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A typical result of our recent research is the dynamic comparison of computer science communities.
Published in Proceedings of the First International Conference on Complex Science (Complex'09), Feb. A UMIC talk at Joint Lab of Next Generation Internet Interactive Computing, Shanghai University  15. This post contains one of simple texts I found in The Study of Social about Social Network Structure. Virtual communities are characterized by both scale free and small world characteristics of a network (Klemm & Egu?luz, 2002). Networks that grow by attaching new nodes to existing nodes (by adding one edge only) form into trees.
In Scale Free networks the distribution of different network parameters act in an exponential fashion (Fig.
A Small World network is a network in which most nodes are not neighbors of each other but most nodes can be reached by other nodes in the networks by hopping over a few nodes. I hope this clears up a few things and gives you an idea of what I mean by structure and how to measure the structure of a social network. With the advent of the World Wide Web and growing computational power interests grow in analyzing large sets of network data over time. A computer science conferenced can be compared by time series analysis for typical social network growth patterns like density, diameter, clustering coefficient, largest connected component, average path length and maximum betweenness.

In this blog I shall provide a few preliminaries about network structure and how they are measured.
These networks (Watts & Strogatz, 2003) form when long distance connections are added at random to regular networks (Fig. We apply graph theory, dynamic network analysis methodologies and advanced approaches in Web Science to analyze dynamic patterns of human interaction expressed by traces left large scale information systems. The most interesting and most measured exponentially distributed parameter is the distribution of connections from each node outwards (Out Degree).
Our annual lecture "Web Science" and our "Web Science Seminar" contribute to a sound theoretical basis for student and research work.
We have a graph visualization of the EC-TEL community over time, a list of key members in the community by apperance to the event, continuity of the conference by publication numbers resp. Nodes are individual actors within the network, and ties represent the flow of relationships between the actors. If in this process the new nodes attach preferentially to existing nodes with a large number of edges, then the result is a scale-free network (Albert & Barabasi, 2000). This uneven distribution means that in these networks some of the members are connected to a lesser degree and some of the members are connected to a greater degree, which is how they hold a senior position in the network (Goh, et al., 2002). A couple of prototypes provide support user communities in getting to know their own networks. The Clustering Coefficient is the extent to which the nodes in the graph tend to create a unified group with many internal connections but few connections leading out of the group.

Social Network Analysis (SNA) techniques are used to visualize the patterns of interactions among participants on the virtual community. First, they are highly clustered; if two vertices share a common neighbor, it is likely the two are themselves adjacent. In other words, a random removal of network members (a crash) will not hurt its stability, but a directed removal of keypoints will cause the network to quickly collapse.
On Scale Free networks, the distribution of density or congestion is constant and is not dependent on the exponential coefficient of the distribution of the number of connections (Jeong, 2003).
The Characteristic Path Length (CPL) is a measurement of the average distance needed to pass from node to node. A network can be considered a Small World network when its CPL is similar to the CPL of a random network of the same length, but its CC is much larger (at least by a single order of magnitude) when compared to a similar random network. Closeness is the reciprocal of the sum of all the geodesic (shortest) distances from a given node to all others.
A higher betweenness value for a node means that it is on higher number of shortest-paths between nodes, which is an indication of the node’s importance (Wasserman & Faust, 1994).

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