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What is a Stylelife Girl?Have you ever been curious about what women find interesting, exciting or romantic? Stylelife seeks out a high caliber, attractive, intelligent, and articulate woman to discuss what they think about attraction, dating, sex, and love. This time around, we dispatched Stylelife bootcamp coach JCruz to chat with Alex, a Southern California native, comedy and improv aficionado, and health and diet expert and speaker. They covered a wide range of topics including her three must-have qualities in a man, the three absolute deal-breaking qualities, comedy films, and making positive diet improvements.
I particularly would love to see this tested out because I have seen a lot of talk on the Palm Reading Skills of fellow PUAs and Social Artists.  So, give this routine a shot and post up what you think about it by Monday, February 15th to see if it gets the Pick Up Labs Stamp of Approval.
I’ve been intrigued by palm reading ever since back in the days of Toecutter on mASF. My only comment is that in my formal palmreading training, the line identified as the Fate Line was taught to me as an indicator of homosexual tendancies. Silver tongue, I really wanted to give a lot more detail, but also wanted to keep the mission as concise as possible so people got the basic points of Palm Reading but didnt get lost in the material.
I have actually google searched palm reading videos, and the funny thing is, a guy purposely misreads palms to see if people agree.

The last few years marked a string of pick up icons leaving the game, Nick Kho of RSD getting married, and Sinn saying he’s leaving the community at 30. Over 25,000 people like you who are serious about improving their dating life and getting more hot dates in less than 30 days have joined our free Secret Society Newsletter. Stylelife Girl of the Month interviews are only available in their entirety to Stylelife members. It was found that 75% of open gay men and 60% of prisoners of penal institutions have this line. Suggested Additions of Modifications to routine (if any): a table of common patterns and their meanings would be useful. Suggested Additions of Modifications to routine (if any): I would touch upon the psychic X and number of great loves on their hand. Being a writer, he wrote a book on survivalists, and even enlisted the help of his seduction email list to pick the cover for Emergency. I'm Vince and I created PUA Lingo so you can find unbiased info on social dynamics and dating. I wanted more info about the lines, what various patterns mean, spacing, there is a lot of stuff on youtube about this but you have to spend time separating the negative from the positive and translating it into NLP style comments that intrigue and please.

Also I was told by a girl that your dominant hand is how your life is now but you less dominant hand was how your life was laid out when you were born. Like Prodigy said, if you can be quick on your feet, you can just make stuff up and if you are the authority, its believable. Although thankful for game, Neil never built a solid business around the concept (except to hand over Stylelife Academy to several of his wings like Bravo).
In romance it is important for men (and women) to understand each other and be socially aware and calibrated. But I think I need to do a lot more independent study of palm reading to be really comfortable with this.

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