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For people who spend most of their time on their desktop PC or their tablet, it is sometimes a hassle to switch to their smartphone to send or read an SMS message.
Now they came up with a Chrome extension called Gtext that lets you sent SMS messages right from Gmail using your current Android number. All your text messages will sync automatically with your Android phone. It is free to use, though, you might incur SMS charges depending on your carrier.
Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app.
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Using websites to send SMS (Short Message Service) online is not a new thing, and you’ll find various sites offering online text messaging services for free of cost. The benefit of using Gmail over another online SMS sending websites is the elimination of redundant links in the messages and privacy control.
But, with advantages, Gmail SMS service also has a disadvantage or limitation, that is you’ll only have 50 credits (points) and with every message credit goes down. So, in this article I will guide you on how to enable SMS sending on Gmail and then how to send SMS using Gmail to your contact. Now point your mouse cursor to any contacts that you wish to send a text message and you’ll see something like the image below. If your selected contact already has a phone number attached, then all you have to do is type your message and hit enter.

If not, click on small down arrow icon at the bottom and select Send SMS, here you have to enter the contact number of your friend. As I said before, every Gmail user gets 50 credit points to send a message and with every message sent you spend 1 point. Thankfully, there are solutions that let you send and receive SMS messages right from your desktop.
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The only drawback of these websites is that they always include some irritating promotional links with your text messages. You can be sure that your private contact numbers will not be shared with third parties especially with advertising agencies like most of the other websites do. If you are low on balance then, tell one of your contacts to send you a message, and when you receive a message, 5 credit points will be added to your account.
This free service of sending SMS to mobile phones is not available through gtalk as of now. If the user gets reply from the mobile phone for the text message sent through gmail chat then user gets additional 5 free sms messages to his credit.  If the credit becomes one credit is added after 24 hours.
Write the SMS message you want to send and press enter button and the message is sent to the recipient.
It is a popular app for Android that lets you send SMS and MMS messages from your computer or tablet using your current Android phone number.

When you send an SMS, 1 Credit is deducted and when you receive a reply to an SMS you send, You receive 5 Credits until its 50. This free SMS message service from gmail chat is available in eight major mobile operators like Reliance, Vodafone, Tata docomo, idea, MTS, Aircel, Tata Indicom andLoopmobile. If you ever ran out of credits then you can always send an SMS to your own Mobile number and keep replying to the SMS until your Credits are full.
Here’s how you can send SMS from Gmail.Before you send an SMS using Gmail you have to enable SMS (text messaging) in chat. Click on the Chat and type in the Phone number of the person whom you want to send SMS to.Step 3. After you have logged in to your Gmail account click on the gear icon on the upper-right corner of yours screen.2. You will get the popup to add the number to your Contacts (this is mandatory) so add a Name to contact and save it.Step 5. I was praying it was all a really unfunny April Fools joke but while I was trying to get to the root of the cause, I found a confirmation from Google themselves listed in the Gmail support archive.
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