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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. They could be given the power to stop cars remotely as a result of trials being carried out by the Home Office. Whether you're at work or in class, there are times when using your phone is unacceptable, regardless of that subtle yet sudden twitch in your arm that arises every time you hear the vibration of a text message.To combat being seen, addicted text messagers have devised ways to use their cell phones in secretive manners.

Another method is Jailbreaking your iPhone and installing "Veency"Then control your iPhone using Mac's inbuilt Screen sharing (VNC Client) or ubuntu's vinagre. QuoteOriginally posted by shady0ps Lol I feel like texting girl is a job..any advice? Safe resolution of pursuits is essential and while current methods of stopping vehicles have proven effective, we must not be complacent.

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