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Today’s article is for men who want a long-term relationship with a woman that goes beyond just casual sex. In his book “How To Get A Girlfriend Faster: A Step By Step Guide” relationship advisor George B Green identifies mindset as the first barrier to overcome when trying to get a girlfriend.
I won’t recommend any “PUA” courses, but I did want to mention the Girlfriend Activation System as a genuinely good way to get a girlfriend without relying on the morally-questionable “female manipulation tactics” the pick-up artist industry has made famous. Becoming desirable means eliminating the “rough edges” I alluded to earlier, and developing some attractive qualities. Overcoming this is easy as long as you take small steps, and don’t try to “dive straight into the deep end.” By socializing without added pressure or the fear of rejection, you can learn to interact and mingle comfortably with women. Socializing does not mean walking into a bar full of skeptical strangers and becoming the soul of the party in 20 seconds flat.
Dating is a chance to get to know the woman you are attracted to so you can both see if you’re compatible for something more. Not only will it improve your social skills and make you more comfortable talking to women, but it will also greatly increase your chances of finding that one amazing girl you want to be your girlfriend. There’s a big difference between gently fanning the flames of her interest and putting them out by being too enthusiastic. The first date should be fairly casual so either of you can end it without too much awkwardness if it’s not going well.
During the date, show interest in her opinions and what she wants to say and find some common interests. At this stage, you’re trying to work out if you want to spend more time together, not seduce her or convince her to marry you! If you’ve found the right girl, and she likes you too, it’s only natural that you’ll want to spend more time together on future dates.
The secret of getting a girlfriend step by step is not to pick a random attractive girl and then use the power of seduction, personality, and persuasion to make her yours. It boils down to finding someone who you like and who likes you, and then spending the time to let that attraction grow into love. Previous PostAmazing Henna (Mehndi) Tattoos for Different OccasionsNext Post10 Symptoms Of An Abusive Partner.
Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Cancel Post was not sent - check your email addresses! A friend of mine asked me my opinion on how to get a girlfriend the other day, and as I’m giving him my advice, I thought this might interest you as well.
Maybe you want to take a break from “the game”, or maybe you want to get married and have kids? If you want her to be with you, and only you, forever and ever and all that other Disney propaganda, she will pick up on the needy vibe in a heartbeat.
Often women will have a hot affair with a guy who might not make the perfect daddy, but who has a lot of traits that she finds sexually very attractive.
At the same time, there is another type of man who might not have the same sex appeal, but who makes up for it with better qualities as a father and breadwinner.
A guy who is looking for a relationship is also less attractive and hence less able to attract women.
And if you have several flings, one of them is very likely to turn into a relationship… if you simply allow it to! These flings will also up your confidence and hence your game… they will make you go from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mentality, and change how you act around women. Also, while you’re still looking for the right girlfriend, you won’t be lonely, sexually desperate or needy… so the wait is EASY… it might even be fun!
Don’t feel guilty about it either… why should you offer a girl something she isn’t offering you? The reason is what we talked about above – you are, by definition, either the lover… or the provider. It’s just the way of nature… one of the two people in a relationship usually feels more strongly, and chases a bit more.
But the good news is that once you get to know each other, entirely different rules apply and you can create an equilibrium. This is by no means a cynical perspective… I have enjoyed several exclusive romantic relationships with amazing girls, and I think that falling in love is amazing… so long as it’s mutual!
The thing is only – I met most of these girls because I had an active dating life, and not by hoping that the right one would somehow magically fall into my lap, or knock at my door. Yes, your emotions will grow more stable, and your new-found abundance will prevent you from always falling for any girl that gives you the time of day.
But if she shows up, and you find a girl that you do have an amazing chemistry with… you will fall just as hard, and so will she. And at that point, you will know… it was all worth it – every minute spent studying how to make girls chase, every time you went out to practice approaching strangers… even every rejection. Girls are often conditioned by society to play the role of the pursued… even if they are the ones who want to be in a relationship with you. She might want to look into your eyes a bit too much… (The eyes are the window of the soul, and you can usually tell if she’s in love with you). She might tell you she feels very close and connected to you, or otherwise talk about her feelings.
Watch her friends… If she introduces you to a friend of hers who gives her some eye-code or a knowing smile when she meets you, you can be sure your girl has said some very flattering things about you. If you want to be in a relationship with her too, get two glasses of champagne… and mark the day in the calendar too, or you’ll be getting hell from her later. Women are evolutionarily wired to want to be in a relationship… so at the end of the day, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a girlfriend you like.
But if you are looking for a relationship, it is simply a matter of dating the girl of your choice, being a reasonably cool social guy and taking good care of her sexually. Do all of the above and time will work in your favor… the more time you spend with her, the more it will simply become a foregone conclusion that you two are now, together. Sign up for our email insights series and get a copy of our popular ebook “How to Text Girls” FREE.

