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If you constantly work on a computer and want to stay on that same computer with as few interruptions as possible.
Ideally, you should be able to see and send text messages directly from your computer, without even having to touch your phone. If you’re in the US you can also use Google Voice. This solution won’t use the phone number that’s associated with your phone, but rather the phone number which was given to your Google Voice account. When you first install the mobile app, it should set you up for the Google Voice features, if you don’t have them already, or simply connect to them if you already do. The best part about this solution is that you don’t need to have your phone on the Internet, or even turned on for that matter. MightyText is the all-in-one package for Android phone, that does everything we could possibly want from this sort of application.
MightyText consists of two parts — essentially what can be considered the server and the client. From a computer, you can use the web application, and from a tablet there’s an app for that too.
MightyText also comes with a Chrome extension, support for sending texts from Gmail via the Gtext extension, a power view where you can see multiple conversations at once, call notifications, and phone battery alerts.
Some cell service companies provide free email-to-SMS gateways where you can send free text messages through email. Cortana is the voice assistant of Microsoft that recently landed in beta version on Android even though it is only available in the US and then only in English.
Such is the integration that has been achieved, if message is written in the search box at the bottom of the desktop of Windows 10, the wizard itself (if it is enabled), offers as an option to send a SMS using the Android device. In Reddit they are already several users who have indicated that the corresponding update of Cortana is a reality, so it’s clear that Microsoft has released this option to work, remember, in combination with Android devices (otherwise it cannot be sent via SMS message).
For now, the deployment of this new functionality in Cortana is occurring in countries like the US and Canada, but in no time it will be possible to use it in other regions, among which no doubt will be all the continents.
Google Duo intends to simplify the chat on iOS and Android, allowing you to make video calls, 1-on-1 even between different platforms. There is a new discovery made by the Lookout Security Team in today’s day and that affects a very large slice of all Android users in the world.
The Chinese company VKworld has a new flagship smartphone named VKworld G1 Giant, with a battery of 5000 mAh.
Pushbullet is one of the best desktop notification apps available to see all your Android phone notifications on PC including phone calls, app notifications, etc. Step 1: The first thing you need to do is install the Pushbullet Android app on your phone and sign in using your Facebook or Google credentials. Step 4: To start sending SMS from PC, make sure that your phone is switched on and has an active Internet connection.
MightyText is a free and powerful service which lets you easily read and send SMS from your computer.
Step 1: Similar to other services, you need to first install the MightyText app on your phone and then sign in using any Google account. Step 2: As soon as you sign-in, you will see a very intuitive interface which is quite similar to Yappy with tabs like Messages, Scheduler, etc.
MySMS is another core service that assists you in sending SMS from your PC which is of course synced with your Android phone. Step 1: In order to connect your Android phone to MySMS extension or web application, download MySMS app on your phone first. Step 4: Additionally, you can add media files and emojis to send MMS and also allows you to schedule your SMS for sending them later.

