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It’s always free to send money to friends and family when you use your PayPal balance or bank account. Many B2B suppliers are reluctant to accept card payments due to interchange fees (among other reasons, see our recent research brief here), and purposefully avoid enabling their customers to pay by card. Select your donation amount below and you'll be taken to PayPal's secure payment processor.
A tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is tax deductible as a charitable contribution to the fullest extent of the law. You can transfer other balances and consolidate your monthly bills into convenient monthly payments (See Note 1). Convenience checks are available to access your credit card's available credit (See Note 3).

Make your monthly payment automatically by transferring funds from your checking or savings account. If you would like to add a qualified family member to your account, we can issue an additional credit card. Choose your own Personal Identification Number (PIN) and you'll get access to cash 24 hours a day at any ATM displaying the Visa® or Plus logos (See Note 4). Fees apply only if the sender uses a credit or debit card, or if you receive any payment for goods or services.
More on this service from PayPal and other light-weight small business invoicing solutions in an upcoming post. Cash advance fees will be assessed on convenience check transactions as described in your Credit Card Account Agreement.

Just call our Customer Service Department toll-free 1-877-906-6055 and have the following information available: Banking Institution Name, Routing Number, Checking Account Number.
We will arrange to send you a replacement credit card or make emergency cash available to you. A check may be returned unpaid and you may be assessed a return check fee if prior to processing the check you have already exceeded your credit limit or if processing the convenience check would cause you to exceed your credit limit.

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