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On April 14, 234 school girls between the ages of 16 and 18 were abducted from the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok in Northern Nigeria by the Islamist armed group Boko Haram. Boko Haram, which is opposed to any form of western education, has waged a brutal insurgency destabilizing different states in the northern part of the country at various points since 2009 with bombs, attacks on schools and the killings of thousands of individuals. On Thursday, the mothers and other family members of the kidnapped girls marched on the nation’s capital Abuja demanding action.
The girls must be released and the rights of all children of Nigeria to safely pursue an education, free from violence must be protected along with rights of all of the people living within the country.
In this terrible moment, we would like to tell the families of the 234 girls that our thoughts are with them and their daughters and sisters and that we will continue our work in support of protecting human rights in Nigeria. Take action now: Nigerian authorities need to know that the world stands with the girls’ families in demanding their immediate release. Click here to learn more about violence against women and Amnesty’s work to end gender-based violence globally. This entry was posted in Africa, Children's Rights, International Justice, Military, Police and Arms, Women's Rights and tagged abuses by armed groups, Africa, Children's Rights, economic social and cultural rights, international justice, Military Police and Arms, nigeria, the right to education, Violence against Women, women's human rights defenders, women's rights by Adotei Akwei.
How is this possible that a governing body does nothing to protect its innocent trusting citizens. There is so much struggle for girls to have a right to education in many countries like this. Governments only seem concerned when bombs explode – but is not the impact of the abduction of 270+ girls not like a bomb going off in the lives their families and communities.?Is not the pain of abduction, of violence and of rape not like a bomb exploding in their lives and in their bodies?
Since the government of Nigeria, is doing nothing, why not open our homes in the United States to girls so at least they are safe from these terrorists.
This is government's duty to protect all its citizens, no matter if they are men or women.
Can we not start a world-wide upheaval, some sort of movement to pressure Nigeria or the United Nations to find them and release them? If millions of people world-wide would demonstrate and let their desires be known to free the girls at all costs, it seems the UN or the government of Nigeria, and, hopefully, both, would bear down hard until they were brought forth and released. Bigg Boss is the most popular television reality show that airs on Colors channel in India. Former Governor of Kogi state and an APC chieftain, Alhaji Abubakar Audu has married a new wife. The Buhari Campaign has been rocked with numerous scandals some including his own academic credentials and hush hush money reported to have come into APC from Saudi Arabia. SALMAN KHAN’s co-star in TUBELIGHT finally shares her candid feeling about the actor! Not only is the evidence for gynosympathy clear (if painstaking to extract from under the layers of skewed interpretation that itself tends to be biased by gynosympathy and Feminist propaganda) but for the layperson there are several video experiments in public domestic violence (check here and here) that illustrate vividly the disparity in human reactions to male and female misbehavior and suffering. A word was needed for this bias, particularly considering its role in enabling Feminist supremacism and hate speech against men. Now, as popular focus on the anti-Feminist movement grows, we feel another term is necessary to distinguish genuine opposition to Feminism on principle and the sadly real minority who take on the mantle of anti-Feminism to disguise their own selfish biases. We’ve been focusing more on the Facebook page lately, and really need to update the website with some recent developments. When you start to compare Feminist myths to the facts, however, the movement’s rape narrative is revealed as not really being about rape at all. From the presence of the second response, would you assume that the first response was wrong?
Yet, this is how our Feminist-dominated culture reacts to the regrettable presence of misogynist assholes aligning themselves with anti-Feminism. We applaud Time magazine for finally doing what few big media entities would do: allowing a voice to confront the massive, hate-driven lies at the core of the Feminist worldview.
What makes them more than mere myths is that they are Dolchstoss myths, myths of massive betrayal and wrongdoing intended to establish a justification for official retributive action against an entire class of human beings.

