrong. Youngsters are being intend to desi hot aunties and always searching beautiful desi girls and indian aunties mobile numbers on internet. According to the girl, the police tried to convince her to not pursue the case and file an FIR.
I have noticed some guys asking mobile numbers only for sex talk, they don’t want real friendship, but looking for time-pass aunties who call them and make fun talk like sexy jokes etc.
However, after CNN-News18 apprised the DCP and the Joint CP of the district, the Station House Officer (SHO) was directed to record the girl's statements and file an FIR.Speaking exclusively to CNN-News18, the girl recalled the night.
Young generation must know about their qualities, they can do every thing in positive ways to build up their self.
Why Do You Keep Staring at Me?Coming from a culture where we barely give a passing glance at most people surrounding us, it’s perhaps more than a bit of culture shock to arrive in a country where the general feeling is, EVERYONE IS STARING AT ME! In the hotel lobby, in restaurants, on the road, inside cars, buses and trains…AHHHH, stop staring at me. At home we would take this as an unspoken suggestion that maybe you should check your teeth for leftovers, or that pimple is ready to apply for a zip code. Hypocrisy Between Religion and LifeHinduism and Islam are the most common religions in India. I once had a conversation with a tour guide about Hinduism, specifically his beliefs and how they applied to his life. We spent far too long talking about the ideals of Hinduism and as I questioned him further it was clear there were cracks in his theories.
Topics about helping others in need and concern for one another are the basics of good moral consciousness. He was focused on earning enough to take care of his family.Talk of sex in India is commonly avoided.

It’s no secret there is an entirely different reality surrounding sex in India behind closed doors.
Affairs, a growing number of un-closeted gays and a rising divorce rate are just some of the hypocrisies between religion and life in India.4. From cops shaking down drivers for minor infractions to merchants watering down product or skimming small amounts from a package after it’s been weighed, some days one wonders how the country progresses. Instead of simply driving past or looking for a quick detour as we would outside of India, locals find this a challenge to conquer.
They simply must pull over, get out and add their two cents into what has become an argument of strangers. For no rational reason this growing cluster of people debate the reason for the accident, who is to blame, why they should blame them while inevitably moving to a debate about politics.5.
No Sense of Pride for Historical LandmarksTravel guide books of India give wonderfully written descriptions of famous monuments, museums, historical landmarks to see. What they often forget to include is the rampant graffiti scrawled across walls, or etched into stone. That guy just cut in front of…And so goes the experience where queues are involved in India. While standing at a ticket window after waiting in queue for ten minutes at a railway station, you’ll be pushed from all directions by arms holding wads of money while shouts erupt behind you.
Movie theaters, museums, festivals; Anywhere a crowd gathers you can expect to be pushed to the end of the line unless you quickly adapt.
Trusts for tiger preservation, prevention of cruelty to elephants and a modest group of other NGO’s are gaining traction within the country. Elephants are pulled from their mothers at an early age only to be beaten, starved, and drugged into submission for later use at temples and popular tourist sites. Perilous reports of continued poaching of endangered species continues with seemingly no triumphant end. Urbanization to house an overpopulated country pushes monkeys, birds, reptiles and countless other species further and further away from their natural habitats.To point a finger only at India would be unfair. The education of how to interact humanely with the animals, how to curb the excessive growth patterns, how to safeguard future existence, is grossing lacking.9. No Sense of Individual PropertyThe need to visit the toilet hit while I was typing away on my laptop. So when I reach for my special soap, only find it covered in long black hairs not belonging to me, it’s clear another of my traveling friends has helped himself to it. Is that my towel, wet and crumpled in the corner?I love to walk whenever I can stretch my legs after too many hours bumping between various cities in India. Returning back to my hotel room generally finds one of my friends rummaging through my bags. Becoming accustomed to the lack of requesting approval before using your personal property takes a bit of time.
What you gain is a rearranging of priorities along with the understanding that Indians would share any of their possessions with you in kind.10. Curious or Making Fun?The laughter, finger pointing, glances back and forth between friends…is it Indian curiosity or a form of taunting we don’t understand as foreign tourists? Is there a way to really know?For some people it’s a shy way of gaining your attention. While exploring a historical tourist spot in Tamil Nadu, I came across a group of young teenagers. It was clear he was ensuring I was void of understand their language before digging in further to whatever course of conversation they were enjoying.Examples of this occur regardless of location in India. I grew up in India and moved here when I was six years old, I made frequent trips back spending 2-3 months in the summer during my school years.
I’m sorry about the language but I felt it appropriate as that is a very rude generalization.
Hell, we are always known as the IT peeps, because education is incredibly valued in Indian society. My father’s side of the family were ALL farmers until my dad got an education and went into IT. And it goes both ways too, women usually win in domestic violence cases even if they might be the abuser. Yep, the Indain media has succeeded in making India look like a shithole and the western world a utopia.
But from the website, I gathered that he really likes India and has a right to criticize it as well.
Ive never in my life been racist as im dark myself my mother is white grand father is english irish my fathers side are kiwis. And i live in autralia and have been for 13years and im noticing alot of Indians are very rude i worked with 5 of them 2 were our boss and man worse combination ever they are egotistical gotta be right never EVER wrong sort of people. Its called generalising honey, yes while its true that because India has such a huge population everything you say about India holds true for a certain population but here we are talking about the general population. So many times you read about the female child being dumped in the garbage bin and left for dead or the wife being rejected by the family because she didnt have a male. Just because you were the prized posession (you were the first girl in your family in 3 generations.
Now you know why they didnt mind having you…cause there were enough boys to work and support the family…as if females are not able to do that) Tell me if i am wrong?

