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Bio: kagura was a project of the government and was stolen by one of the most powerful children in the world akira mori. Bio: After 'activation' by MBI Ki refused to search for her Ashikabi thinking she wasent ready yet, after a year she finally met another sekirei not expecting it ending up in a fight barely getting out there, destroying a street in the process, after the fight she finally realised she needed to find her Ashikabi, still looking today. Personality: though being one of the older sekirei she acts like a child being shy and jumpy though only to people who he distrusts , she is kind, respectfull but she hates people looking at her. Bio: Zacharias has been trained ever since he knew himself by a group of assassins well-renowned for "getting the job done, at any price", and so he had to adapt to this.
Personality: Zacharias is usually excited about battles, being mainly a sadist during them. Description( Power Type ): Ghosts are the perfect assassins, they can either fight by using stealth, using their incredible agility to stay on the shadows, and their ability to become virtually undetectable and invisible or fight using the same abillities but to do as much damage as possible, a ghost's atack is usually deadly to any kind of enemy.
Weapon: His own body, a TH-50 SPECTRE Sniper Rifle, mastery of any kind of firearm, increased physical strength and resistance at the level that not even a Fist Type Sekirei, can move him. Personality: Since part of Andres brain is robotic, he has a robotic and completely emotionless personality.
This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Shes hated her ashikabi and while hes sleeping she tries to kill him but something wont let her kill him.

However, ever since the group was killed by a rival group, Zach did not find any other reason to live other than killing people for money. During a "hunt", Zacharias likes to play with his "prey"'s mind, making jokes and trying to make the "prey" continue to run. However, a ghosts physical resistance is greatly reduced when detected, making him an easy target for heavy area hitters.
He's extremely sharp sincehe candetect anything around him using virtual headlights, he is also an incredibly fast-learner as he learns things by simply watching them, or reading them.
An indication to her power is shown when she became the first leader of the Disciplinary Squad and was able to sink several ships with just the shockwave from her sword. At the time she was scared of dieing so she stole the boys first kiss and served him as her master.
Sometimes he walks among the rooftops of Tokyo city and merely lurks down to the crowd of people looking.. While having retired from actual combat, Saya does still regularly practice to keep her skills fresh.
Her biggest rival in strength out of all the Sekirei is # 04 Calliope Chrystal, who she cannot stand and doesn’t get along with. Wallpaper and background images in the Yuki-Onna's Profile club tagged: anime girls cute blue haired. But that was int his only reason for going to new Tokyo, he went there to find his long lost childhood friend.

She dosint enjoy seeing her master being disipointed with her and trys her best to serve him as much as possible. Ever since then he found himself intrigued by thinking on the Skirei Plan, and who would pay him to kill other Sekireis. Zacharias does not wish to have a Ashikabi, 'cause the only person who he thought that was the correct one betrayed him, selling him to the rival assassins group. Ever since then, Zacharias hates talking about Ashikabis and believes that not even one of them is honorable enough to be his Ashikabi. Well, the project is in its final stages, now all we gonna do is test this baby's strenght and train him." - Log from Bioengineer Yameshida, leader of the Project Kagenokami. He doesn't mind fighting his own Ashikabi too, however, as an android created by MBI, he is forced to follow all the rules of the Sekirei Plan. Both Sekirei and Robot, Andres was made by Project Kagenokami, a project that tried to build the first robotic Sekirei, however, scientists stated that without a single sekirei part in it, it would be inpossible to give him sekirei abillities, and then they started Project Kagenokami with a simple objective : Build Andres. Andres was projected, built, trained, supplied and growed by MBI to be the Headmaster's main guard, however, the Headmaster insisted for him to enter the Sekirei Plan since it would be "more fun" as stated by the own headmaster.

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