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Among the pages of my life, the one page I like to read again and again and forever is you my dear! Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years are not enough to think about you honey!
Anything may be difficult for me but making you smile all along your life is so easy for me!
There is no day without night, no river without flow, no clock without hands, no mind without thinking, that mind is all you and only you!
If you are a flower, I want to be the color in it; if you are a sea, I want to be the waves in it; if you are a God, I want to be the creation of you!
I can feel your love in your eyes, I can feel your romance in your kiss, I can feel you in myself! I am ready to give my whole life for your single hug and kiss; there is nothing to be compared to it! Seeing your face amidst the candle lights, even angels can’t stand before you my sweetie! You taught me the meaning of love, brought me the sweetness of love, showed me the greatness of love! My mind is fully occupied with your thoughts, it is hard for me to find a single about myself, never mind you and I are same!
Before I met my days were simple and as dumb as a white sheet, after I met you in my life all my days became so cheerful and my life is like a beautiful poem! You are there in my every dream, you are there in my every thought, and you are there in my every breath! The best day of my life is the day when I met you, the best love I have seen in my life is your love on me, and the best person in my whole life is YOU!
I look into your eyes, I hold into your hands, I get into your heart, I love you so much honey! My hands are longing to hug you, my cheeks are thriving for your touch, and my lips are waiting for kisses!

The most memorable day in my whole life, the day when I heard you whispering into my ears, those 3 sweet little words – I LOVE YOU!
I feel your warmth with your hugs, I feel your romance with your kisses, I feel your love with your presence and I feel my life with your life!
Stepping my feet on your feet, hugging you around your shoulders, looking deep into your eyes, kissing our lips…want to feel you fully with your kisses! You can also send these love SMS messages for husband and love greetings as love SMS messages for husband, love email wordings and love text messages for husband.
I would like to return the sweet favor by letting you know how much you are appreciated and loved.
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Imagenes tiernas de osito de peluche con mensaje was last modified: septiembre 25th, 2014 by F. Tarjetas online virtuales gratisDescargar imagenes de amor gratis para telefonos celulares con frases bonitas para compartir en las redes sociales mas populares como Twitter, Google+ o Facebook. Frases bonitas de amor para encontrar pareja en internet con imagenes romanticas para enviar gratis por whatsapp o como mensaje de texto desde tu movil, a una persona importante en tu vida. Apologizing to your lover is the way to give respect to your relation and to confess that your relation is more important than your ego. If you have done something wrong and are confused that from where to start, here is an awesome collection of apologize quotes for lover. Hello there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and found that it is really informative. You have reached the right place, on this section you can find cute, sweet, romantic love notes.

Sitting in the beach, resting your head on my shoulder, your eyes were closed, hands held together, the wonderful moments in my whole life! Make him feel that he’s still loved by expressing your devotion and care with simple gift and an expression of love. But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked. Dedica de forma especial este pensamiento corto de amor con imagen bonita de un osito de peluche tierno y enamorado en el muro de tu Facebook.
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These husband love messages contain romantic love wordings that will surely melt his heart. Envia tambien desde el celular por mensaje de whatsapp esta imagen de amor romantica con frase bonita que refleja tus sinceros sentimientos. We are here to help you in composing love notes for him, just read through all the below notes and find the best one, send it to your boyfriend.
It requires courage to say sorry for your mistake but if once said it brings wonders in your sweet relationship.Apologizing opens the door of communication and you are again reconnected to the one whom you hurt. Below you can find some beautiful love notes for her use it and make your girlfriend fly in the sky with your love. You can also buy a small gift or romantic card and use these love messages to your husband as love card messages and wordings.

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