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Quotes about success - Our region's economy was built upon their entrepreneurial spirit, and..
Baruch Spinoza picture quotes - All happiness or unhappiness solely depends upon the quality.. I believe it should be different for each individual depending on their values and what is most important to them. However, more often than not, we are striving for someone else’s definition of success, not our own.
However, here is the problem with that – you are living someone elses idea of a successful life based on their values and what they believe is most important, not your’s. But if I was so damn successful, why was I so damn miserable, unfulfilled and not enjoying life? If it isn’t one you have carved out for yourself based on your values and what is most important to you, you are living someone else’s life.
Create your own definition of success based on your values and the life you really want to live.
Next, think about what you want the important people in your life to stand up and say about you e.g. Take what comes up from all those things and build this into your definition of success for all areas of your life. Start looking for steps you can take to start creating change and to design the life you really want. Get email updates and a FREE 8 step guide to create change successfully in your life and work. The only way to be truly successful is to, as you say, work by your own definition of success. My definition of success is simply:- to help people and to be constantly adding value into others lives.

Without having a definition of success, we are completely unable to work towards the future we really deserve. What an apt thing to read the day I publish my book…for so long the only definition of success I considered was my mothers! What’s important to me is to do the good works that God prepared in advance for me to do, and to seek His guidance, as I go.
Hi Barbara, I think that is a very common thing – that as our life evolves our experiences, life learning and wisdom inform what becomes most important to us.
Every day we’re presented with a number of leadership resources to learn from and apply to our own careers.
Always keep in mind the things you’ve overcome to get to the point you are now in your career. See how State General Agent Eric Giglione motivates expert leaders to not let anything get in their way of accomplishing goals for themselves and their teammates!
I was paid well, had a nice car, fancy holidays, could buy what I wanted – I was successful! Everyone told me I had done well for myself (I hate that phrase!). To have all those things other people judged as successful I had to sell my soul, compromise on my values (huge mistake!) and sacrifice how I really wanted life to be. I left the corporate world to design life and work on my own terms based on my values, my own definition of success and what was most important to me and my husband. Once you start this you will never go back because you will be on the path to creating a fulfilling and meaningful life on your terms, not someone else’s.
As someone who works with over 10,000 young people every year, showing them how to be success this is a subject view dear to my heart. A lot of the ideas regarding success is never actually something we think about consciously but actually are things that seep in to our subconscious from the world around us.
In my line of work I meet with this far too often, and I can also relate to your 'corporate success' very much!

I am so much happier now in my chosen career that I made up in my own business than I ever was as a traditional business executive success.
The key is to not let that be a factor in not donig waht is right for yourself and your values. My definition of success has definitely evolved over the years but as I get older it changes less as I am clear on my core values and orientate all areas of life around those. Whether it’s an inspirational quote like the one above, or an empowering message from CEO Roger Smith, take the message and share it with your Agencies!
Each member of the team plays a role in enhancing productivity, making sales, and recruiting others to experience the Opportunity Unlimited. In order to be seen as successful we focus on what is widely accepted as conventional and traditional definitions of success and strive for that.
It can mean sacrificing what is most important to you in order to be classed as successful by other people. Since then my life and work has transformed into something far more meaningful and fulfilling. Define your own idea of success and you'll be playing a much more enjoyable game in life.
My former work life financial success did however make it possible to start my own business. I give you a lot of credit for giving up a great corporate job to go after what YOU wanted!
While things won’t always be butterflies and rainbows, your career will be more fulfilling and successful if you stay strong to what you believe and remember why it is you’ve built your career with American Income Life.

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