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9 beautiful 3d isometric small house plan designs by A-CUBE Builders & Developers Thrichur, Kerala. 1849 square feet (172 Square Meter) (205 Square Yards) 4 bedroom house plan in contemporary style. 1400 Square Feet (130 Square Meter) (155 Square yards) modern style simple 3 bedroom home plan. I should point out right off the bat that this girl, a fifteen-year old named Spencer Lacy Ganus, isn’t the one raising concerns about her paycheck.
There’s a very interesting article in the NY Times about the recent financial and creative history of LEGO.

I feel like it was about two singing sisters, one of whom could make snow, and my recollection is that everybody liked it and it made a ton of money. Once you start to consider the millions of dollars that came flooding into the hands of everyone associated with the movie, a paltry thousand starts to sound pretty low. So yes, we are collecting the new Toy Story line now although we need to be more selective because of space and $$$. The girl who played young Elsa made more, and obviously Adele Dazeem — no sorry, Idina Menzel made way more, but teenage Elsa had just a couple lines, so the amount of money she made really does make sense in theory. And I certainly wouldn’t turn up my nose at it if that started to be my daily paycheck as well.

Unless you were the girl who provided the voice for teenage Queen Elsa, in which case it made you less than a thousand.

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