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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new projects by email. 1) This project can be used in Industries, Office, Shops, Colleges, Schools, University campus. A wireless modem acts basically like the traditional dial-up modem, the main difference is that a dial-up modem sends and receives data through a fixed telephone line while a wireless modem sends and receives data through radio waves. Remote System Monitoring: In a remote system monitoring application, a Microcontroller for example could be used to constantly monitor the status of a remote sensors, let say temperature, a liquid level sensor or a moisture sensor. Home Alarm System: When a motion sensor detects a movement of an intruder, an SMS will be sent to a predefined number which could be you or your security reaction company and a siren or any other sound device could be triggered in the process as well. It is very easy to interface a GSM Modem to a PIC Microcontroller as most GSM modems have a serial interface.
NB: Depending from the type of serial port on the Microcontroller hardware, a level translator circuit may be needed to make the system work. The AT commands are used to control modems which are communicating through serial communication with a microcontroller or a PC. Figure 5 below shows how this macro could be used in a while loop to wait until the GSM module has correctly registered to the network.
In the above example, it is assumed that the SMS service center number has already been programmed to the SIM Card (This is normally done with your network provider when a new SIM card is purchased). In these 4 steps, it is assumed that the SIM card has no security PIN number associated with it, if the SIM has a PIN number, use the AT command AT+CPIN to enter the PIN number. It is also assumed that the SMS service center number has already been programmed to the SIM Card (This is normally done with your network provider when a new SIM card is purchased).
Figure 8 below is the complete code to send an SMS Text Message to the number specified in Cell_Number Variable. Please support our work with a DonationWriting tutorials and recording tutorials videos requires a lot of resources and time.
1 Accident Notification System by using Two Modems GSM and GPS Hajer Salim Humaid AL-Farsi Electronic Engineering Student Caledonian College of Engineering, Muscat Malathi B. Cell Phone Usage While Driving Avoidance with GSM-RF Based Accident Emergency Alert System Prof. Integrating Social Network Services with Vehicle Tracking Technologies Ahmed ElShafee Assistant Professor Ahram Canadian University Egypt Mahmoud ElMenshawi B.Sc. Embedded System Controlled Smart Bike Aneesh Alocious 1 Thomas George 2 Research Scholar, Ernakulam, Kerala, India 1 Assistant Professor, Dept. International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology- Volume3Issue2-2012 ACCIDENT AVOIDANCE AND DETECTION ON HIGHWAYS S.P.
DEVELOPMENT OF A MICROCONTROLLER BASED LIGHT DEPENDENT RESISTOR (LDR) VEHICLE TRACKING 1 Akogbe A. Cost Effective GPS-GPRS Based Object Tracking System Khondker Shajadul Hasan, Mashiur Rahman, Abul L.
The Design of Mobile Control Car Security System Jiwa Abdullah Abstract The present car alarm systems are still of no match to the well-equipped thieves. IP sensors and other HW group products in the same LAN can send SMS alerts over HWg-SMS-GW LAN alert gateway. HWg-SMS-GW can be also used to send text messages from HW group software applications (HWg-Trigger, HWg-DCD and more). Simplify your system by using a single SIM card to send SMS alarms from all HW group products. Your user account contains IP address or DNS where is located your HWg-SMS-GW2 (public address required).
Brackets and accessories for mounting a Poseidon2 4xxx or HWg-SMS-GW2 unit into a 19" cabinet.
Profile and accessories for two or more devices installed to one 19” 1U cabinet position. If you are the owner of this web site you have not uploaded (or incorrectly uploaded) your web site.
Some of the codes here is not my original work that I found over the Internet and Books while I'm learning how to program. You can use this SMS Application program to send SMS from your PC using GSM modem connected to your computer. Wireless message board can be used to display informative messages, notice, or any announcements. Besides the dial-up connection, GSM modem can also be used for sending and receiving SMS which is also one of the key features of GSM modem. In this article we are going to learn how to send an SMS text Message from a PIC Microcontroller.
If a certain condition is reached, the program will send an SMS to notify the situation, if these sensors are installed in a farm for example, the farmer could be notified of any situation happening in the farm about heat, moisture, drought, etc. The USART serial input pin RX and TX of the microcontroller are connected to the TXD and RXD pins of the GSM Modem. Similarly a diode, a resistor and 5 volt source is used to increase voltage of TXD pin of GSMmodule to 5 volt which is logic high for RX pin of pic microcontroller.
