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A local text message marketing strategy can be a highly effective client attraction tool for your small business. Just about any business can use local text messaging to increase sales because it’s low cost, and the response rates can be quite high.
Choose A Keyword – Most text messaging companies will let you search for your very own vanity keyword to use in your promotional efforts. Effective promotional material – You can use a graphic designer to create print material.
Website Promotion – Use an image of a cell phone with the texting code like the image there on the right. Here are a few local text promotion techniques that will help you build your text message list. Ask customers if they want to join your list –  Ask them for their cell phone number and you can send them an optin text message or they can do it right then and there. A Hair salon is notoriously slow on Wednesdays so the owner sends out a special text message to her list that provides free coloring or hair treatment plus 20% off for booking an appointment during the slow time. A tanning salon gives out half off upgrades to their higher level tanning beds, or buy 1 get 1 spray tans when it’s slow. A mixed martial artist provides kick boxing lessons from 12-2 on a slow day to their Jujitsu students. If you need help setting up and managing your text promotions let us know by contacting us here.
If you are using an Android device and wish to back up all of the data on your device to a PC, then the Android Assistant from Coolmuster is for you.
Aside from backing up valuable data on your Android device or freeing up storage for future use, the Android Assistant does much more.
There are many different reasons why you might want to use a software like Android Assistant. The Android Assistant file manager backs up data from Android tablets and smartphones and allows users to easily manage the data from their computer. I have stored large numbers of data with my Samsung Galaxy, I’m looking for a reliable tool help me transfer parts of important ones to my computer.

The default backup function often miss out a whole section, like contacts in a different folder, or media stored in memory card instead of the phone memory.
So far, I’ve encountered one person who uses this app; the interface seems friendly, and he easily manages his communication with his partners. Would love to try this program but after downloading it it doesn’t recognize my phone. I enjoyed your review so I donwloaded the app to my PC , but it does not recognize my Samsung phone. I’ve given out all 5 free license keys to the first 5 constructive comments made by the respective commenters. You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username). Recent studies reveal that text messages are opened up to 95% of the time, compared to email which averages 20%. Your potential clients would type TOAST to 313131 to get on your text message list and your first text promotion.
Before you send a mass text to your list, send yourself a test message first and look at it on your phone to be sure it’s what you want. This is done by providing a message at the bottom, which is usually put into each message by the text messaging company you are using (see sample cell phone and text message marketing message above).
But to fill up their seats and sell tacos on those days they send out a special text message coupon that is good for that day only! The Android Assistant is a convenient Android managing software that allows users to easily save their media files, SMS, contacts, and apps in a file on their computer.
Mobile devices eventually run out of memory and require the user to delete previously stored information in order to add something else to the device.
All contacts can be imported or exported through the use of Outlook, Windows Address Book, vCards, or Windows live mail. Unlimited apps can be downloaded from playstore to the PC, where they can then be installed onto an Android device. To win, simply leave a constructive comment about why you need this software and how you think it would be useful to you, or just comment anything about this software as long as your comment doesn’t sound spammy.

A fun loving person, he writes about a variety of topics related to computers and technology. Thus, every time I back up, I need to search every nook and cranny in order not to omit files hidden in an obscure folder.
I have more than 2000 contacts; organizing them is such a headache, especially when overlapping contacts attend different events and I have to text updates to various groups.
You don’t want to send one every single week unless you know your list of customers is hot for your deals. With all of the valuable personal data that most people store on their phones today, it is smart to have a way to back everything up in case the phone is lost or stolen.
When you have data you don’t want to delete, Android Assistant offers you the option to safely store the data on your PC.
I haven’t found a decent app that can mass-organize my contacts, plus the option of email is too slow for impromptu updates. I’m currently using Kies to manage my Galaxy S4, but this software also looks impressive. Once they type this into their mobile phone they are on your text message advertising list! In addition to backing up your data, the Android Assistant also provides various other useful functions.
Most people use their phones as so much more than phones, and eventually the phone comes to store not only contacts, but photos, messages, credit card apps, banking apps, calendars, personal notes, voice memos, and more.
Bulk messages can be sent to multiple recipients directly from the computer, saving both time and effort. With so much important information stored on the device, if it was ever lost, stolen, or damaged it could be a disaster. Android Assistant from Coolmuster offers the perfect solution to these problems to make sure you never lose your data.

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