Try feeding and taking care of your wife, son, daughter, father mother with that, oh not forgetting yourself as well.
All the best.“There is a religious holiday every two weeks.” Because we give days off for a lot of religions and who would complain about that? Ummm maybe if you were running a business and you had to give employees holidays left right and centre, you would complain. Maybe if on these festivals people like to celebrate on the roadside blocking traffic and causing noise and sound pollution i.e. They will ask me to take 100 detours and then ask me to park my car outside and walk until i tell them i have a grandmother who is sick in hospital (Hospital is right next door to my house) and then after an hour of not budging he will let me go through.
I have myself spoken to and have 2 female colleagues who are going through shit because of their parents not approving of the boy because its not of their choice.
You may be happy or whatever but do you just want to ignore the thousands of women suffering because they have no or very little say in who their future husband life partner with who they are going to be spending the rest of their lives with? Its the same thing that happens where a person will go to a temple and pray very devoutly and then come out and spit and throw garbage all on the road. Or as you can see in India, defecating and pissing in public is acceptable but dare you kiss in public.
Of and by the way the fact that there are so many beggars just goes against your point of education is so highly valued. If we accept our criticisms wholeheartedly, without justifying them, then and only then can there be progress, and lord knows India has a long way to progress.. People are warned before visiting India, not to drink the water, eat only hot foods, take a diarrhoea pill, take vaccines and shots to avoid desieses….Are you proud of these facts?
There are however a huge number of people that have never visited our country and have some huge misconceptions about it. These are the strangest things foreigners have said out loud that really make no sense, things that can only be cleared if they were to visit our beautiful country. India is NOT described by Slumdog Millionaire.Slumdog Millionaire, the Oscar nominee, showed a part of India that needed serious attention and aid.
Although the movie was beautiful, it however also brought about a huge misconception around the world regarding the way of life in India. Although we don’t deny there are such cases, but most arranged marriages in India proceed only once both the bride and groom agree to it.
Yes we have many curries that can be super hot but we also have the same number of different foods and curries that will totally sooth you, and no, they won’t make you chug a bucket full of water. Yes there are a lot of places that are in need of some serious reconstruction but we really aren’t bad at all. We have the 2nd best airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport (25-40 million passengers per annum category) , in the world, the largest cloverleaf flyover, Kathipara Junction, in Asia and the 2nd largest concrete gravity dam, Sardar Sarovar Dam , in the world among many other world class examples.
All Indian food is NOT curry based.TIKKAS!?If this is what they have been thinking, then they are missing out on the most amazing food India has to offer (apart from the curries, obviously.
We love our curries.) The northern and southern foods are different, the food in the east and west is different.
Do you speak Indian?Bhai, kehna kya chahte ho?This is like the most foolish thing we have ever heard. Common sense, what?Even though a whole lot of us converse in Hindi, there is no one national language of our Country. With 29 states, and 7 union territories the languages go over 700 in number, but there are 122 that are mostly used and 23 out of those are the national languages of our country.
Indians Are NOT Poor.How many times do we need to put our best examples out there to conquer the world until they understand we CAN beat their asses? We don’t deny, poverty is a very real issue in our country and needs to be dealt with, but to generalize poverty on the whole country is just plain stupid.
But this deserves a statistical slap- The literacy rate of India stands at 74.04% in 2011 from 12% after the end of british rule in 1947. Everything is NOT filthy.Yes, there are cities that really need to be cleaned, and yes we might be ignoring them. Cities like Chandigarh and Mysore are the cleanest cities of India and you need to see them to believe. India is NOT terribly hot.There are places in India that are very hot, no arguments there, but to generalize it over the whole country again is just stupid. India, because of it’s size, lies in different temperature zones and the climate therefore varies from place to place. I always notice one thing that white people are hypocritical, In hollywood movies we always see hypocritical things like they are great people, they save world from alien and they are superpower, spider man, super man ?? ?? 2. White people think that they are clever and well manner people in world and other are fool. White people interested in Iraq problem, Siriya problem, Afghanistan problem like they are superior from others but their intention is not good actually they want oil. But there are lot of good things that happen here.I love my country, and tried to help the people in it whenever i can. But in a country where your dont get any social security or not sure you would get a job even if you have a masters degree.

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