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Do you go to bed exhausted, turn on the TV to decompress from your busy day’s stress and anxiety and drift off to restless sleep? Or do you listen to soft music and snuggle up with a novel before drifting off to la-la land?
Why do we need to spend a third of our lives unconscious when we already have such a short and swift time on this earth as it is?
Reminder: You can still grab The Positive Affirmations for Life program with more than 4 hours of audio affirmations for 7 life situations that impact your happiness and success the most including extended bedtime affirmation tracks. Ideally, preceded with 10 minutes of guided bedtime affirmations  that calms your nerves and gets you in the mindset of a positive and happy place so you can fully embrace and believe your affirmations.
You hear me talk about affirmations, confidence-building mindset and positive thinking around here a lot, and I wish I could convince you that they work. So tonight, as you get ready for your sleep routine, take a few minutes to listen these bedtime guided affirmations which I recorded for you with soothing music and  get in the right state of mind.
I so enjoy your take – yes, no arguing in your head therefore please modify affirmations as needed, Ragnar ;)! Daily affirmations changed my first birthing experience from painful to peaceful the second time around. I use do affirmation alot then one day those negative thoughts come back and I lost myself. Whether it's taking a subtle power pose, going through meditative breathing exercises or just accepting your problems by writing out solutions, there are many methods for relaxing at your desk that you probably never thought of before. Below, we've compiled a handful of them, along with instructions on how to remain incognito. These primal poses will not only change how others see you, but also your actual body chemistry and mood. At work, try getting yourself a standing desk and performing some of the poses Cuddy goes over in the video. The link between music and mood is well-established, and it can have a positive effect on your stress levels and anxiety. Listening to slow, quiet classical music is particularly beneficial, as it helps to limit your mind from wandering, slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. While it might seem counterintuitive, flexing your entire body can actually help you relax and de-stress at work. The practice of positive thinking might help curb off the lasting effect of that terrible meeting this morning.

What I think is missing in these discussions of our future is any sense of belief that we will, as humankind, figure out ways to adapt and thrive. Categories: Aging and other hard realities, Identity, Lessons learned, Moving Forward, Who am I?
Oh the tenacity of the human spirit and the memory of deeds well done and the presence of loved and loving ones in our circle including the children with their unbridled spirit and enthusiasm.
With our busy day-to-day race from one thing to another, with our over-stimulated minds and fatigued bodies, how do we relax and get to a state of utter calm and peace?
They emphasize what’s important to your mind and calm the chatter of doubts, second guessing and worrying.
They induce peace, inner calm, and gratitude, the 3 emotions that will induce restful sleep. The only rule is to believe them as you say them, and to repeat them 2 or 3 times until you get the calming effect. Then you can join me in shouting it off the rooftops and spreading the message about these darling little phrases that bring us the peace of mind all of us crave oh so much! Let go of your thoughts, welcome peace into your mind, and go into a deep relaxation state with beautiful peaceful thoughts. Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you deserve the sleep, before you can actually drift off. I don’t know exactly how they work, but they do change something inside that allows you to create more of what you want on the outside.
When I sleep, I sleep (rather than plan or fret or whatever other mind games I’m playing in the dark). Then I came across your prefectliving website I like have you affirmations for areas of our daily lives im going to try this sleeping one right now. Luckily for you, there are plenty of exercises you can do at your desk to lower your anxiety levels, control your breathing and reduce your stress. Amy Cuddy, a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School, gave a popular TED talk about her study regarding power poses, revealing that doing them for two minutes at a time can increase testosterone 20%, while cortisol levels dropped.
If that's not possible, try placing your arm over the chair next to you, keeping your knees apart and reclining.
Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) will reduce the tension you carry and only takes about five minutes.
Make a tight grimace, squeeze your eyes closed, move your ears and clench your jaw tightly.

It's really easy to calm your mind and relax your body without clueing in anyone around you -- and your smartphone can help. Affirmations, or repeated positive phrases, can boost self-confidence and improve the mood of those predisposed with high self-esteem. Equally important is understanding that affirmations aren't about denying or pushing away mental pain, but accepting what you feel and committing to a solution. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
Whether it turned out to be a stellar day or a bad one, it’s over and recognizing that and letting the excitement melt away is essential to get the rest you need. No content on this site may be used in any fashion without written consent from Prolific Living Inc.
The lack of structure and unfamiliar melody can actually work against relaxation, causing irritation. Apps such as Buddhify and Headspace will walk you through meditation and deep breathing exercises quickly, so you only need to stop working for a short amount of time.
For those with low self-esteem, however, they can actually be harmful, so affirm carefully, folks.
Writing your thoughts and ideas in order to clarify your values can be the best first step you can take. Most healthy people I know in my age group (senior +), are walking more, growing their own food and cooking from scratch. But as I sit here at 2 am searching for positive thoughts to distract my restlessness, I thank you for sharing this mantra! To me, it is a step backward to another time (with the usefulness of new technology), a simpler, healthier life.
Continue this process throughout your body, hitting key groups like your neck and shoulders, chest, legs and buttocks. Happiness is indeed joyfulness, watching a child in wonder or experiencing the wonder of a child. Again,make your own choice:  do you have more positive moments in the day or are you burdened with more negative moments as you wend your way through your own life?

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