I am a huge fan of your methodology, and these 5 simple steps were straight forward and made sense to me in the past.
I was confused about combining what you said that we should 'nurture this reputation… every chance you get' of being a Casanova, yet not let her know explicitly about it and that we should not lie to a girl. And I'm starting to question whether this lifestyle is the correct way to go about getting girls because it seem to originate from a place of fear, that I am dating other girls because I do not want to be overly dependent on just one which has the potential to emotionally hurt me if I become too involved. A point to note now is we have separated, but still close and open to the idea of reconciliation. With so many very mean and nasty women out there nowadays, and how in the world are many of us good men going to meet a good woman today?
For anyone who’s been knocked down in the field of love, the advice to get back up and try again is obvious, but not always easy to do. Putting further attention on them or trying to overcome them on a purely mental level actually feeds them and gives them more force. The “pickup-artist” industry has pushed the idea that the only way to succeed with women is to become a “master of female manipulation”. So don’t believe anyone (including yourself) who tells you that you’re too shy, too ugly, too fat, too nerdy, too whatever, and you’ll never get a girlfriend.
This can be as simple as improving your personal grooming and appearance, but it also goes much further. This will make you feel better about yourself, and it will make you more attractive to women. Going on a date with the idea that you must “win the girl” or instantly turn her into your girlfriend is too much pressure. If you only ever take one woman out on a date, how will you know that she’s truly the best match for you? In an article on WebMD, Tony Rehagen discusses many of the ways men shoot themselves in the foot with bad manners or social awkwardness.
By all means, show interest in her, but don’t smother her with over-the-top compliments or displays of devotion. Eventually, the time will come when you both realize you’re ready to take the next step, and you’ll need to escalate the relationship. This is not set in stone or written in law – some people need to spend more time together before they’re ready to make a commitment, and others know almost immediately. Very few men have this “power”, and it’s unlikely this approach will lead to a happy, long-term relationship.
It’s nowhere near as difficult as you may think; with so many women looking for boyfriends, it’s almost inevitable that it will happen for you without help at some point. He is the ideal LOVER, and women often chase after this kind of guy and try to MAKE him into a provider.
This type of guy is usually chasing after HER… and even if he does get her, she will usually hold all the power in the relationship. If you are the former, you will have a slight upper hand in the situation… and if you’re the latter, she will be slightly more dominant. But consider this – no matter how deep you want to dive into the ocean, you will always have to swim at the surface FIRST. So your standards will rise… it will probably take a more beautiful and a more intelligent girl to trigger these emotions in you. For this reason, many women won’t outright ask you to be their boyfriend… rather, they will often be giving you signals. I applied these concepts you mentioned, had an abundance of woman in my life and found someone special whom I have gotten into a relationship with.
One most relevant to this post was her disbelief when she found out that actually I was dating other girls when I was "having something special" with her. We have separated due to these differences in beliefs and I have committed myself to move away from multiple dating.
Like what should I do because we been friends for months and I'm afraid that if I ask her out then she wouldn't be ready.
One is really hot, the other is bisexual and very nice and cute, and the other is good looking and has a great personality. Chances are that even if you were not dating anyone before, she was going to give you trouble anyway. And for those men lacking confidence, the fear of rejection can be so powerful they would rather be lonely than risk having their fragile ego crushed. A lack of confidence or a fear of rejection can be such a powerful factor that even if you do everything else right, you can still end up staring failure in the face. If you refuse to accept the limitations that your anxieties impose on you, they’ll lose their power over you. There are women out there who want to get a boyfriend too, and most of them have no idea what they are doing either. Typically, women are attracted to men who are successful and thriving in life, who have goals for the future, and who are confident, self-assured, and in control of their emotions. But the most important thing is to realize that any interest she may have for you is tentative at this point. But if you follow the steps in this article or follow a proven process like the one outlined in the Girlfriend Activation System, you can make it happen sooner.
I believe you know that the real situation in the world is far from what the fictional movies are trying to feed our minds. I told her explicitly that I was dating other girls, which you mentioned not to in your "Managing Expectations" post, which I came across a little too late.
However, the fact that I cannot say it to them that I'm actually doing multiple dating seem to suggest that this is a wrong thing to do. This is because I realized how much pain and insecurity a girl in a relationship can have if she realized that her guy was once a multiple dater while dating her as well. Is because the good ones get taken by the bad and the other girls reject the good men. Learn to say “Yes” when people ask you to hang out as this will open up a world of opportunities.

All too often this comes across like bad lines from a 70s sex comedy, and it can be pretty repulsive.
