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Follow each of these simple tips and you’ll get that space back on your device once and for all! If the above trick did nothing, it may be because your Messages app is actually taking up tons of space, meaning it’s not just a miscalculation that iTunes is reporting.
The easy solution to this is to simply delete the messages, the more you delete the more space you will recover. If the above tricks didn’t work, Ken left a helpful tip in the comments which is working for some users.
That should force everything to recalculate as well and recover your Other capacity bringing it back to a normal level.
I have the same problem im trying so hard to figure out ways to stop others bar from growing.
This technique worked for me, too (turning it off, not murdering the device) after all of the other solutions failing. This occurs when the problem is not REAL material, but garbage stuck in Other within the perview of iTunes on the computer, and there is nothing wrong with what’s presently on the iPhone itself. If anyone else has this problem, uncheck and re-check all those that you can and see if it helps!

I think the reason they made FaceTime a separate app was so you could receive calls in the background, without the app open. Next version of iOS with overhauled notifications, lock screen, Messages, Apple Music, and much more.
After years of planning, and testing phases over the last few months, Uber this month will begin allowing customers in Pittsburgh to summon self-driving cars from within its ride-hailing app. Apple has added Apple Pay support for customers of Yorkshire Bank and Clydesdale Bank in the United Kingdom. Apple today released another update for Safari Technology Preview, the experimental browser Apple first introduced in March. The SnapPower Charger, designed to make it easy to add USB ports to a wall outlet with no complicated wiring, originated on Kickstarter in 2015. If you can see the above posted heart shaped emoticon, it is a still in the picture but it beats as per new update from Whatsapp.
There is no big requirement to run Whatsapp, the minimum requirements of an android system would be Android OS 2.1 or above to get it. That Other space holds things like your Contacts, SMS, MMS, and iMessages databases, settings, caches, web history, etc, and it’s very unlikely for it to be anywhere near the huge numbers that are occasionally reported.

Yes, seriously, the Messages app can grow to be quite large, because the data contained in Messages can be everything from texts, movies, to pictures, of every single sent and received text messages, MMS, imessages, from the device.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! And 2 go of “others” since ios5 (0 before ios5) i ve lost 2 go of free space since ios5, i had 4 go free space before that, what can i do?? I tried everything else, including the turning the power off and although these tricks did work, it was only by .1 GB. And share your ideas on what do you think of new updates from Whatsapp and what do you think of the acquisition of Facebook and Whatsapp.
For example, I am going to send a text message with an animated emoticon enabled, it will show me the animation plus its big size, but the recipient will not be able to see the actual size and animation of the emoticon, vice versa.
AirPlay Mirroring for the Mac will allow a user to wirelessly mirror exactly what is shown on their Maca€™s display to an Apple TV connected to a projector, television, or external monitor.

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