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When developing line of business applications for field service agents it can be handy to have the application send SMS text messages to alert customers of updated status information, such as the potential for the service agent to arrive late for an appointment. To create a new SMS text message you need to create an instance of the SmsMessage class and then set its various properties. Calling the send method sends the SMS message behind the scenes with no visual indication that something is occurring. The Windows Mobile 6 SDK introduced a Cellular Emulator tool which makes it easy to test applications which interact with cellular phone based functionality. Once correctly configured you can switch to the SMS tab of the Cellular Emulator to send messages to, or view messages received from the device emulator. A small example application is available for download which demonstrates how to send SMS messages programatically.
Of note is a checkbox which makes the program append onto the end of the user’s message the current battery charge status.
Gtalk users can Block SMS’s from certain users using the Block feature that is already built into the Gtalk app. If mobile phone recipients (who may or may not be using Gtalk) do not wish to receive any SMS’s from the Gmail users they can send STOP to +918082801060.

Also note that the Mobile numbers that are already in the DND registry will not receive the messages.
Standard mobile operator charges will apply if a person replies to the SMS’s received from Google Talk.
Google is using this credit system to prevent spammers and from general misuse like for marketing.
Some mobile phone carriers allow their subscribers to send SMS trough email, this is very handy service to save some text messeging money.
If you need to send SMS messages from a Windows Mobile 2003 device you will need to utilise a third party component such as the Mobile In The Hand product (which provides a compatible interface) or manually wrap the underlying native APIs. Notice that the To property is a collection of recipients, so a single SMS can be addressed to one or more recipients. One advantage of using this tool to test SMS sending applications is that it avoids the charges typically associated with sending SMS messages via real devices. It displays a simple form to capture the desired message and recipient phone number and then demonstrates a few techniques for sending the message. This is a lead into the next blog post which will discuss how to programmatically respond to a Windows Mobile device receiving a SMS text message.

Though the service has not yet been officially announced by Google India, it is now active. This service currently works only on Loop Mobiles, DOCOMO, Vodafone, Airtel, Tata Indicom and Reliance networks, in few cities. When low on credit user can send an SMS to their own phone number and reply back (many times if necessary) – they will get 5 credits for each reply. This can be achieved by following the Cellular Emulator Quick Start instructions available on MSDN. Set this to ON with a quick tap and your iPhone will start sending messages as SMS ones without you needing to intervene.Even with this toggled OFF, you can still send messages when they stall out with iMessage.
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