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The GSMComm modified application introduces a solution for allowing the users to send smart short messages to a list of contacts through GSM Modems that each of them is connected to its alternative GSM Network.
As shown in the diagram, the user can use the Windows desktop management application which in turn accesses the server with the database of the configuration of the system and SMS different templates. The server is connected to GSM modems which use its alternate GSM network to be able to send the SMS to the desired users. Visual application to send and receive multiple SMS from PC, through a GSM modem or phone. Otherwise, if you need a complete solution, you can buy a software+modem version (including a serial or USB modem). Mar 18, 2013 - Given the numerous requests, we've made available a last stock of this item (discontinued in 2010). Jan 12, 2011 - Siemens TC35i and MC35i modems are now replaced by the successor Cinterion MC55i. Jan 12, 2011 - Audiotel Industrial modem is now replaced by the successor Urmet Industrial. Integrate SMSLibX ActiveX into your web pages (ASP or other server-side technologies) to send and receive SMS from your site.
With SMSLibX you can add SMS sending and receival capabilities to Excel worksheets and Access databases.
Primary objective to make this project is – Person Going home to home to collect meter reading need not to collect reading by visit. Secondary to make electricity billing system Automated and protect from theft of electricity. Methodology- methodology behind the project first of all we will learn to make digital electricity meter using controller .
The purpose of this project is the remote monitoring and control of the domestic energy meter by GSM NET-WORK. The Microcontroller based system continuously records the reading and the live meter reading can be sent to the Electricity deoartment on request.
For meter  reading, fisrt of all we send a SMS to this unit from department ( company phone) . By sending a MESSAGE 4LF , UNIT  is off automatically and by sending a message 4LN unit again restart automatically. This is not a big circuit we are just using a capacitor to charge the microcontroller and again discharging via resistor.
Pin no 18 and 19 is connected to external crystal oscillator to provide a clock to the circuit. We can also resonators instead of costly crystal which are low cost and external capacitor can be avoided.
The speed with which a microcontroller executes instructions is determined by what is known as the crystal speed. A liquid crystal display (LCD) is a thin, flat display device made up of any number of color or monochrome pixels arrayed in front of a light source or reflector. Glass substrate with ITO The shapes of these electrodes will determine the dark shapes that will appear when the LCD is turned on or off. Glass substrate with common electrode film (ITO) with horizontal ridges to line up with the horizontal filter. Each pixel of an LCD consists of a layer of liquid crystal molecules aligned between two transparent electrodes, and two polarizing filters, the axes of polarity of which are perpendicular to each other. The surfaces of the electrodes that are in contact with the liquid crystal material are treated so as to align the liquid crystal molecules in a particular direction. Before applying an electric field, the orientation of the liquid crystal molecules is determined by the alignment at the surfaces. When a voltage is applied across the electrodes, a torque acts to align the liquid crystal molecules parallel to the electric field, distorting the helical structure (this is resisted by elastic forces since the molecules are constrained at the surfaces).

