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Bandura's Social Learning Theory: Focuses on personality and behavior, based on unique learning experiences. Social learning theory combines cognitive learning theory (which posits that learning is influenced by psychological factors) and behavioral learning theory (which assumes that learning is based on responses to environmental stimuli).
One of the most famous experiments performed by Bandura is the famous bobo doll experiment. A look at the the social learning theory of aggression with original footage the the 'bobo' doll experiment.
Summary: Banduraa€™s Social Learning Theory posits that people learn from one another, via observation, imitation, and modeling.
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Albert Bandura integrated these two theories and came up with four requirements for learning: observation (environmental), retention (cognitive), reproduction (cognitive), and motivation (both). Children observed as adults modeled either violent or passive behavior towards the doll, and this observation was found to influence the manner in which the children subsequently interacted with the dolls.
The theory has often been called a bridge between behaviorist and cognitive learning theories because it encompasses attention, memory, and motivation. Amongst many of his contributions to other fields in psychology, he's the originator of social learning theory (Albert Bandera, 2011). Add to it whatever you like -- a "Home" link, a navigation section, a link to your favorite web sites, or anything else.

His theory examines the natural inclination that both children and adults learn through imitation during social interactions and media influences.
Social learning theory and developmental psychology: The legacies of Robert Sears and Albert. I fixed some part of References and I added a link to an interesting handbook from Albert Bandura.

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