AT is the abbreviation for ATtention. These commands come from Hayes commands that were used by the Hayes smart modems in late 1970s.
This macro could be used in a while loop to wait until the GSM module has correctly registered to the network before sending other commands.

This macro will returns 0 if the command was accepted or will returns 255 if the command was rejected for example if the GSM unit is not connected to the network.
You can connect some sensors to your system depending on what you want to achieve, it can be humidity, heat sensor or anything you want, once a certain point has been reached, then an SMS can be sent to notify you. If you found these tutorials helpful, please show your support and donate any amount you wish so that we can do even more. RESULT AND DISCUSSIONS This part illustrates the result we have obtained, simulation of system and hardware result. HWg-SMS-GW confirms the receipt of the alarm SMS in its internal memory, no messages are lost. However, we strongly discourage the use of pre-paid SIMs, it is recommended to use a regular post-paid plan. Includes an internal GSM modem, an external antenna with 3m cable, a power adapter and a CD.
Includes an internal GSM modem, an external antenna with 3m cable, a power adapter and a CD.
Take 7 bytes (8bits) and convert them to 8 bytes (8bits) by adding one zero at the start of each byte.
For information on uploading your web site using FTP client software or web design software, click here for FTP Upload Information. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! The Hayes commands started with AT to indicate the attention from the MODEM followed by a number of characters specifying the command tail.
The GSM component is designed to be used with any GSM device that accepts standard GSM AT commands.
It is recommended that you place the Initialize macro at the start of a program to ensure the component is initialized before being used.
This macro will return 1 if the GSM is connected to the network or will returns 0 if the GSM is not connected to the network. The text message can consist of alphanumeric characters with up to 160 characters long with 7-bit coding and up to 140 characters in 8-bit coding. In the code below, we have neglected these responses that is why we have used short delays after every command. Senior Lecturer, Department of E & CoE Caledonian College of Engineering, Muscat ABSTRACT Accidents are increasing automatically in the Sultanate of Oman where the people lose their lives because the unavailability of proper medical facilities in a timely manner. Limit switch or temperature sensor will be pressed automatically then sending a signal to microcontroller for activating GSM and GPS modems. 4.1 Simulations Results To get the beginning result, Proteus software is used to test the circuit and check if a system is working appropriately. The software runs on Windows in the background and keeps checking the configured conditions. Please share my work to other people also who interested to learn the basics of web development and programming. You can implement this project source code to your project and this is very much useful for college students. Figure 2 below shows a block diagram of a GSM module connected to USART module of a PIC Microcontroller. It features GM862 module connector, voltage regulator, antenna holders, speaker and microphone screw terminals and more.
When an accident occurs the vibration sensor gives the signal to the microcontroller, which sends the information to the control room through GSM network. Most LEDs have a typical forward voltage drop of about 2v, with a typical operating current of around 10mA (it is always good not to operate a device at its high end current). DIP switch is provided for configuring UART communication lines with the target microcontroller.
In this system we use Mikrobasic software, and use GSM technology to send a text message to the police in the place of the accident, which is determined by GPS. Working Principle of Individual Parts This part of the paper is showing the main idea of the working principle of each component connected in the circuit to achieve the needed aim and objectives. Figure 4.3 Installed all Electronic Components In case of an accident, GPS recording the coordinates of the event and send SMS to the police through GSM modem.
Discussion of the results This part is a very important to get the result, it is clear that the idea of a successful project and can be applied in the detection of the accident or the fire and also this system can be applied in several applications and ease to use.proteus SISI is best simulation software for various designs. Battery Battery is device that convert stored chemical energy into useful electrical energy.
So it is a handy tool to test programs and embedded designs for electronics.proteus and PCB design combines the schematic capture and ARES PCB layout programs to provide a powerful, integrated and easy to use suite of tools for professional PCB Design. General Terms GSM, GPS, Resistors, Capacitor Keywords PIC18F45k22, LM35 Sensor, Limit Switches. To get the hardware result breadboard is used to assemble all the electronic components and then it is installed in the car. PIC18f45k22 Microcontroller This system will use microcontroller (PIC18f45k22) which consist two UARTs. INTRODUCTION Accident notification system by using GSM and GPS, the main purpose of this project is to find the site of the accident in any place and send message through GSM and GPS.