Your primary concern is to discover how to win back an ex girlfriend fast before any guy gets in the way. But upon reading your posts again reminds me of the past negative experiences when I was overly committed to one girl, and I am also aware of 'red flags' which potentially could drive a girl away, and am observing these 'red flags' in me now.However, I also feel that if my purpose of multiple dating is to negate the negative effects of being needy, then I'm coming from a point of lack of confidence and I want to move away from that.
If you take an objective look at the world and human history, most men have managed to get into stable relationships without learning obscure techniques of psychological control. Wait too long to escalate the relationship with this type of woman and she’ll get bored and lose interest. Everyone understands you but this fear may give you a lot of pressure right now.There are many ways to get your ex gf back and instead of stressing your mind, why not take time in analyzing?
This step often takes practice and may require dating lots of different women until you learn how to properly read her signals.
You may want to go outside and be drunk until you become totally wasted but you might want to think about it once more. Well, you just asked the right question because the following paragraphs are realistic but effective moves to win her heart once again.Steps To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Step #1. Be Calm.In every problem, there is always a solution and it includes a step-by-step procedure to plan. Before anything else, think about what you really want and conduct a self-assessment to figure out if you truly want to be with her.It will be better to think first. If you have already thought about it, and you think she’s really the girl you want to spend your life with, then start preparing your mind to a better “you.”Click Here And Discover This Simple Fool-Proof Method Which Has Helped 61,289 Guys Get Their Ex Girlfriend Back NowHow To Get An Ex Gf Back Step #2. Get In Touch For The Last Time.After you made up your mind, reach out once again and solve the problem because it’s your chance to apologize for everything, but don’t bring up arguments. Even if she broke up with you first, she might still be uncertain with her decision and would like to be chased. Some girls wouldn’t want you to let go of them easily because they would think that you’re taking them for granted.Women also have an ego so swallow yours in the meantime if you want to succeed on the steps on how to get an ex gf back. How did she look at you while talking or did she even want to have a conversation?It may be too early to conclude but knowing the reactions, you may be able to figure out whether it’s still possible for reconciliation or not. But be careful, you might analyze things wrongly by being so emotional so always remember to be calm.How To Make Your Ex Gf Want You Back Step #3. Accept And Give Her What She Wants.If your ex is really certain about her decision, accept it. Why not take this situation as your chance to think things over again?Space is important as it gives the couple time to think about their relationship throughout the years. However, because they have lived it for a long time, they no longer try new things and it results to a relationship going on a cycle or in a routine basis.
There are many steps to get your ex girlfriend back so there’s no need to blame anyone.Giving your ex girlfriend a space is a clever method to make her want you back, or the famously known as the Reverse Psychology. Your ex will definitely feel a little warned and may have second thoughts.How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Step #4. Release, then take in positive vibes by talking to your friends or family about it.Try to appreciate things in life as well, even the smallest ones.
Be positive and look at the brighter side to express and practice gratitude.Isn’t it a good thing to figure out your flaws so both can have their self-growth? And aren’t you happy that it’s not you but your girlfriend who took all the risk and consequences of her actions?
There are so many positive sides of breakups so learn how to appreciate.Ways To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Step #5. Open-mindedness is one of the ways to get your ex girlfriend back.Making yourself available also means to be open to all possibilities.
Your ex girlfriend might think that you’re already over with her and it’s a sign to forget you. You don’t wanna play games again with the woman you truly love, do you?Get Back Your Lover.
Click Here And Discover How You Can Make Your Ex Want You BackWhat To Do To Get Your Ex Gf Back Step #6.
Explore The World.One of the steps on how to get an ex gf back is to prove that you can always be a better person. When you have already opened your mind, you can make your ex girlfriend want you back.Why not try to cope up with your old friends and make new ones? Go out, throw a party, and try new experiences with them.Why not go for a mountain climbing, zip lining or sky diving? Challenge yourself and do legal things that you have never tried before when you were together.You CAN get her back!Click Here To Discover How To Get Back Your Girfriend TodayHow To Get My Ex Girlfriend To Want Me Back Step #7. Regain Yourself.One of the steps I considered to get my ex girlfriend to want me back was regaining myself. Recreate yourself to become the person you have never imagined.To get your ex girlfriend back, it is imperative to have a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits and chocolates. Burn it by working out, lifting some weights in the gym weekly so you can be more in shape and healthy.
This will make her realize that she lost big time.Aside from its physical benefits, exercising also helps release hormones in our body which can enlighten and energize our mood.
These are endorphins, serotonin and dopamine which give pleasure and block the feeling of pain.
The next time your ex girlfriend sees you, she would think that you’ve grown up so well and become mature.ConclusionThe steps mentioned above are guidelines to help and remind you about making up with your ex gf.
To be honest, there are no techniques on how to get your ex girlfriend back fast because reconciliation takes time and should not be rushed. The time you are apart from each other is the chance to clear up your minds whether the relationship is still healthy or you’re better off without it.

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