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Many parents think that sexting involves 2 people sending either risque or explicit text messages to each other. These photos are then typically sent to the teen’s boyfriend or girlfriend and usually sent either by text message or via a messaging service such as Kik messenger, Snapchat, or via Instagram Direct message or Vine direct message. Fun – Some teens think that taking and sending a selfie wearing underwear in front of a mirror is just fun and that it’s the same as wearing a bikini on the beach. Peer pressure – Wanting to fit in with a group of peers and it seems like they are all doing it.
Relationship pressure – Sometimes kids just give in to someone who is persistently asking them to send a photo. A form of flirting – Sometimes people send images as a form of flirting or trying to impress someone they have a crush on. A sign of commitment – Quite often, boys and girls in a steady relationship send images as a sign of their commitment to one another.
Desensitised by pornography – It is becoming normal for teenagers to become exposed to pornography and this desensitises them with the result that explicit images become “normal” and requesting them becomes normal.
Studies done in Ireland, the UK and the US indicate that a significant percentage (60%) of teenagers are being asked to take nude or sexual images of themselves with many going on to take images or videos of themselves (40%) and  then between 20% – 25% actually sending the images on. According to Dr Maureen Griffin, who has presented about cyber safety in over 300 Irish schools, “As part of independent research conducted for a number of secondary schools in Ireland, 1 in 4 students admitted to sending or receiving sexts.

Therefore, it is vital that your child fully understands the dangers involved in terms of what can go wrong and the consequences for them. However, sometimes explicit images get forwarded on by the recipient via  text message or email to other friends at school and once this happens they sometimes end up being distributed via Twitter or Facebook. There are many dangers and risks associated with sending or receiving sexts that you and your child need to be aware of. This can happen when the relationship ends and the recipient circulates it either out of revenge or for bravado. Quite often the image that circulates around school then gets posted on social media (Snapchat, Twitter ) where it circulates much further and is seen by thousands of people. If this happens, the health risks for your child are serious, especially as the image keeps reappearing in social media. Unfortunately the internet is full of images that were probably sent to a teenage partner in confidence and then got forwarded on, eventually becoming distributed on social media.
Twitter and Tumblr are awash with these types of images – a simple search on twitter for #nudeselfie brings up hundreds of examples far more graphic than the example below and in most cases the girl’s face is visible.
However, it is a real risk and there are plenty of high profile examples of teens sending a sext which got forwarded on and then widely distributed – leading to the child suffering humiliation, depression and leading to suicide. Permanent damage to your child’s online reputation whereby when their name is Googled, the explicit images appear in the results.

If your child was convicted of child pornography, he or she would be placed on a registered sex offender’s list.
As the emotional consequences of sexting gone wrong have become more common, there have been more instances of people being convicted. An example is Phillip Alpert, a Florida teen, who, after he split up with his girlfriend, sent nude photos she had taken of herself and had sent to him when they were dating to 70 people.
How to install and use a mobile monitoring app which sends you copies of text messages sent to your child that contain words you are concerned about. How to install an Android app that sends you copies of all photos and videos taken on your child’s smartphone. Evan is a digital marketing lecturer and trainer and also delivers digital parenting workshops throughout Ireland for schools and parent groups. Third grade has already shown a great deal of generosity by donating almost 200 canned goods to TAP (Temporary Assistance Program) and sending 6 boxes of items to our soldiers over seas.  However, they are not stopping there. The annual COIN WAR has begun and the third graders are eagerly donating all their silver coins.  It is good to see our third graders put the needs of others before their own during this holiday season.

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