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The database also triggers(2) a personalized letter sent that day welcoming Mary to the platinum level with her Free Room night in it.
She gets this offer letter 1 or 2 days after she gets home, not a month later when ‘the batch’ goes out.
The database also triggers(3) an email to be sent in 1 week later telling Mary that she earned some freeplay for her next trip (segmented and personalized based on your reinvestment plan). The final scenario the database is looking for is to see if Mary comes back in or redeems our offers.
You can design as many scenarios that you can think of to create an endless array of personalized and automated triggered guest experiences that run all year long instead of bulk batches of mailings done monthly. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and I wanted to say that I think your blog is great.

We’ve taken a read through your blog and we think you’ve done a fantastic job covering topics that our brand’s audience of sales and marketing managers in Canada would also be interested in learning about. About CSG Direct MailDirect Mailing Innovations and the most advanced Variable Data Printing from CSG Direct Mail get you Better Results Fast. This letter goes out by noon at the completion of her trip because the database triggered the data to merge and print directly on a waiting, automated press; hands-free. If after 6 weeks Mary has not returned for a trip the database triggers(4) an increased reinvestment mailer where she is offered a free dinner for her and a friend if she books her room this week. Guests don’t always think in monthly batches like we do.  They are all on their own individual journeys and when we treat them that way we get our best results.
It would be great if you could join our community to help educate, inform and converse with other industry professionals and thought leaders who write about direct marketing and sales.

Our newest innovations and decades of proven results make us the casino direct marketing partner you are looking for.
The database notices this (we told it to watch for this) and triggers(1) a text to Mary’s cell phone “Hey Mary, you just made it to the platinum club.

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