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Tom Landesman from security and anti-spam company Cloudmark, claims that Apple’s iMessage service accounts for more than 30% of all mobile spam messages. Apple’s iMessage service, that works across all iOS and Mac OS laptop and desktop systems, makes it particularly easy for scammers to write a Mac OS script that can send messages to all types of devices just as fast as the company will allow.
The Contacts app in OS X, once called Address Book, has a few hidden communication tools that are incredibly useful, making the app a simple but powerful hub to start conversations. As you probably noticed, a few of these features are dependent on other apps, and in order to get the most out of Contacts communication tools take the time to get Skype on your Mac.
I was using the Adress book app which offers the same features as this except for normal text messaging. A scorned ex-iPhone user is suing Apple over lost text messages that she is not able to receive after switching from an iOS device to a smartphone on another platform. The suit, filed in a San Jose court and seeking class action status, comes after Apple began acknowledging this glitch earlier this month.
For switchers, as we had noted in the past, one way to workaround this glitch is to de-activate the iMessage service manually in the iPhone's settings before removing your SIM card and placing it in a non-Apple device.
Another solution that is being proposed as a temporary fix by AppleCare staff is to have iPhone users delete the contact of their switching friends and then re-adding them manually. Unsupported browserThis site was designed for modern browsers and tested with Internet Explorer version 10 and later. Connor TurnbullConnor Turnbull is a part-time writer covering the technology industry and part-time web designer from the United Kingdom. Whenever you start using the iMessage service your phone number is validated for this system and iOS keeps track of this setting. There are a few sources on the web that recommend changing your contact’s Phone label to avoid sending iMessages, if that particular contact has left the Apple community. What my iPhone seems to be doing is separating messages to e-mail addresses and phone numbers, and treating each of them as different conversations, despite the fact that they're clearly assigned to a single contact.
If you know of a fix for this issue, please speak up in the comments (preferably by just one name – I've seen enough duplicates for the next little while). Anyone will tell you that I am a hardcore Apple Fan, however, sometimes they lack in the instructions area. You’re going to go into iMessage on your computer, go to messages in the top left, click on preferences and then click on accounts.
After that has been done your phone number should now be added to the “you can be reached for messages at” section. I have the same issue but I don’t want to remove my email addresses from messages options.
On Messages for Mac, you can choose within on single conversation which number or e-mail address of that person you want to send to.
As an added bonus, iMessage notifies the scammer whether the message they’ve sent out has been read or not. The message will be sent from Contacts, but it routes the texts through the Mac Messages app and that’s where a conversation would take place. Skype is a free download but in requires paid credits to make real phone calls and send texts to other non-Skype users, communicating between Skype with VOIP is free. Since both Skype and iMessages can also receive inbound text messages, you’ll be able to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world for extremely cheap, if not just outright free.
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Apple's iMessage service doesn't de-activate the iMessage service when a user switches to a non-Apple phone. This should remove the associated telephone number from the iMessage server and force messages sent from a friend's iPhone to be routed as a traditional SMS or MMS message. Do you encounter problems texting one of your contacts, you used to exchange iMessages with? If you still have your iPhone, make sure that it has the SIM card in place and visit Settings -> Messages! However, we can confirm that it’s only a myth because editing the label from iPhone to mobile, work or anything else won’t influence your device when deciding to prioritize using the free built-in messaging service! According to my iPhone, I have two dads and two sisters and I am engaged in scattered conversations with each of them – and while this may be true for some people, it simply isn't the case for me. The fix I found is that you have to have your email listed as a point of contact on your phone and anyone else that you are using iMessage with. Whether you are a sent an iMessage to your phone number or an email, all your devices will receive the message and won’t separate them based on which email or phone number it was sent to.
So, soon, even of someone sends a message to your phone number via iMessage, you’ll still be able to see and respond to it from your iPad or Mac via Messages. I think I resolved it by having them change the Caller ID setting, not the “receive messages at” setting. Look under “you can be reached for messages at” you should see your email and or your phone number. Uncheck any email, only your phone number should have a checkmark, if your phone number does not have a checkmark… check it. Would love to find a way to combine the conversations or to tell iMessage that they’re the same person without deleting part of the conversation.
Therefore if someone you don’t have on your contacts tries to get a hold of you, they still can. In this case, messages do not get delivered and the service thinks that the message should be routed as an iMessage rather than a traditional SMS or MMS, meaning that switchers away from Apple would not receive messages from their iOS counterparts. Check out Envato Studio's servicesBrowse the latest resume templates for Photoshop and Word. I'm supposed to see one conversation with my sister in iMessage, regardless of whether I message her e-mail address or her phone number.
This way no matter what your device your talking from it will show up and act like its supposed to. Also, reading a message on one device will automatically mark it read on all your other devices. I mistakenly stated that everything is tied to your iTunes account, when its rely the iCloud account.
After you sign in you will go to another screen and on your left you’ll see a list of choices click on phone numbers. In this case, messages will get "lost" in the cloud and the switching party will not receive said messages. More, the sender won’t be able to receive any kind of confirmation and thus the Send as SMS feature won’t be triggered, leaving the texts unsent! That’s it, your number is now officially deregistered from the iMessage service and iPhone users will be directed to send you regular texts. But this isn't so much a solution as it is me giving up and cleaning up the mess that iMessage has left me.

I can text from my phone and send another text from my iPad and the conversation shows up on both devices but only as one converstation. I hope you are wrong in that I can have my iTunes account on several devices but have different email addresses for iMessages.
You’ll still be able to use one account across all your devices, and iCloud allows you to specify which email address you receive your iMessages on. After numerous attempts of contacting Apple Customer Service with no avail, I eventually figured it out on my own. So, each person in your family can receive a message on their device, provided they have a separate iCloud login and email address tied to iMessage.
If they have a phone number they associate to iMessages, that will allow them to be received on all devices that can receive an iMessage. Completely quit iMessage in the toolbar and then reopen it and go back into messaging preferences and then accounts.
But everyone you talk to needs to do this same thing or you’ll continue to have multiple contacts with the same person. The most common explanation in this case is that he recently switched to a non-Apple device and forgot to deregister from the iMessage system! Make sure that every iOS and OS X device you use has all of the phone numbers and addresses you’ve entered into iMessage checked off in these preferences. If you go into their Message settings and change the caller ID to their Apple ID, I think it should resolve?
Now when she sends a message it shows on my phone as me sending to her recipient and when she receives a reply i get that too! What on earth do i need to do now to make sure she is the only one seeing and receiving her imessages and get this straightened out! If you'd like to learn more about the Messages app on your Mac, refer to the Introduction to Messages tutorial. Then I could only check one of my associated email addresses on my iPad, and then a second one on my Mac. That way, I’d still be using iMessage, logged with my Apple ID, but messages would only go to and from the specific device I was currently using.The great thing? If you don’t want to get iMessages on your Mac for a bit, uncheck all the email addresses and phone numbers. Say you don’t want anyone reaching you at your email address via iMessage on your iPhone?
The permutations are up to you.Hopefully this will have given you some ideas on how to manage the information overload that can come from iMessages and multiple Apple devices.
Once I got iOS 5 and Lion installed on my devices, I asked our Twitter followers what they wanted to know about the new OSes and we got a lot of questions about iMessage and how it works. Being able to see when a message has been delivered and whether it’s been read or not really enhance the communication experience. I wonder if AT&T and Verizon will throw in some BS say that it was an text message and not iMessage. Like ok they are trying to replace these accounts but not everyone will be switching to an iOS device despite what apple may want.

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