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In a sneaky bit of social engineering scareware pushers are registering convincing sounding monikers as Skype user names and attempting to lead people to rogue anti-malware sites.
To the unwary, because of the well chosen user name, these messages appear to be something other than a stranger sending you a message, they appear to be some kind of real online notification. For the link to become active, please click on ‘Add to contacts’ skype button or type it in manually into your web browser !
3 – Sit back and sip your cup of tea knowing you have done your bit in the fight against cybercrime today.
This entry was posted in malware, Web 2.0 and tagged cybercrime, Fake AV, malicious code, malware, Skype on October 1, 2009 by Rik Ferguson. I have been receiving these calls for over a year now and nobody seems to do anything about it.
I noticed the one time I accepted the call, just by accepting the call my OWN personal anti-virus and spyware program went haywire.
I blocked one of these numbers and checked the report abuse box, but they are still calling me over and over again. More than a year later, I just received much the same: I clicked (on my Mac screen) to answer an incoming Skype call and the thing talked to me, in computer-generated alarmist American tones. Grateful to the rest of you for confirming my assumption (always a bit unsettling) that this IS a scam. I don’t remember the site name, I found it on google, it said that I have 160 worms in my C drive, 20 Trojans in My Documents and all, then it tried to install something with fake names, I just navigate away from that. This latest entry in my series on skimmers includes a number of never before published pictures of a cell-phone based skimmer set that sends stolen bank card data to the attacker using encrypted text messages. Just as virus writers target Windows in large part because it is the dominant operating system on the planet, skimmer makers tend to center their designs around one or two ATM models that are broadly deployed around the globe.
Not all skimmers are so pricey: Many are prefabricated, relatively simple devices that fraudsters attach to an ATM and then collect at some later point to retrieve the stolen data.

In contrast, wireless skimmers like the one pictured below allow the thief to receive the stolen card data from anywhere in the world, provided he or she has a working cell phone signal. Although you cannot really tell from this picture, the PIN pad overlay contains its own GSM module, basically the guts of a cell phone that is capable of sending text messages to any phone of the customer’s choosing that operates under the GSM mobile communications standard.
The designer says it typically takes between 2 to 4 text messages to send the encrypted output from a single dump and PIN combination. We didn’t get too chummy in our chat, but one of the pictures this guy shared with me provides a clue to his potential home country. Leadholder curator Dennis Smith said the pencil in the photo is a Czech-made model 1500 that has not been distributed in the U.S. At any rate, below is a photo of both devices attached to a working ATM (the photo has been retouched by the designer, probably to hide markings that might identify the location of the machine). Skimmers Siphoning Card Data at the Pump…Thieves recently attached bank card skimmers to gas pumps at more than 30 service stations along several major highways in and around Denver, Colorado, the latest area to be hit by a scam that allows crooks to siphon credit and debit card account information from motorists filling up their tanks. This entry was posted on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 at 10:47 pmand is filed under All About Skimmers, The Coming Storm. Here in Nepal, most all ATMs come with a security guard standing outside the door, so unless the guard was paid off, this probably won’t happen. Tagged: alternativecurves, fatshion, me, personal, outfits, ootd, plus size, short hair, tattoos, desi, . As I’m sure you have already guessed, these messages lead to fake anti-virus programs designed to extort cash from the victim.
Increasingly, however, criminals are using ATM skimmers that eliminate much of that risk by relaying the information via text message. The following images were obtained directly from a skimmer maker who sells them on a very well-protected online fraud forum. Among the most popular is the NCR 5886, a legitimate, unadulterated version of which is pictured below.

The trouble with these devices is that the fraudster has to return to the compromised ATM to grab the device and the stolen data stored on it. According to the maker of this kit, to whom I spoke briefly via online chat, the GSM module is responsible for collecting the skimmed card data from radio transmissions sent by the skimmer, and then bundling that data with the corresponding PIN into an encrypted text message. Check out the photograph below, which includes a pencil ostensibly designed to give a point of reference for the size of the bogus PIN pad.
More importantly, the maker of the Koh-I-Noor, a company called L&C Hardmuth, is based in the Czech Republic. I ask that if you have any questions for me, please search through any of the tags below first, then I'll happily answer your questions. The same message appears with several different destination URLs, the advice in every case remains the same. I had to hook up the phone adapter to a timer so that the phone won’t ring in the night anymore. I get a call from them at the exact same time every day, even when I am invisible or set as offline.
This particular craftsman designs the fraud devices made-to-order, even requesting photos of the customer’s targeted ATMs before embarking on a sale. If the cam is spraypainted or down for any reason, that should kick off a physical scan of the equipment.

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