Step 2: As soon as you do that, a mobile-like interface will appear which will mirror your Android phone screen.
Step 3: Unlike other services in this tutorial, you can simply use your native Android SMS app to read and send messages. If you’re looking for ways to send SMS directly from your PC instead of using your Android phone, then you can go through the services explained in this tutorial. The biggest interruption possible is to completely switch devices, which is something a lot of people end up having to do if they’re in the middle of an SMS conversation with a friend. Lucky for you, if you’re on Android, there are a handful of great tools which can do exactly this, whether you’re using Windows, Linux, or a Mac.
This is a fairly easy process, but beware that Google Voice will try to replace your wireless carrier’s voicemail with its own.
The “server” is the app you install on your phone, as it’ll receive text messages from the other configured devices and send them out through your cellular network, as well as send texts you’ve received from your cellular network to those other devices. The “client” is the app you use on other devices to send out text messages. The server and client communicate with each other through a MightyText login which is based around your Google account — similarly to how you can sign into some services using your Facebook.
Once you have it set up, you get a very nice interface that can do a number of things with your phone — including text messaging. Messenger supports SMS messaging for many countries such as United States, Canada, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Kuwait and Pakistan. However, this is a software that you can download and install, and that someone is already using and trying to understand the level of interaction offered by Cortana with your voice.
With the Windows 10 ecosystem and 10 Mobile you will have a very close interaction between smartphone and PC and you are able to perform tasks by delegating functions to either device. However, to run the new service of the application on the phone with Google operating system you must use the native version, no further such Hangouts. There are various methods available which can be used to directly read or send SMS from PC using your Android phone. But, the best part is that it can also be used to read and send SMS from PC seamlessly using your Android phone.
After that, go to the homepage of Pushbullet on your PC and choose the platform which you want to use for reading and sending SMS from PC.
Once you’re in, you will see different tabs on the left of the screen such as Setup, People, Devices, Texting, etc. Using this app, you can easily read, send message remotely, manage, and backup all your Android phone SMS right on the PC.
Simply click the button to compose a new SMS and send it directly from your PC to any number you want. Similar to MightyText, it also offers a browser extension (for Chrome, Firefox, etc) and a web application for sending SMS. The web application will open up where you’ll see all the SMS that already exist on your phone. The SMS compose panel will appear with input fields to enter the receiver phone number and type your message. MySMS is free to use, however, sending SMS or MMS will cost you as per your network carrier on your phone. It is actually a free software for Windows which can be used to mirror Android screen on PC, take screenshots, record screen on PC, annotate, etc. Open the built-in messaging app and you can access all your messages, read them, compose new SMS, delete messages, forward messages, and more as you normally do with your phone.
These services let you easily read and send SMS from PC, by syncing your Android phone with your PC.

This dramatically inhibits your productivity, and it can get downright annoying when you’re sending 50+ SMS messages back and forth.
This is because any calls or SMS messages sent to your Google Voice number will first be received by Google, where it will either store your SMS messages or forward phone calls to your actual phone number.
Apparently this connection still works well on Android as long as you are connected, of course, with the same account. Do note that sending SMS from PC doesn’t mean that they are for free, and will cost you the normal carrier charges on your phone. So, start using this app to send SMS directly from your PC without even touching your phone. After that, visit the Yappy homepage to either use the web application, install the Chrome extension, or download the desktop client for reading or sending SMS from PC. If you’re busy working on your computer, then you can directly send SMS to your friends or colleagues from it without using your phone.
If you want to use the web application, then click the Login option and use the same Google account used on your phone to login. After clicking the button, a small window will popup in which you can choose the recipients and compose your SMS.
The user interface of MySMS is super intuitive and you can easily read or send SMS from PC in no time. But, one of the unique and best features of Mobizen is that it lets you control your entire phone right on your PC. That means you can play games, watch videos, view images, and many more actions which you perform on your phone. To do this, all you got to do is install the Android app and use the browser extension, desktop client, or the web application of these services. In practice, as seen from the images below, simply ask Cortana from PC to send an SMS and exploit this smartphone in the cloud to send the message to the recipient. Once you connect your Android phone and PC via Yappy, all your SMS syncs automatically between both the devices. After that, a small popup window will appear where you can enter the recipient’s phone number and type your message. Another great feature of MightyText is that you can send bulk messages to more than 20 contacts at once. It even has the option to reply directly to any contact while reading the messages from that contact. You can even add multimedia files like GIF, photos, etc., which will turn your SMS into a MMS. After your phone is connected to the browser extension or web application of MySMS, all your messages will get auto synced in the application. Controlling your phone means you can use your keyboard and mouse to perform every action on your phone but on PC. Now, switch back to your PC to open the Mobizen software and use the same information to sign in. You don’t need to  pay anything for using these services, however, sending SMS will cost you as per the carrier charges on your phone.
I’ve compiled a list of free SMS services via internet, the following services allows you to send sms messages from your computer to most countries such as India, Australia, China, Taiwan, UK and more.

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