CONCLUSIONS This paper is displaying one of the models of the accident notification system using two modems GSM and GPS. Global System for Mobiles (GSM) technology is used to establish a cellular connection.gps is used to trace the position of the vehicle.
LM35 Sensor LM35 is a precision IC temperature sensor with its output proportional to the temperature (in 0C).
The paper showed the proposed system design, the block diagram, working principle and the simulation results. At present accidents are increasing significantly, this system facilitates to find accident place in remote areas and makes a hope in survival through the availability of ambulance or hospital as soon aa possible.
The main idea of the working principle of the system is when the occurrence of accident or fire, Limit switch or temperature sensor will be pressed automatically then sending a signal to microcontroller for activating GSM and GPS modems.
Circuit is designed using Proteus after completing the software implementation the hardware is to be implemented.there are many applications that can be used, such as in the detection of alcohol and in the car theft.
Al-Kheder, Intelligent Anti-Theft and Tracking System for Automobiles International Journal of MachineLearning and Computing, Vol. Limit Switch Simple limit switches relay on direct, physical contact when an object comes into contact with the actuator, the device operates the contacts to make or break an electrical connection. In the future this project can be developed to make it best than preset, In order to use it in several application such as can be used for disclosure of liquor, which checks if the person has consumed alcohol or not.the eye sensor makes sure that the person in driver seat does not falls asleep. LITERATURE REVIEW There were some literatures which referred before starting the work to take a good idea and to check the possibilities of getting the needed results.
Also can be done with advanced vehicle security system with theft control and accident notification. The system permits localization of the automobile and transmitting the position to the owner on his mobile phone as a short message (SMS) at his request.
It can be used for monitoring adolescent drivers by their parent case of vehicle theft situations the owner can know the vehicles current location and based on that he can stop the vehicle by sending a predefined SMS message to this system.
GSM Modem A GSM modem (Global system for mobile communication) is a specialized type of modem which accepts a SIM card, and operates over a subscription to a mobile operator.gsm modem used for sending and receiving SMS and MMS. After receiving SMS message from owner this system automatically stops the ignition system hence the vehicle will not function any more.
This literature has some weakness as researcher in some places where there is no provision of GSM networks it is difficult for communication also did not mention more needed information of the advanced vehicle security system with theft control and accident notification and its strength theft control through GSM short message service and sends location in the form of latitude and longitude Hurbert, et al. 3.3 Design This part shows the design steps to achieve the main aim which is a system design to detect an accident. This part of the paper describes which software can be used and the important steps to be followed to achieve the final design. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors would like to give a special and great thanks for all the persons participate and give some help in this research and the project work. This is received by a GSM modem in the device and processed by the Spartan processor and the processor sends command to a GPS module in the device.
The steps followed to implement the design are as described below: Proteus software Proteus software is used for microcontroller simulation, schematic capture, and printed circuit board (PCB). This position is sent to the user as a SMS to the user with date, time, latitude and longitude positions.
This literature has some weakness when consist air masses in the sky GPS will stop the work and do not send message and determine the location. Also some strengths, using an FPGA controlled system we can easily track any object or vehicle which ensures safety for vehicle owners and also lots of uses for public transport system.
Sneha (2011) have shown in her study about the Crash Notification for portable device presents an early crash notification system that can be implemented in handheld and aftermarket devices.
Pramana, Design of Vehicle Position Tracking System Using Short Message Services And Its Implementation on FPGA, in Proc. This system features a crash detector, which can be connected over a wired or wireless link. Systems and services are at an increasingly developed to improve quality of service, safety and the environmental impact of the road traffic system.
This literature has some weakness as the delayed communication networks to send message recorded when the accident and has some strength can capture the streams of data provided by their accelerometers, compasses, and GPS sensors to provide a portable black box that detects traffic accidents. The first literature study has done about the accident detection and send message using GPS and GSM modems.
The second study is designing the alcohol sensor, which checks if the person has consumed alcohol or not.third literature to design car alarm system in the event of theft.
Fifthly, is design system a crash detector, which can be connected over a wired or wireless link Finally, all the literatures found are good and gave information about the application, working principle, how to design the System and choose best program to design the circuit This gives us the ability to write the paper and also to design accident notification system.
PROPOSED SYSTEM 3.1 Block Diagram of the System The block diagram of the system is shown below.

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