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There are various ways of keeping human consciousness encased and framed, stopping it from being able to expand and develop. It is well understood what items are going to be needed in the event of an economical crisis.
Cellular Biologist Bruce Lipton believes that humans can control their genes by changing their environment. With evidence growing that training the mind or inducing certain modes of consciousness can have positive health effects, researchers have sought to understand how these practices physically affect the body. Last updated on March 15, 2014 at 12:00 am EDT by in5d Alternative News * Visit in5D Connection where you can find your soul mate or join one of our amazing groups. Do you find yourself making unfavorable comparisons between your physical appearance and that of a Keira Knightly or Brad Pitt? Do you despair about driving an ordinary car while your neighbor maneuvers his shiny Mercedes Benz? Help yourself heal and prolong your life by boosting your mind's energy and reprogramming your subconscious. If we think we'll fail our exam, we'll never be promoted, or our relationship will not work out, then this is most likely what will happen.
With the realization of your own potential and confidence in your own ability, it will never be impossible for you to get whatever you desire.
Learning to control the subconscious mind is necessary for you to know how to reprogram it.
We are all made for a purpose, yet many fail to recognize that truth because their minds are filled with negative thoughts and their hearts are filled with negative feelings. Fortunately, a report entitled Subconscious Programming for Maximum Results has been created to help you achieve anything that your mind can conceive, and allow you to enjoy lifetime benefits. If you find that this report is not helpful in changing your perception of life and in achieving maximum success, do not hesitate to e-mail or call us and we'll give you your money back in full. If you want to change your life and experience the fullness of life, you must change your programming. Think of it as being hypnotized and told to act a certain way that is contrary to the way you acted before.
Your goal is to allow those upbuilding thoughts to enter into your subconscious mind and let them resonate in there and vibrate to and become a match with the vibrating universe.
When you first replace your old beliefs with new beliefs, you will have to monitor your thoughts and what you read on a daily basis so you donA’t accidentally remove what you just replaced.
After a while, you will get into the practice of reading and absorbing only what you need to build yourself up and to work in harmony with your new beliefs. Also remember, you must make sure all the thoughts you take in are vibrating to your inner core beliefs. What you may not realize is that every thought you have that the subconscious processes, things you do or get involved in, that are even unconscious, these things have an effect on what is stored in your subconscious mind. This is why it is imperative that you focus on just what it is you desire and not what you donA’t want. An example of a goal or desire you may have is to gain freedom by obtaining a lot of money.
When you take it upon yourself to attract what you want in life, you must first meditate and visualize whatever it is you want as being there in front of you. At the time you become fully conscious of and control what you create with your thoughts, and become aware of the power of your subconscious mind to attract what you want, you have mastered your life and will begin to live life the way you were meant to live it, with peace, fulfillment, abundance, and of course, happiness.
If you really are serious about changing your life to make it better, you really have to take steps to change your beliefs. Thata€™s right, Ia€™m talking about the super-human abilities that can be gained by those who follow the protocol for whata€™s known as sun-gazing, a valid practice recently confirmed by NASA.
This article is probably the most important piece I have written to date, and in order to convey the full message, a bit of back-story is necessary.
Usually these items include ammunition, food, medical supplies, clothing, and shelter but what happens in case of a 'bug out' situation or when these prepared items run low or completely out? But you may not have considered that in many very real ways, your thoughts create your brain, too.

