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Apple has managed to restrict on so many things for your iPhone and some users gets a little bit annoyed with it. This news only means that the next generation of the iPhone will be able to allow the administrator to block an iPhone from sending or receiving text containing certain words. With this text blocker program, if an unacceptable content has been detected based on a table of words, then the content may be either removed or the message be blocked entirely. Well, this seems to be a good move on the part of Apple and hopefully this action may be able to put an end to “Sexting” especially between children and teens.
Apple seems to be declaring an all-out war against sexting and hopefully this patent will be able to solve the problems being encountered by most parents with their children and teenagers who are always sexting with each other.
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However, with the recent developments happening, it seems that many iPhone users will love what it plans to do with future iPhones. Apparently, this patent will prevent kids from sending sexually explicit text messages or otherwise known as “sexting.” It has been a known fact that the mobile phone has been an instrument to send malicious and sexually inclined messages aside from being a helpful communication tool.
Unlike other text blocker applications, Apple’s version has the ability to filter contents based on the child’s grade level and also claims to filter even abbreviated words that other programs may have missed.
In addition to this, a designated language for children can also be enforced especially for those who are required to learn a foreign language. Aside from being able to protect our children from sending these malicious messages, we also help them learn other languages as well. Apple has been also known for being able to block some stuff like illustrations of gays who are making out and with this patent with anti-sexting technology being introduced by Apple, it seems that we’ve got another great application to look forward to. Our large-scale emoticons may be used in Facebook timelines, chat messages, and on any device simply by sending or sharing to your specified FB location.

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