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With the new regulation from CITC (Communication and Information Technology Center), the Telecom regulatory authority in Saudi Arabia, it compulsory register your mobile numbers on your iqama ID. However, it possible that there are mobile numbers registered on your name that you are not aware.
I face same problem then I went to franchise ( Zain, STC Office) and they removed and blocked that other sims.
If somebody knowes how to find sponsor mobile number from bataka number, please let us know. This is for our information only, presumably used by the retailer shop our iqama, to register their goods sim card, since CITC declared the registration of Sim Card or Mobile Number?
Yesterday I went to apply for an internet connection through Mobily Network, after the cash payment customer service executive confirmed I have already 10 connections on my Iqama, it was a shocking news for me, again I tried through another executive and he also confirms the same. As I check I found there is 5 mobile numbers including my number who are registered in my Iqama..
But this has made me worried that how can i find if there are number registered on my name from other operators.
As i am a Zain user so i could find only unknown on zain network, but what about other networks? I am unable to send SMS on Mobily 616166 & Zain 700123 to find out if there are any Numbers registered against my Iqama No. I followed the above instructions to find connections registered under my iqama number and received a response that there is only one connection on my name.
Sir I call 902 and talked to your customer care representatives and told them the problem to cancel another number registered under my iqama.
One thing I know maybe those stores where I buy cellphone and asking my iqama number and wrote it.

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