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If you own a Galaxy S5 or any other Android device for that matter then feel free to send us an email at [email protected]. Aside from sending us an email you may also reach us at our Facebook and Google+ social media accounts. You should also verify if this issue is app related by using a different app in sending a message.
If the issue is app related then proceed with clearing the cache and data of your messaging app. Solution: If you have already cleared the app cache and wiped the cache partition of your phone without any results then the next step is to perform a factory reset.
Press and hold the following three buttons at the same time: Volume Up key, Home key, Power key.
When the phone vibrates, release the Power key but continue to press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home key. Just today my phone started automatically changing from sms to mms when I open up certain contacts to text…but not others. Solution: For the first problem you should set the MMS creation mode setting to Free from Restricted. For the second issue you should try wiping the cache partition of your phone as this issue may be caused by a corrupt temporary data. When the phone vibrates, let go of the Power key but continue to press and hold the Volume Up key and theHome key. Solution: Assuming your mobile data is turned on and you have a data subscription the problem may be with a misconfigured APN setting. Feel free to send us your questions, suggestions and problems you’ve encountered while using your Android phone.
Support Us If you have enjoyed our free help please support us by liking us on Facebook and signup for our weekly newsletter. Disclaimer Disclaimer: we are not affiliated with the device manufacturers or phone carriers we mention in any way, all suggestions are based on our own experience and research, you may use our advice at your own discretion. Additionally, the rating system has been replaced with a 30-point Zagat review system (for now), the Google+ Local pages are integrated across other Google products, and, because everything is personalized for users, now you’ll see recommendations and reviews for businesses from friends, family, colleagues, or anyone else in your Google+ circles. You will be taken to a screen that will ask you if you’ve registered your business before.
You will be taken to the screen below, which asks you to fill out basic information about your business, such as official name, address*, phone number, web address, hours of operation, accepted forms of payment, photos, videos, and more.

I chose to verify my photography business listing via postcard, and waited for Google to send me my verification pin number. If you need additional help adding multiple listings for more locations, visit the Google Places for Business support center. Recent Commentssteve on AdWords Ad Extensions: A Simplified Rundown Of Your Options, And RequirementsEMB on Firing Up Bing Ads? You are in luck as we will be discussing these types of issues in our latest troubleshooting guide for this particular model. We will be more than happy to assist you with any concern that you may have with your device. Had a Samsung Galaxy s5 now for around a year and had this problem a couple of time but it automatically sorted itself but it can take up to a few days and I would like it sorted permanently. Assuming you are using the stock messaging app just open the app then go to settings and set Creation mode to Free.
You aren’t alone in feeling somewhat disoriented and confused by all the changes happening at Google and Google+.
We recommend you read through some of those articles we linked to above to get a better understanding of the changes. If you are a business that serves customers in multiple locations, you will have an option to hide the address at a later time. You can choose to verify by Phone, SMS, or by postcard; however, not all verification options may be available. You are verified, but not quite live. It may take up to one week after verification before your business listing appears on Google. She is certified in Google AdWords and Google Analytics, and is a Bing Ads Accredited Professional in search advertising. Crucial Differences Between Bing & AdWords To Consider When Setting Up Your CampaignsFinco on Hacked? If you have emailed us regarding this concern then chances are we will be answering your question in this installment of the series as we have picked four questions from our readers regarding this type of issue. If the problem is caused by the messaging app or by your phone connection to the network then the reboot will most likely resolve this issue. Problems such as I need to update regular apps and they will get 97% done and just stop, outgoing messages take forever to send and I may even get a response back before it shows my message even being sent. The short story is that Google Places has been replaced by Google+ Local pages, which means that there is now a Local tab on your Google+ profile that you may have noticed.

Keep in mind that this business listing will be tied to a single Google Account and is not transferable, so if you plan to share with others, use a common Google Account. If you haven’t registered your business in the past, you will be prompted to add a new listing. The PIN verification helps Google confirm that the person claiming the business listing is actually a real human — the business owner or an authorized representative for the business. This will take you directly to the dashboard where it will ask you to enter the pin number provided on the postcard. If you already own and manage a Google+ Page for your business, you may want to consider merging your Google+ Local presence and your Google+ business page. Outside of the office, she can be found dining out, traveling, or photographing couples and families. I coudn’t find a appropriate category in google business registration categories for online store. It was also fun adding the local area we serve to google maps of Colombo city and suburbs in Sri Lanka. We however ask that when you do send us an email ty to be as detailed as possible so that an accurate assessment can be made and the correct solution can be given.
I also have frequently notice message coming in are delayed, the message will say what time they sent it to me but it doesn’t show up until a couple hours later.
The difference now is that as a user (versus a business owner), you can rate, review, and add photos through the new Google+ Local.
This will give you a single, unified presence of your verified brand that you can manage from the Google+ Pages admin section, plus all of the extra social features.
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I have not cleared the cache or data from within the app as I am concerned I will remove something important. If I swipe to open it may take a couple times and even typing messages etc it may freeze for a second and then catches back up.
I downloaded antivirus scanner and even a booster that helps stop apps from running in the background if I’m not using them.

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