Researchers are now claiming that hurricanes named for women are far more deadly than hurricanes named for men, because people expect the feminine storms to be less dangerous and thus fail to take precautions.
While recognizing that a clear gender bias was present, the researchers and media commentators failed to recognize the nature of the bias: people take violence (and, in fact, all violations of social norms) from women less seriously than the same behavior from men.
Gynosympathy is why the judicial system’s bias in sentencing for men and women who commit the same crimes dwarfs the well-known sentencing disparity between whites and non-whites.
In fact, gynosympathy explains why brazen pseudoscience, hate speech, and supremacist politics from Feminists, spread under the guise of women’s advocacy, is so widely tolerated when similar behavior from any other group promoting bogus grievances and supremacist politics would be nearly universally condemned. For a striking visual example of gynosympathy in action, watch this video that shows drastically different reactions to male-on-female aggression and female-on-male aggression. Disturbing gender supremacism has rarely been more evident than in reaction to the killings carried out by Elliot Rodger, a kid who hated all women, hated all men, fantasized in turn about killing both sexes, and eventually went on a murderous rampage, ending the lives of twice as many males as females.
How many males would have to die before Feminists would feel ashamed to brush their corpses under the rug in order to make their damselizing talking points seem reasonable? Feminism is a bigoted, supremacist hate movement disguised as an egalitarian civil rights movement. Share on Facebook, upload to your Twitter and Tumblr, spread the word about the disturbing way Feminist-driven Western media and politics is stepping over the mutilated and charred corpses of dead Nigerian boys to construct a counterfactual narrative about female victimization. Amnesty estimates that 2,300 people have died as a result of the armed conflict since 2010, with 1,500 being killed between January and March of 2014 alone. Comments are not pre-screened before they post but AIUSA reserves the right to remove any comments violating our guidelines.
These girls were taken by forces under control by the same forces that control the government. This is a terrorist act by a terrorist, Islamist group, and should be treated as such by the international community. Something must be done to stop the terrible things done to girls and women in some African countries.
Even those who were forced into marriage should be accepted back and loved into the fold, along with any children they might unwillingly bear as a result of this horrible crime. A well shot period drama with brilliant performances from the entire star cast, soothing music and strong script.
An intelligence officers in Abuja have hinted that the APC is functioning like a train with no brakes and appears to be the political wing of the Nigerian Islamic sect Boko Haram. Please share the memes below exposing the massive, hate-driven lies that Feminists deploy to drive their Dolchstoss narrative against men. It’s central to their grievance narrative against men, and the idea that society condones the rape of women by men is core to their demands for changes in policies in government and higher education. After all, genuine equality between men and women has to be based in the reality of men and women’s lives.
When Feminists try to fool people into thinking that women make less money than they really do, own less property than they do, and work far longer hours than they do, it is to build a case against the men who are to blame for these imaginary or exaggerated wrongs. Nor is it the fact that these myths gloss over comparable threats (for example, of domestic violence or rape) that men face from women. The science seems fairly straightforward—the researchers relied not only on data from real hurricanes but also test subjects’ responses to the names of hypothetical hurricanes—but we are more interested in the interpretation than the methodology. For example, men who commit capital crimes are 20 times more likely to get the death penalty than women who commit the same crimes.
The gynosympathetic reaction of the people in that video, anger at male abusers and amusement at female abusers, explains why Feminists can so successfully pinkwash domestic violence as an almost wholly male-on-female problem despite that research shows that women are in fact the majority of abusers. It’s a bias innate in the human mind, exploited and reinforced by Feminism, that endangers lives and props up a supremacist legal regime.
The First Lady and all those joining her in this sickeningly one-sided campaign ought to be ashamed that they’re trying to make their macabre sexist bias look like high-minded concern for the victims of extremist violence. This is so sad thoughts and prayers be with them but don't believe everything you read.

You are allowing the future of your country to be seriously jeopardized, how dare you not do anything. As a mother my heart bleeds for all their parents and for the beautiful girls so cruelly taken.
If it was the president's daughter, wife or relative, do you really believe we would be having this discussion? I've been to Africa, thankfully to countries which do not treat people this way, but I know how the situation is in many other places.
Girls need to be educated, they could become doctors, to cure illnesses, they could become teachers, to educate the further generations.
It's been two months since they were abducted, and the longer they are out, the chances of retrieving them are less and less.
I'd like to see them resettled in the United States or another decent country where they can be protected, educated, and given a chance at a future. Apply various filters for ratings, number of ratings, date of release & box office collection. Alhaji Abubakar Audu who also moonlights as a chartered member and opinion leader of the Nigerian main opposition party the APC has plunged the Buhari campaign into another journey of many dangers leaving many political commentators seeking to know if this is the change APC is talking about?
Governor Alhaji Abubakar’s wedding to a 14 year old is symbolic as it reminds us of the Boko Haram decision to marry the Chibok girls to older men within their ranks.
When Feminists try to deceive people into believing men rape women far more often than they actually do, that women are battered by men 60 times more often than they are,  that women are sold by men into sexual slavery a thousand times more often than they really are, Feminists are doing something very different from seeking justice and equality.
Gynosympathy is also why the racial bias in sentencing is well-known while the much larger gender bias goes almost completely unaddressed and creates a false sense of male villainy that feeds Feminist propaganda. To recast a deranged misanthropist like Rodger as a misogynist is to say that half of his hatred and two-thirds of his murder doesn’t matter.
Find them, bring them home and then, do what needs to be done to punish the perpretarors but more importantly, educate them and their people that this is not right. I hope there are some militant parents out there that go after their girls, AND ARE VICTORIOUS because this is ridiculous!!! If Amnesty international is sincere, they are support the Nigerian Government to rescue them. Put additional filters for genre, industry and celebrity to discover movies to watch according to your mood. Where was their selfie campaign when Boko Haram was sending girls home safe while they butchered and burned their male classmates?
By the way in the past AI condemn the Nigerian security forces of human right violation anytime the use maximum force against the terrorists. Please act to return these girls home and provide support to their families and indeed to the girls themselves when they are returned as they will be deeply traumatised. The government will be dragging its feet because they really don't want to offend northerners of which Boko Haram are a part.
International media is what is making them look like fools now, so now they will do something, but if not for that, the government will just fold its arms and look the other way like it does on so many other matters. I'm still wondering why they are yet to provide satellite images on the location of this girls. We in America also care about those unborn children who are ripped from wombs and killed every day.

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