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Ever thought that it would be so convenient if you could type those finger-tiring SMS’ from your computer and send it to your friends mobile?
Let us start with the still untidy first method- in this method we basically control our mobile phone from our computer and send our message from that mobile phone only.
The program below shows a simple example that demonstrates how to use AT commands and the HyperTerminal program of Microsoft Windows to send an SMS text message. After doing this you would have sent a SMS saying “a simple demoJ” to a number 0123456789 but this method will not be much help as not many messages can be sent together.

The second method is of using the web servers or SMS service providers to send messages to any mobile from your number. There is a need for a valid sim card to be connected inside the mobile and a USB cable to connect the same to the computer. The HyperTerminal is a program that makes functions of communication and terminal emulation and can be reached by typing the same on the command line. The registration process is simple you need to give your mobile number the password of your account will be made available on your mobile phone which can be used to log into your account.

After connecting a mobile phone to a computer, you can control the mobile phone by sending instructions to it.
Once you are in, you need to upload the numbers that you want to send messages to and type the content all you need after that is to press the send button.

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