It was the name for a previously classified research program through the CIAa€™s scientific intelligence division. New age gurus, spiritualists and visionaries talk about the power of thoughts and how it manifests into reality. A new study by researchers in Wisconsin, Spain, and France reports the first evidence of specific molecular changes in the body following a period of intensive mindfulness practice.
An insidious affliction that is at this very moment sapping your energy and depriving you of the motivation that you need to succeed in your life.
It's a set of beliefs that have been programmed into your subconscious mind, most likely since childhood. Yes, you can reprogram your subconscious mind so that it will help you to be positive and get what you want in life instead of sabotaging all of your efforts. In addition to interfering with our immune system, it can also have a devastating effect on every aspect of our lives: our relationships with others, our career, and our capacity to grow and succeed as an individual.
It is only then that you will be able to achieve true personal development and reach the empowerment that only your mind can give you. This causes their belief system to become deteriorated, thus making them bitter in life and in the way they perceive the world.
All you have to do is know what subconscious programming is all about, and how it can help you reach your stars and be in tune with the universe. To change your programming you must control your subconscious mind so you can alter your old limiting beliefs. It simply takes your effort to control what you think or what thoughts you take into your conscious mind. If everything is in harmony, your new thoughts will be your new beliefs and these beliefs will work for you and not against you.
You will only take in what you need to support your new beliefs; this way you wonA’t be working against your new purpose. If these new beliefs are in harmony and vibrate to the same frequency as the thoughts you are inputting into your conscious mind, along with the right emotions, and these thoughts go out to the universe, which is also vibrating to the same frequency, you will obtain exactly what it is you thought or wished for.
Stuff like watching the news on TV, or reading the newspaper, or watching violent TV shows, or anything else that is negative, all have a role in what goes into your subconscious mind.
This means you must make sure your subconscious programming is right and works in your favor and not against you. You focus on just what you need to do to gain all this money, not how you will find a lack of money from trying to get rich.
Many proponents of this ancient technique, used by many cultures such as Mayan, Egyptian, Aztec, Tibetian and Indian yoga, report not only healing benefits to common illnesses, but obtaining super-human abilities such as advanced telepathy and going completely without the need for food. Hang in there with me, and by the end you will understand why I will never call myself a a€?lightworkera€? again.
Instead, it is crucial to understand what may be needed under every circumstance during an event such as an economical crisis. It was the CIAa€™s program of research in behavioral modification on human beings thata€™s now declassified.
The study investigated the effects of a day of intensive mindfulness practice in a group of experienced meditators, compared to a group of untrained control subjects who engaged in quiet non-meditative activities. To do this you have to take certain steps or follow certain procedures that will guarantee you success if done correctly. The way to do this would be to take in or absorb new data, data that is conducive to what you need it to be. YouA’ll be able to accomplish more in your life now and in your future, when everything within you works together in harmony and is in perfect alignment with the universe. But those old beliefs will be replaced with new beliefs if you pick the right beliefs and meditate so as to have those beliefs go into your subconscious mind immediately. But if you are aware of this, you can take immediate steps to correct it by not allowing all this negative information to enter your subconscious mind.
You must learn to accept whatever thoughts or emotions you may be thinking or experiencing.
The fact that the geometric shape of a cube is an association for the repression of critical thinking, makes lots of sense.

Planet Earth and much of our corner of the universe has been under a spell for a very long time, a spell which casts doubt within our minds about whether or not we are connected with the Infinite Source of all creation.
Some unspoken items that are never mentioned that will be needed include books, alcohol, seeds, tools, and anything else that can create bartering power. The United States government even issued a national apology for the program while Bill Clinton was in office. Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief, advocates the idea that we have significant control over our biology, and with our intentions and beliefs we can a€?reprograma€™ or a€?controla€™ our genes and our lives. After eight hours of mindfulness practice, the meditators showed a range of genetic and molecular differences, including altered levels of gene-regulating machinery and reduced levels of pro-inflammatory genes, which in turn correlated with faster physical recovery from a stressful situation. Then the thought is passed to the subconscious mind for processing, and to establish and store a belief.
The data you take in and enter into your conscious mind has to be a new belief that will work in harmony with the universe and vibrate accordingly. If you read something that has encouraging information or upbuilding data that can help you achieve greatness in your life, obviously this is the data you want to read. You position yourself in a relaxed atmosphere and slowly take in the data you need, for example, through meditation. After you have initially put in your request to the universe, donA’t worry about what your present situation is. There are tools available you can use that will help make it easier to obtain these goals but you must practice them everyday. Sun gazing (also known as sun-eating) is a strict practice of gradually introducing sunlight into your eyes at the lowest ultraviolet-index times of day a€“ sunrise and sunset. The spell causes us to feel alone, vulnerable and isolated a€“ cast out from the Heavenly Realms into a cruel, dog-eat-dog world.
Since this is the case, you have the option as to what thoughts go into your conscious and pass through your subconscious. Whatever you read, it must not be what you formerly read, or else you are defeating the purpose of reprogramming. This will help shut down your conscious mind temporarily and allow your subconscious mind to awaken to be receptive to the information you are about to input into your brain. You are emphasizing the word broke here and that will go out to the universe and the universe will see you are vibrating the word broke.
In the next chapter you will learn about the various tools available to help you to reprogram your subconscious mind so you can get rid of those old beliefs and replace them with new beliefs that will help you achieve what you are trying to shoot for. This spell is pure fiction, a deception of the highest order, but it has taken hold deeply on this and other worlds.
The data has to be a new source that is in harmony with what you wish to accomplish in your life. So be careful as to what you think about, for you may just end up getting what you donA’t want. By doing this, all these sensations will go into your subconscious mind and will process your request.
An example would be a book on The Law of Attraction, or a book on meditation, or perhaps a book on how to get what you want in life.
It has to be something that is upbuilding and will help you to progress forward to the point where you get what you set out for. Instead, say something like, A“I want $100,000 within six months.A” This way you arenA’t talking about being broke. Your subconscious will contact the universe through vibration and when it connects to that same vibrating source, there will be a match. At that time your subconscious mind will be in alignment with the universe and the universe will respond in kind.

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