With a twisted nematic liquid crystal device it is usual to operate the device between crossed polarizers, such that it appears bright with no applied voltage. When a large number of pixels is required in a display, it is not feasible to drive each directly since then each pixel would require independent electrodes. Important factors to consider when evaluating an LCD monitor include resolution, viewable size, response time (sync rate), matrix type (passive or active), viewing angle, color support, brightness and contrast ratio, aspect ratio, and input ports (e.g. LCDs with a small number of segments, such as those used in digital watches and pocket calculators, have a single electrical contact for each segment. Small monochrome displays such as those found in personal organizers, or older laptop screens have a passive-matrix structure employing supertwist nematic (STN) or double-layer STN (DSTN) technology (DSTN corrects a color-shifting problem with STN). High-resolution color displays such as modern LCD computer monitors and televisions use an active matrix structure.
Some LCD panels have defective transistors, causing permanently lit or unlit pixels which are commonly referred to as stuck pixels or dead pixels respectively. This software plug-in is designed to allow HomeSeer systems to send and receive SMS messages from a GSM modem or phone attached via a serial port. This system enables the Electricity Department to read the meter reading regularly without the person visiting each house.
This system also can be used to disconnect the power supply to the house in case of non payment of electricity bills. As the sms is received on this  system then GSM modem  transfer the sms to   this unit via GSM MODEM .. Whenever ever we are using crystals we need to put the capacitor behind it to make it free from noises.
It is prized by engineers because it uses very small amounts of electric power, and is therefore suitable for use in battery-powered electronic devices. With no liquid crystal between the polarizing filters, light passing through one filter would be blocked by the other. This treatment typically consists of a thin polymer layer that is unidirectionally rubbed using a cloth (the direction of the liquid crystal alignment is defined by the direction of rubbing).
In a twisted nematic device (the most common liquid crystal device), the surface alignment directions at the two electrodes are perpendicular, and so the molecules arrange themselves in a helical structure, or twist. This reduces the rotation of the polarization of the incident light, and the device appears gray.
If an electric field of one particular polarity is applied for a long period of time, this ionic material is attracted to the surfaces and degrades the device performance. Unlike integrated circuits, LCD panels with a few defective pixels are usually still usable. We will learn how we cn send message from controller and how can we read message using AT commands. This can be achieved by the use of microcontroller unit that continuously monitors and records the Energy Meter reading in its permanent ( non-volatile) memory location. To convert the pulsating dc into smooth dc we use  Electrolytic capacitor as a  main filter.
Pin no 9 is connected to external resistor capacitor to provide a automatic reset option when power is on. Restarting the microcontroller is nothing but giving a Logic 1 to the reset pin at least for the 2 clock pulses.
The crystal has different values, and some of the used values are 6MHZ, 10MHZ, and 11.059 MHz etc. If the applied voltage is large enough, the liquid crystal molecules are completely untwisted and the polarization of the incident light is not rotated at all as it passes through the liquid crystal layer. The device can be operated between parallel polarizers, in which case the bright and dark states are reversed (in this configuration, the dark state appears blotchy). This is avoided by applying either an alternating current, or by reversing the polarity of the electric field as the device is addressed (the response of the liquid crystal layer is identical, regardless of the polarity of the applied field).

In a multiplexed display, electrodes on one side of the display are grouped and wired together (typically in columns), and each group gets its own voltage source. Each pixel has its own dedicated transistor, allowing each column line to access one pixel. It is also economically prohibitive to discard a panel with just a few defective pixels because LCD panels are much larger than ICs.
However, 134 of the 137 dies on the wafer will be acceptable, whereas rejection of the LCD panel would be a 0% yield. This system also makes use of a GSM model for remote monitoring and control of Energy meter. In project we will also use RF 434 Mhz modules to send wireless data to substation to protect from theft.
Capacitor converts the pulsating dc into smooth dc and this DC is connected to the  Regulator circuit for  Regulated 5 volt DC.
So it is good to go for a small circuit which can provide the 2 clock pulses as soon as the microcontroller is powered. This light will then be polarized perpendicular to the second filter, and thus be completely blocked and the pixel will appear black.
On the other side, the electrodes are also grouped (typically in rows), with each group getting a voltage sink.
This type of display is called a passive matrix because the pixel must retain its state between refreshes without the benefit of a steady electrical charge. When a row line is activated, all of the column lines are connected to a row of pixels and the correct voltage is driven onto all of the column lines.
Manufacturers have different standards for determining a maximum acceptable number of defective pixels. The standard is much higher now due to fierce competition between manufacturers and improved quality control. Half of the light is absorbed by the first polarizing filter, but otherwise the entire assembly is transparent.
By controlling the voltage applied across the liquid crystal layer in each pixel, light can be allowed to pass through in varying amounts, correspondingly illuminating the pixel. The groups are designed so each pixel has a unique, unshared combination of source and sink.
As the number of pixels (and, correspondingly, columns and rows) increases, this type of display becomes less feasible. The maximum acceptable number of defective pixels for LCD varies a lot (such as zero-tolerance policy and 11-dead-pixel policy) from one brand to another, often a hot debate between manufacturers and customers. An SVGA LCD panel with 4 defective pixels is usually considered defective and customers can request an exchange for a new one. The electronics, or the software driving the electronics then turns on sinks in sequence, and drives sources for the pixels of each sink.
To regulate the acceptability of defects and to protect the end user, ISO released the ISO 13406-2 standard. Active-matrix displays are much brighter and sharper than passive-matrix displays of the same size, and generally have quicker response times, producing much better images.
However, not every LCD manufacturer conforms to the ISO standard and the ISO standard is quite often interpreted in different ways. A display with only a few defective pixels may be unacceptable if the defective pixels are near each other. Manufacturers may also relax their replacement criteria when defective pixels are in the center of the viewing area.

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