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An extensive message service through our software has provided a bulk full of messaging feature connecting all of us across the entire country. We are a bunch of people who have somewhere at some point of time been customers of some or the other company. In our brainstorming sessions we came up with a few points which conclude the need of the hour for a business to stand firm in the market.
Bulk 24 SMS is an ever growing company that provides Bulk SMS services, and helps you in all the three mentioned above. When I used Bulk SMS of this site I discovered how much it is easy to use SMS service and found how much it is easy to send bulk SMS, and I'm now this company customer for more than 6 months. Bulk24SMS is a preacher of perfectionists and the saying jack of all trades and master of none is just not applicable for us. In addition, many sms service restricts users to send only 200 sms per day which exceeds the limitation when the requirement of sending more than 200 messages come into existence.. We cover all India at very affordable rates, so if you are thinking to hire our service we can be good choice for you. After evaluating several options for sending sms through API with many features, our company approved by the Bulk 24 SMS is a complete product, facilitate our day to day in a professional and easy to use, easily integrated with other applications and at low cost.
Personalise textsThrough the Add Variable feature, you can personalize your message to address your client with their name, surname, email address, mobile, landline or fax number. Template SMS This function allows you to prepare a number of SMS templates that you might use in the future.
Choose the senderSpecify the name that your customers will see when they receive the message. View and download historyIn the history tab, you will find details regarding outgoing messages, including whether SMS were delivered or not.
Customize settingsThis is your control panel, where you can edit the time zones, international prefixes and manage the senders amongst other settings. All rights reserved © The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of MAILBOX Group. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. For advancement, transactional Text Messages are being utilized widely by several organizations, different business purposes and advertising.

Before ordering, please carefully read the information located below the order form to ensure that you have selected the correct service. Whether you are talking marketing, public relations or advertising it's all about getting the best results for the lowest cost, meaning profit. Our knowledge base (FAQ) will answer all your questions and if still it was not the case, do not hesitate to contact support online or by email, we will be happy to answer. This service has whacked the other previously used sms services through its speedy and accessible benefits.
Our cumulative experiences of being a customer united and started a service that would immensely help customers stay connected with the company.
Simply I can say that Bulk Bulk 24 SMS means affordable-simple- easy-new market and new customers.
People are now using this service in order to explore the great potential of bulk sms and has reached many targeted customers in less span of time.
Let’s finf the best Bulk SMS Gateway provider and send your SMS to all your customers at lowest price - SMS7.
SMS is widely recognised as one of the most profitable marketing channels available, and the great thing is that anyone can use it. Bulk SMS - This has offered high connectivity, the best service and message flow in an efficient way.
We being an organization developed an insight from the ownera€™s point of view in dealing with customers and the market too.
With Bulk SMS you can reach out to all your existing customers all together in one go and satisfy them for a lifetime experience with your brand.
This is the probable reason why we don't claim to be the one stop destination for SMS solutions.
In this heavy environment where handling of huge number of sms at single time creates a situation of unambiguity, confusion or the mess, now is handled by the services of bulk24sms service efficiently. Our system will automatically send you an email once the order is received and another when your order is completed. The immense service offered by our software has hence connected us all over India in a secured platform with modest pricing that increased its demand in a vast prospective. In our tenure of providing unmatched service since long now, we have realized that to capture both the corporate and the consumer market it is surely not a cake walk.

Cost - Compared to alternative methods of communication, SMSs are very cost-effective, particularly when sending last-minute updates.3. SMS (text message) marketing is a simple, low cost point of entry for the majority of businesses and marketers.
SMS isn’t caught up as spam - The good news is that inboxes don’t have a spam filter, meaning that if you use your SMS carefully, your customers will get all the important messages without feeling the need to unsubscribe!4.
If we are not be able to provide the service, we will either issue you a full refund or offer you an alternative solution if available. SMS, used as short term, short acting informational campaigns can be used effectively to offer real added value to a product or service.
Our sms software comprises of many advantageous features providing fastest and accessible bulk sms services.
To the point - Deliver your most important news briefly and concisely, ensuring higher levels of attention from the end-users.5. SMS is more affordable than any other option and used together with more traditional forms can have a massive impact on the way your customers behave. SMS offers distinct advantages over these more traditional forms a€“ it is received in real time with read rates of 95% and higher. We send plot on demand which gives us the strength of being genuine in sending SMS only with the database collected from those who want our service to spread their message that could reach the other relevant receiver.
It is the world's largest SMS messaging network that is being built and is operated by industry experts in a large scale. Use of bulk text messaging for your business will save you a huge amount of money since you do not have to print advertisements or send bulk mails to your customers.
With bulk messaging for marketing, you do not have to wait for a long time before your message gets delivered.
You will also get a faster response because many people nowadays check their mails and offers through their mobile phones.

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