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When you message someone on an iPhone you’ll notice that sometimes the messages are blue and sometimes they are green. When you write a message, the iPhone will first check to see if it can send the message using data (across the internet). You can even change the settings on your iPhone to ONLY use iMessage and not use SMS at all. Votre navigateur semble incompatible, essayez d'ouvrir le tchat, ou rencontrez le webmaster pour plus d'informations.

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If your phone is connected to the internet and the person you are messaging is also connected (and using iMessage) then the message will squirt across the internet.
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If you combine this with the setting to turn off Cellular Data (and only use wifi) then you will protect yourself from most of the “easy” ways to run up large bills when abroad.
If the message is green then it means you aren’t connected to the internet and the message will instead go by traditional SMS.

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